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Behind the scenes of Harman/JBL's audio testing labs

On Monday I got a tour of Harman's labs where they design and test audio speakers (my Toyota has JBL speakers in it, for instance) and I met audio god Sean Olive. He's done ground-breaking research on how humans perceive sound and here he asks us to test four speakers in a double-blind test (we picked the cheapest ones -- we didn't know what we were listening to before he opened the curtain to reveal which speaker we picked. That's where I turned on the camera for you to listen in on the conversation).
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Blindfolded, I always choose the cheapest wine ... :(
Unfortunately a lot of people equate higher prices with better quality and ironically, value.  Good, straight forward video.
It's interesting that H-K wasn't doing double blind testing before hand. I used to keep my back to the speaker wall at an audio store to listen to differences and have the sales person switch between speakers under test.
came across JBL at the london canadian embassy but the JBL studio speaker demo in portland street was ground breaking for me