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Part I of "Boost your Startup," a panel discussion for entrepreneurs

When in London last week I ran a panel discussion with a group of entrepreneurs that was very interesting. In part I you hear what I'm learning as part of the research for the book I'm writing with +shel israel.

You'll also hear Julie Meyer, founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, give her tips about starting companies (she was entrepreneur of the year, named so by Ernst and Young in 2000) and Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer for Rackspace, talk about what he has learned by visiting hundreds of startups over the past few years.

Good stuff for entrepreneurs to listen to and the rest of you might find it interesting. In Part II you'll hear Rackspace's Chairman tell interesting stories about starting Rackspace, along with a panel including San Antonio's mayor.

Anyway, the goal of this was to help London-based entrepreneurs take their businesses to the world.
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too many people want to "advise" - just ignore them all. ... und dew eeett! AHHNooolllD! ya!
"Paid by Rackspace to go around the world and interview techspace start-ups". Sounds like a decent gig +Robert Scoble. Nevertheless, decent post, buildings making out with each other is my favorite part.
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