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A great new camera app: I'm using it at SXSW shows you your photos (and those from your friends) in a whole new way. I'm finding this really rocks. Here you see why.

It shows you a bunch of streams from your friends and others. I'm seeing new kinds of photos because of it, and now I have a search for SXSW photos and they are already pouring in, thanks to the hordes of Instagram-using folks there.

Might even be more useful than Highlight! :-)
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I thought I went to a blue Pinterest. Hope they improve their Android app soon.Err, not too sure about the hashtagging concept. Labels would really solve the finding old photos problem. But, I don't have the same tastes as my friends.
Metadata? Cutline? Copyright? Resizing? GPS data? Shutter speed? A workflow that copies it automatically elsewhere?

I'll try to check it out later. Will I find a significant rewrite of the IPTC header and EXIF information? As Google+ does?
Also, I think this is a great idea! Photo inbox is a fitting name!
Asside: anyone think it's creepy google forces you (on an iphone) to login to see this public post?
Your assessment about EXIF and copyright is appropriate, +Linh Nguyen. It's essential to sustain copyright info, especially with regard to adopting Creative Commons licensing.

I know it's a messy thing I'm suggesting, but here is a place to start wrt an information standard:
You can only login via Facebook so no thanx!
only if it didn't depend on facebook account... =(
This Facebook connection is a fail. There are enough people who don't want to use it for good reasons.
+Linh Nguyen That's what I mean. I don't blame them for using Facebook, but for using them only. I would never sign up to Facebook just to use an app. It's exactly what Spotify did and because of that I switched to Rdio.
Integrating Open ID / Google Auth shouldn't be such a problem.
Another problem is that Facebook already suspended accounts in the past without any reason - so it's always a bad Idea to rely on a third service just to be able to login into an App/service you like.
After trying Pixable for a while now (twice in fact), it's coming off my devices. While a great concept, it's shown me that the pictures posted by my network on Facebook are really not worth a dedicated app. Now, if Pixable were to integrate G+, I think I'd give it a third chance. There is a much higher quality of picture posted here, and it would be worth some screen space to have an app geared toward browsing G+ photos.
What happened to open I'd that should have stuck. I think they need to try harder.

Competing against facebook is tough due to the sheer numbers on the platform daily I think.. Google or facebook for me. But I have em all.. - Get this "login" on your site.. -mj-2012
HaHa - We find people like to look at "JUST GIRLS".. finally someone gets it but says it also right.

This guy is on the right track with funneling memories and giving you relevant photos that they, pixable, find for you & determine if you care about them most. With just that I Love the idea..

I have been in the photography industry my entire life owning a cutting edge digital photography business & a Pro lab. I also developed an instant digital photography software which sold to Kodak in 99 & replaced Polaroid cameras for Santa pictures in Malls. It can be seen on your favorite roller coaster ride at theme parks and much more.. including starting a new niche in the industry of photography itself, Instant...

So now to try app for photos & to check it's UX/UI out = see if it actually works as most things do not online, yet...

My cousin actually developed so we are all professionals here. btw

Sweet! & Good Luck! s -mj2012

P.S. if you should have any questions on the industry at all you know where to find me. I do extend my hand if needed often & always to Pay it Forward so to speak, as most should but do not seem to as often as we would like to see but we are all very busy.. This may be a great thing for Kodak themselves they do need to get into the "WEB" a lot more than they are and they are lost.. hm ok have a good one & Cheers! -mj
Zimride Love this also.. What about crime ? & women use this most crime thoughts must be an issue, I would think.. it is almost like hitchhiking modern day.

I would think anyone could fake who they are and get past this not to mention legal issues IF something were to happen god for bid.. Hope your protected they will own you.

Good Luck.. I DO like it but crime factor weirdos etc would be my concern if I was to be some type of investor. maybe something to look at for your long term plan etc.. just a thought form an end user. but what do I know.

Maybe i'll Zimride to Palo Alto for a beer soon.. That seems to be the meeting place eh.. ) I'm going to make Silicon Alley NYC my backyard, we need east west it's good for the soul lol & Thought process..

Comment: I may have missed some talk about the crime points or solutions typing though..I would have to say.. stress the "safe - ness" of this app so no one misses it at all.. I will go back through to see if I can catch it again.. If this happens to normal users or something doesn't just work, or they have any re - visiting to do, like me right now, it will be clicked off and forgotten. Sad but True..

Determinate: Sometime I even DO NOT tweet because that dang screen jump and a user password enter.. Now the facebook "like" is flawless & beautiful, not a glitch.. keep on socializing.

THOUGHT: We need to be able to SET what it is that we 'like" or what it actually does, more or less, as in the page & the like & or the entire social spectrum of platforms they are present on 7 you want to follow.. or just a 'like" furthermore for all the share buttons or platforms..

IDEA : a selector set up Pre-Social Surfing by the user connecting all their platforms. User selecting preferences for sharing prior to surfing.

ie: Like a for share buttons + for all platforms.. Am i getting this across correctly or clearly?

Reasoning: It is WAY to hard to share each post and various platforms and it would do the same thing but have an option to share all..
EXAMPLE: like the Mashable share solution for their blog, for social surfing it would be epic & save tons of TIME.. if this does not exist and someone wants to start on a project get a hold I have many many more just not enough time cause we are sharing here and there.. ;) -mj Little Open thought session mind as well get it down somewhere.. Idea # 56
So.. As I click through YouTube to they rely on facebook profile info & for the user to do their own informed "search" not bad, but accidents and weirdos exist as we saw in Miami just lately...

This is the only downfall I see that could make itself noticed at anytime and will most definitely come at a time that ZimRide is doing very very well.. I do Like it alot however I also believe that these issue or possibilities should be revisited and followed very close by identity professionals & for many good reasons. Otherwise it is a total score and not that different from a Taxi cab right..

I am sure that is covered on the info given. providing it is real factual information on the profile found.

Just an opinion, constructed but not criticizing whatsoever can't hurt and can be very helpful or informing itself. so I comment. what can i say.. I voice my opinion with intentions of helping or informing when possible.. no time to party just yet. I stress yet. Time's up..

Very cool! & Good luck! I Wish all & nothing but the Best.
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