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The new Flipboard is here and supports YouTube and Google+:

Add me, I'm Scobleizer everywhere.

This is my favorite app on phones and tablets -- by far.
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im really glad to have this app on my phone. I already uninstall facebook and twitter
Another not-anymore-ios-exclusive app!

I'm happy developers take Android seriously. Flipboar on Android is very smooth. I may start to use it... I wish they could support Google Reader, then I would ditch Google Reader app.
Is there a way to get it to load more of my Google+ stream?
Great stuff! Trying it out on my One X right now :)
I prefer Google Currents to Flipboard although the new Google+ integration will probably lure me back to Flipboard.
search for flipboard on the play store and what's the first result? google currents of course!
I have some friends who are stuck on FB ('cause that's where their friends are) and say they don't want to have to manage yet another network.  I am pitching Flipboard to them as a way to try out G+.  (Yes, there are still things G+ offers that Flipboard doesn't support, but this might at least get them to dip a toe in the water.)
+Robert Scoble The only thing I don't like is the fact that flipboard doesn't show the text of the post - I always have to open the post to see the text....
Can't comment from Flipboard. The only fault I see so far. Adding extra steps to get to original post.
Presentation is much better than G+, FB, and Twitter
+Robert Scoble I finally understand your passion about Flipboard. After using the Android beta, it really is the best way to read news, social networks, and Google Reader items. I love how it filters my Twitter feed of meaningless babble and only picks up tweets with links. But I still prefer the official app for reading Google+.

+Steve Rodrigue Flipboard does support Google Reader...

+Ron Roberts You can go to the Google Reader settings on Flipboard and choose to mark as read as you flip by, as well as a few other useful tweaks.
+Robert Scoble maybe you are privy to this but why won't flipboard support (twitter or G+) notifications? It really leaves the experience incomplete. I must say its a beautiful app.
I am pretty sure you can comment from Flipboard - at least that's what I am attempting right now with this comment
Flipboard works with Google Reader. Also take a look at it on the iPad. That's where it all began. It's transition to a"phone" size screen blew me away. I use Flipboard with my morning coffee. It's my own personal Newspaper. Metaphor and interaction are completely aligned.
I am disappointed
It is not giving a tile to either and is put at long end of a list
I think Google has just made an impressive improvement.
+Steve Rodrigue This isn't about taking Android seriously. This is about Flipboard sucking up the iOS market. No where else to go to grow.
Downloaded it today for my Android. Its good for its own curated content but I dont see it replacing any of my other source like Google+, twitter, FB or Google Reader.
Give G+ API access to feedly, please as I prefer information over fancy pics and design.... (although you can have that with feedly too if you wish....) ...
+Jorge Steffen Flipboard isn't for you if you don't want the book/magazine experience. But I would suggest you still give it a try. It's a different way of seeing things. We focus and absorb information differently based on how it is presented. You might discover something you didn't expect.
+Stella Gassaway - Yes you can but it kinda dumbs down the actual experience of the source. I can understand that its difficult to adapt to different information sources as per the intended experience hence I guess for me ill stick to the curated content in flipboard
Just saw that my iPad wanted to update Flipboard. The first post I saw after adding G+ to my Flipboard account was this one. Looks great! Its even possible to comment (as I'm doing right now). Whooooa!
+Stella Gassaway Have it running on a tablet AND the phone and added every stream I could and in the end I still prefer the "Latest"-View of Feedly.... but they still can't share to G+ directly...
Without notifications, flipboard is essentially just a great news reader. It won't replace any of the stand alone twitter and G+ clients.
I like it, now Google needs to open the API up to everyone. this will really help grow G+
+Robert Scoble Agreed. Flipboard may just replace Zite as my favorite app again....since I was always bugged that Flipboard did not work with Google+
I agree, this may be big for G+.
I'm looking for fewer swipes to get to my content not more. I'll let Apple have the pretty animations.
It's really interesting how it's Apple that has pretty animations and blah, blah. Google's own G+ app for the iPhone absolutely blows because it's turned into a picture stream with fadein's and other eye candy. I've stopped using it and don't do Google+ mobile at all because of it. The darn thing makes me dizzy.

Flipboard has a measured approach to reading and interacting. While that may not be the way some people want to experience their content it's not a reason to discount its value.
I don't get Flipboard. I can get the same types of social discoveries through +Google+ .   It's basically Google+/Twitter crossed with Digg. The animations are nothing more than eye candy.
This is the first step in a really big change as to how we consume online content, I feel.
On the one hand, I'm thrilled that Google is beginning to open up its API. On the other hand, this feels like the first Flipboard integration that doesn't quite "work." There is a bunch of Flipboard advert/attribution junk that shows up at the bottom of a post that you WRITE in Flipboard for G+. Additionally, if you try and share an image using Flipboard, it doesn't include it in the large size we're used to seeing in Flipboard - it only loads a preview.

