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Augmented reality. Very cool.
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those who already are familiar with 'doctor who' can skip to around 1:13 in the video.
The ultimate version would be to have 3 Galaxy Note 2's in there each rendering a wall.
Just seen this.. I have just made my own tardis and would love to put this into what I have done can you tell me what you did, or show me what to use.

Delightful! Wonder what you're creating over Christmas holiday.
Very cool! (and I have never watched Dr. Who). Just being able to master Blender to this level is worthy of praise!
Great stuff. Think of the real-world applications of this application. Like a QR Code on steroids 
That's an awesome way to hide things in plain sight!
Iam D
This is awesome. One of the most creative apps I've seen using Qualcomm's augmented reality platform.
+George Seybold As cool as Google Glass will be, it will be interesting to see how the real world will look with graphics generated a few frames per second slower anchored on. When you move your head, there will be a noticeable delay for anything that's trying to keep up in your glasses/phone.  
It has an undetectable enlargement spell on it, lol.
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