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What is the future of clothing?

This morning I challenged +TEC by SCOTTEVEST CEO +Scott Jordan to a little challenge, to write more about the future of clothing in the age of context we're heading into. His answer? This video. 

Do you agree with him about where the future of sensors and computers in clothes are going? I like that he's thinking about batteries and even "NSA-proof" pockets.

I think some sensors are going to be embedded in your shirts, though, to study better your muscles, particularly for athletes. Already Under Armor has a device that watches you as you work out that you wear. 

Anyway, I wish more CEOs did this: just talk into a camera about where the future is going.
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Post questions and I will reply, after dinner
Has anyone actually suggested putting electronics permanently into clothing? This is the first I've heard of that.
Very cool definitely passing this video on to the wearable computing and spacesuit teams here at work. We have been working on some embedded antennas and other sensors for the monitoring crew health and other personal area networks. Thanks for posting +Robert Scoble and for the insight +Scott Jordan 
+Robert Scoble sensors in clothing makes total sense in children's clothing. But how do you make sensors that are machine washable (across the board). It will happen :-)
There is a reason why clothing is a fashion and Gadgets are functional devices. One has to fully understand humanity and that we wouldn't even wear clothes if we could get away with it. We wear clothes for the protective nature of it not as a functional gadget with a purpose. We add pockets to carry things and we adde hoods to protect against wind and rain and to keep warm. We use clothes to get from point A to point B and many times we discard the clothes (like jackets and hoodies, etc) when we get to our destination, the clothes having served its purpose. The reason it's a fashion industry is because the rest of us feel that its a social statement or status to wear bright or funky or unusual clothes or to make a statement. All temporary moments in time. Clothes are a fad, temporary statements, not useful object we will keep. This is why fashion changes all the time. If I wanted to talk to my clothes or use my clothes for anything electronic or as a gadget device or functional device, I would just put my phone in a pocket and talk to my voice activate phone. I don't need my clothes to have speakers, my phone in my pocket has one. 

To make these ideas in this video viable, you would have to prey and market to the most ignorant people. Smart people find form and function and base the usefulness of a device on sound functionality. People throw their clothes away, clothes wear out, get lost, get torn, get stolen, get left in a gym bag or locker, etc. No one is going to want any valuable technology built into their clothes to get lost. Not to mention they dont want to spend the extra money to rebuy clothes as they change size, or as they wear the clothes out, or lose an item. Like I say you are going to have to market this to the most ignorant people in the world to make a profit. Everything else is already in the palm of our hands and soon to be in a wrist watch (like the Dick Tracy Video/phone/watch/computer on our wrists or as a necklace). 

This will peak as a fad, and then fade like clothing.
The nowhere pocket isn't a very sound idea either as people who want to be off the grid will turn off their phone and/or remove the battery. This is done when they aren't using it anyway. so why stick a phone in a nowhere pocket when they can simply turn it off? Again you have to market this to some really ignorant people.
Interesting story in NY about EZ Pass toll device possibly being tracked outside of just toll use. At some point people may want a safe area (like a pocket) where devices go "off the grid".
And +Wayne Schulz everyone, and I mean everyone has one of those pockets already where all you have to do is drop your cards or a device into an empty chip bag or wrapped in some foil and drop it in your pocket, instant nowhere pocket. I'd rather spend the $1 on the chip bag or a length of tinfoil than $300 on a jacket with a tin foil lined pocket.
Is gonna happen,,,it's just time,..we can call...smartclothing.
Couldn't agree more about Google glass being a suboptimal form factor. And these people dreaming up smart watches with tons of functionality and fully interactive screens are also headed in the wrong direction.

IMO, the sweet spot lies in the intersection of these two technologies. A smart watch with a SIMPLE SWIPE-BASED INTERFACE not unlike Google glass'. Something that is always a simple motion away (just look at your wrist) and provides tons of contextual information, but doesn't take almost any input. An output-only wearable of sorts. There would still be a place for a glass-like device for easily recording video without having to hold something up in front of your face awkwardly, but the interactions themselves should be taking place elsewhere.
You asked the guy who holds the patent on wires sewn into clothing what the future of clothing is?

