I just posted this on Facebook, link later (I did that because the two people I mention here are on Facebook, not yet on Google+).

Gotta say, Google really is coming on strong.

Did you see all the news on http://techmeme.com/ ? The new phones and new Android OS are finally making me reconsider my Apple fanboyishness. Will Tim Cook answer with a sweeping new strategy?

He could.

Some things Apple/Tim Cook could put in play?

1. Make a sweeping deal with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. One where social gets built into Siri, for instance, and into anything TV related they come out with.

2. Make some bold moves into TV content. That requires spending some of that cash. Maybe even pissing off some investors. Does Tim have the backbone to do that? I don't know. Neither does anyone else. Which tells me there's a LOT of opportunity here to really be disruptive.

3. I doubt they will mess with iPad before Christmas, but I bet after Christmas we'll see a new double-resolution iPad and we'll see a drastic price cut on iPad 2 models in order to stay competitive with Amazon's Kindle Fire.

4. Release, right before Christmas, a sweeping new TV app that includes a ton of content that folks like Boxee haven't been able to deliver (sports, news, and first-rate TV shows like American Idol, CSI, Criminal Minds, etc).

5. Showcase the third-party developers who have bet so strongly on iOS. Flipboard, ShowYou, Band of the Day, and on and on. +Jason Calacanis is hosting an iPad event on Friday in Mountain View. Apple should host an Apple event of its own where the public can get a good look at dozens of the top apps available on its platform.

What do you think?

What could Tim Cook do to keep Google from taking over everything?

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