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Augmented reality. Very cool.
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those who already are familiar with 'doctor who' can skip to around 1:13 in the video.
The ultimate version would be to have 3 Galaxy Note 2's in there each rendering a wall.
Just seen this.. I have just made my own tardis and would love to put this into what I have done can you tell me what you did, or show me what to use.

Layers on layers... cool new world(s) coming soon. Very nice.
Delightful! Wonder what you're creating over Christmas holiday.
Very cool! (and I have never watched Dr. Who). Just being able to master Blender to this level is worthy of praise!
Great stuff. Think of the real-world applications of this application. Like a QR Code on steroids 
That's an awesome way to hide things in plain sight!
Byron b
Very cool indeed my man.
Iam D
This is awesome. One of the most creative apps I've seen using Qualcomm's augmented reality platform.
+George Seybold As cool as Google Glass will be, it will be interesting to see how the real world will look with graphics generated a few frames per second slower anchored on. When you move your head, there will be a noticeable delay for anything that's trying to keep up in your glasses/phone.  
It has an undetectable enlargement spell on it, lol.
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