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Part III of must-watch TV for enterpreneurs, IPO event by Wealthfront

Here's the final of three videos I filmed at the Wealthfront "Think Bigger. Think IPO" discussion with a number of famous VCs and entrepreneurs. Here is an interesting panel that discusses what the state of IPOs in 2012 is, and some advice for enterpreneurs who are thinking of doing this.

Sarah Lacy, founder of PandoDaily, moderated this panel.

Ken Goldman CFO, Fortinet
Jeff Jordan General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Tony Zingale Chairman & CEO, Jive Software
Dominic Orr President & CEO, Aruba Networks

The other parts are here:

Part II, panel discussion with famous VCs:

Part I, +Andy Rachleff, CEO of Wealthfront and co-founder of Benchmark VC firm, sets up the series and explains why going IPO is important for entrepreneurs to consider:
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Audio is hard to hear
No worries. I have some significant hearing loss from an acoustic neuroma because I've had a cell phone glued to my ear over the years. (Use a headset or a bluetooth). I typically turn on these types of videos and continue surfing the web while listening. It was just a little difficult to concentrate without the lavalier microphones. :-)
Sound was great thanks for sharing Robert!
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