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Wow, the new design just turned on for me (Hey, +Vic Gundotra we gotta do lunch -- speaking of which, he has more details on his page, he's the guy who runs the Google+ team) and it's getting LOTS of praise around the web. More at

How do you like it?

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Seems good so far. Better use of wide-screen real-estate.
I like the design but I would like the post to be wider and not so much empty space on the right of the post.
I have currently Google+ in 3 different designs (in different browsers nad computers), but not in the new version of design :o)
It's funny, when you posted about the tsunami information someone talked about getting the info quickly by just seeing it plain as day in the "trending topics."

I log in this morning, and there's a nice big trending topics panel sitting on the right side of my stream. Nice.
am I seeing less text in 1 screenfull? I'm not sure.. I want to be able to widen my screen. Most of my screen is whitespace :D
I've always noticed that they improved the mobile version to a much better experience
It seems more efficient and streamlined. I think I'll get used to this fast.
I only hope that besides making it look better they paid attention to and fixed all the little real time bugs, inconsistencies and problems.

Waiting with bated breathe as well.
I do like it overall, though a little too much whitespace for frequent users. The profile view is nice, looks more like a blog replacement...which OTOH that makes me pine for RSS even more!

Also, it makes hangouts a lot more discoverable.
I have only seen the change in my google+ page... I don't see any changes here in my personal. I still have to explore if I like it or not.
Also, they overhauled hangouts from when I last used them. Now it integrates really nice with Youtube, allowing for live comments and some other stuff. It's awesome. Exactly, +Michael Mahemoff . I can actually find new ones now, it's great.
+Scott Ellis "Better use of wide-screen real-estate" <- Disagree with that. Its fixed size, too small and left aligned.
I'd just be happy if they fixed the damned loss of functionality with Google+Photos/Picasa... it's an ugly, ugly transition that is forcing me to use Flickr (which I doubly hate).
I like it! Having the option to move around the icons on the left in order of personal importance is pretty cool!
I, for one, COMPLETELY love the new revamped design. Fell in love with G+ all over again.
A bit too much white space on the right side of my feed, but other than that, loving it!
+Vic Gundotra Please address the abundant white space on the right hand side of posts for wide screen monitors. Otherwise looks brilliant!
+Lars Echterhoff Actually, yeah. I would like to have the central panel center-aligned, at least. It'd make it feel a lot more balanced.
Not seeing it yet on my profile. It looks very nice, looking forward to playing around with it. - edit: ha, the instant I wrote this comment my profile was updated. Looks great, like the customization features.
It feels much cleaner, less cluttered. I might spend a lot more time here now.
I think it's quite nice. I'm at 1680x1050, and it is just a little left-heavy, but with such a wide resolution, I really can't expect them to be catering to me. Overall, I like it. A lot of things you used to have to dig for are now front and center and easier to find, and they what's hot has it's own place outside my stream which is nice.
+Meghan Sanders I hope they give us control to widen the stream though. I'm at 1920x1080 (Full HD) and my page is EXTREMELY left-heavy! I could see a LOT more content in 1 screen without scrolling if I could make my stream wider.
I love the new design that Google has taken with Google+. It really seems more elegant and fitting to what the social network should be. My only real beef with the design is that there is so much whitespace to the right of the stream that seems wasted. I don't know what they'd put there, but it certainly could use something.
I actually zoomed the size up to fit my moniter...ctrl +

It was a bit small when it switched to the new design and left a ton of white space over to the right. There's enough space to run a hangout...
I refreshed the Gmail tab... thinking maybe I'll see some changes there as well :D No such luck.
Try reload/refresh. I just did, and BOOM! there it is. And .. it's beautiful.
As people are pointing out, there are much space on the right. Guess it would look super strange from a wide screen.
+Robert Scoble +Vic Gundotra Has some stability issues on the iPad, but with that fixed it should be much better to work with in "desktop view" than the previous version. That´s when the free space on the right comes in handy, if you use it vertically.
In that case we really don´t need an iPad compatible App...
I don't have it yet either +Robert Scoble ... uggg... Like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning!
I like the easy choice of circles up at the top. The trending stuff which I didn't initially like, allowed me to get caught up to date with the #tsunami stuff pretty easily. I appreciate that
+Robert Scoble I think Google enables this new Google+ design for anyone who posts about it first!! :-)
I'm liking the mouse-over information when you get new followers. I can see who we have in common at a glance instead of trying to see the miniscule profile pictures at the bottom.
Just turned on for me as well...I like the "IM" style format so far and I'm excited to dig in to see what other new functionality is waiting to be discovered :)
It's more mature and mature-looking than FB, more content rich than Twitter...

I'm kinda seeing how the whole social/hangout thing combines with the twitter/trending thing... combines all the google products well, making me one step closer (sans the google glass[es]) to becoming a googleborg
The worst thing is the font colour, on comments it's grey on light blue, it's not very readable
I don't immediately hate it, and that says alot with regards to changing my internet stuff.
the typefaces are bigger - everything is shifted to the left - bring on the sound effects!
Now that they've removed the buttons from the left of the search bar they can remove the Black Bar and reintroduce those buttons as links to other Google services.
Did anyone mention Gmail's "Display Density" option yet? Cause that would rule in Google+
As any update does, it takes some getting used to. Noticing that Google is paying much more attention to the little things as far as design elements are concerned. Overall, a very welcomed update.
Seems okay, but posts should wrap under the bottom of the rightmost column. Or at least the rightmost column shouldn't scroll up! Lot's of wasted white space now on 1/3 of the window.
+Citizen Kevin : The mobile version is different from when I last looked at it. But that was a while ago.
First impressions: It seems cluttered. I would prefer a minimalist interface or the ability to switch features off. For example, I am not interested in trending, you might like and hangout .... big waste of space for me on the right hand column.
I love it. Still, it's a little too white. Facebook at least has the blue to offset all the white.
You can move the furniture around, but it's still the same room.
The right hand side still wastes a lot of space that could be used for content
The top part could be minimized probably but it would need to take out the black bar and well the response from last time answers how that would go
After using it for a (short) while, I realize that I'm a bit over the narrow column streaming format. A typical post, with comments takes up just about the entire vertical "stream" area on an average widescreen laptop. Leave my precious vertical space alone!! Insert similar complaint for Wavii here as well...
I like it, but I'll add my voice to the "there's a ton of empty real estate on the right-hand side of my widescreen monitor" comments. It definitely doesn't look like it was designed for widescreen monitors, and there's no way (as of now?) to change it...
I really like the layout, but the left justification with all the white space in between posts and chat just does not work for me... Specially in full screen.
Let us know anything you find out. ;)
My screen is feeling very left heavy at the moment. I'm running Ubuntu with Unity interface. My desktop apps bar is stacked with 22 items vertically to the left of my G+ menu. Just hoping that the space to the right isn't going to be populated at some with ads by Google. Don't actually want to sound to carping - IMHO the changes are generally for the better.
Dan O
Left side: buttons you never click, right side: people you never talk to and #whitespace in center.
Please dont leave me space for new features unless you have new features to put there NOW. If you dont and you release it to get our mouths watering, we're going to have to call it a waste of precious real estate...
Loving the new design, but still really missing native #VennDiagrams for circles
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