I totally agreed with Mark Cuban when this guy was on Shark Tank.
I think we stumbled on to a new marketing term "NSA resistant". NSA resistant smartphones, NSA resistant wifi, NSA resistant shampoo. 
Where is the Alpha in small? I am also worried that even though the jacket is the best platform it does not suit warmer and humid climates. I have always had my eye on Scottevest but usually can find a very light and great looking jacket that can hold my Nexus 7 tablet and note 2 as well as other things for about 20-30$ price range. What are your thoughts toward solutions that are practical when it comes to climate and affordability as it pertains to wearables. I agree though most basic jackets will lack added features. Thanks for the great products and reading this question.Still have my eye on it. 
+Daniel Suarez wrote about clothes with haptics, among other things, built into them in his Daemon and Freedom TM series. Much of the tech in those books seem increasingly real.
I think there are some great ideas there, when you said it could be much cheaper that 1200, what price range are you thinking of? I particularly like the idea of speakers and bluetooth mike and of course more battery'
Also there has been talk of bendable screens for display- is that something that could be incorporated.? By the way, a good leather jacket lasts me years and years and I would want that instead of artificial fabric shell.
+Steven Mautone Explain to me what you do when you lose that one shirt, or it wears out, or its torn or stolen. Explain to me if you are going to have more than one shirt or not or if you are going to have one for every day of the week. Explain to me how you are going to wash a shirt in an ordinary washing machine that has wires and speakers sew into it and avoid the agitator from destroying the hardware. Explain to me how you are going to get through an airport scanner/metal detector without taking your shirt off and putting it in the tray where your cellphone normally goes. Are you going to have a different phone number for each shirt? Since speakers are dependent on the movement of air to operate properly, how are you going to make an air tight speaker that works properly and doesn't get wet when you submerge it in the washing machine. I'll stick to foil and I don't have a problem with finding clean shirts or worry about losing one.
wiring headphones is no longer a big need for most of us. Google Glass and other solutions offer wireless connection. Now power/battery, nfc protection are very good topics !
Thanks +Robert Scoble +TEC by SCOTTEVEST for initiative. Fan of Wearables and TEC clothing, would love to bring those into Europe !
Oh Ok +Steven Mautone first you focused on the shirt, now you switch back to the jacket. All the rest of my questions will remain unanswered (and for good reason, don't try). Now that we are back to the jacket idea, the jacket that you never lost back in elementary school didnt have a cell phone wired into it, now did it? so who would steal one of your jackets anyway. Put some electronics like a cell phone in it and it becomes a digital device worth stealing. As most people can see from this silly game of banter you have embarked on trying to justify why you would buy one, shows everyone else and the developers just some of the problems they are going to run into with a fad idea that will burn out in a year or two which is why I suggested they market this idea quickly and effectively  to the ignorant market. Invest the money, make the profit haul and get out before people figure out that it is just a fad that doesn't have any real feet of permanency in our society. 
Is your office in the Breaking Bad RV? Kidding. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.
Love your concepts. very interested to see where your focus finally develops.  I think if you focused on 2 or 3 of these specific products you will be very successful.  Market the carry jacket to the NRA folks, they love that stuff.  Where is your web page?  
I'd be interested in a jacket that would prevent the gun in my pocket being detected at the airport.
So we have come full circle (and thanks for reinforcing my point +Steven Mautone ) Since I already have pockets to put my devices in, I dont need any devices sewn or velcro'd into or become part of my clothes since I will be removing them to wash them and go through airport security and many other reasons. This completely nullifies the need to incorporate devices into clothing. For privacy, carry an empty bag of chips or a small piece of foil in your pocket and drop your phone and EID cards into that pocket/s. I look at it like this, See a need, fill a need. Anything else is marketing to the ignorant people who dont understand the difference between need and want hence this idea is and will be a fad because its not a need or filling a purpose, it may become popular, for a short time, but it doesn't fill a need. Market it fast, take the money and run.
Totally agree with Scott Jordan that it is essential to incorporate batteries somehow...
Randy you can hide the gun but you can't hide the pocket. 
That is it...:)
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