So overall, I'm a little disappointed, and I hope that this isn't a sign of how future "inserts" into the G+ stream will go.
+Robert Scoble I recognise I'm in a minority but I'm not getting the Flipboard love.  It doesn't balance the picture vs text well (most of your G+ posts for example are hidden behind largely illustratory pictures), and I battled for a while before realising all the 'recommended' tiles/feeds/streams were just Flipboard curated lists of twitter users (was expecting rss feeds, websites, etc.  Very twitter biased).   I've found it a horrible way to follow stuff.  The only thing it improves for me is twitter by adding some in-stream pictures.  

What am I doing wrong?  Any tips?  What tiles/streams do you have on yours (or anyone else if they want to chip in)
I take back my previous comment. commenting from Flipboard
+Robert Scoble: Am I the only one really wishing that they would release a version for Android tablets? My (typically little used) iPad is what got me hooked on Flipboard in the first place. Now I want it on my Xoom!! I must be the only one with that scenario, huh?!
+Ian Niblett That's close to a text reader. Flipboard does do the click for more. But it sounds like you've made up your mind. Enjoy your way.
I have it on a droid tablet.  Got it off Google play.
I am running cyanogen mod 9 icecream sammich.  The latest rom.
+John Linder Same here. Maybe something goofed up and it let you. I did load the beta APK and it didn't look very good on the tablet (nothing like it does on an iPad). The phone vs tablet interface is very different in behavior (side to side vs up/down). Feedly reminds me of Flipboard in some regards (as far as tablet use goes).
I posted pics in public I just shot of it running on my NC. On Android CM9 ICS.
I pray to little 8lb baby jesus that the opening of the API doesn't lend itself to everyone cross posting everywhere. One of the things I like about G+ is that most of the content is original, even if its sometimes quieter than my other networks.  If they open the API, I worry that everybody will simply use it as a Cross Posting zone...
+Robert Scoble Indeed - and that would work well from core service-to-service noise reduction. But when it comes to things like Flipboard (ie:others) I'm guessing we'll see lots of cross posting - similar to what I see from people I joint follow on FB / Twitter. This isn't really a G+ issue (its more net etiquette), but I do enjoy the fact that most of the G+ content I consume now is unique (or at least highly curated since its a pain in the tail to cross post nowadays)

Curious, but do you cross post to FB/Twitter from things like Flipboard or do you try to maintain voice segmentation for each channel?

I use Twitter for news/industry commentary, FB for my personal life, and G+ for deeper discussions around business/technology philosophies OR curated sharing to specific circles.
This is a good looking app for sure.  Glad it is finally on Android
Anyone know why +Flipboard does not support Facebook/twitter/G+  notifications ?  .
It does support all of those.
+John Linder If you are responding to my question then, No it does not support notifications. This is well known, question is why not ? Maybe flipboard does not want to step on the toes of social networks. 
You've been talking about this one for so long I have to check it out..  Loading it now on my Toshiba Thrive 10inch.. There's a penis joke in there somewhere,  I just cant think of it right now. ;-)
Given how bad the last G+ app for android is, Flipboard may be the app that will make me use G+ on the smartphone again...
Installed it on your recommendation, was playing with it.  Tried to add my G+ account but then it asked me for a Google login.  No support for using the account on the phone?
+Patrick Hagge with the new upgrade (some weeks ago, I think) the stream for me has become a mess, too heavy to load, with the need of opening the post if there's a picture in them. With my Ace, at least, I can't use the app.
I don't know why everyone seems to be having so many problems.  I oaded it just like any other app, added G+, Twitter runs without a hitch?  Sry some of you are having troubles.
Both G+ and FB give me an endless "Login Failed". When flipping through articles, the screen does a very weird flash/refresh that didn't happen in the beta.
I have it on my HTC One X but on the Asus TF101 tablet with ICS it shows as incompatible. Anyone else with this problem? Solutions welcome
Kai Liu
我还是喜欢魅族MX   不知道你们用过吗
Hi Robert and all, I used to use Flipboard when it launched on the iPad, I then sold my iPad (actually 2  iPads lol) I am now using a Galaxy Note, got very excited when I saw the beta. Now this has finally landed am loving it, so much so I also want to buy my iPad back lol. Currents is ok, plus are other news/magazine readers but this just tops them all, how it works, layout the lot.
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