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Build websites fast from your iPhone

Zapd is a new social website builder that allows anyone to publish content easily and quickly on their mobile device. With its ability to add collaborators, content can grow real time. While Zapd is a mobile-first app, content that is publishedscales automatically when the website is viewed on another device such as a laptop or tablet. Both free and premium themes are available to allow anyone to make beautiful sites without knowing any code to do so. 

Here's a look with Zapd founder Kelly Smith. 

It's featured today on Apple's store, too.
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mobile borg assimilation - awesome
Hope this comes to android as well, it will get more exposure
IPhone-only launch = short-sighted developer.
Thanks for posting that Robert. Just downloaded and going to play. Will try and post a hands-on review (time allowing...).
+Robert Scoble This just looks like Yet Another Photo Sharing app which outputs pics onto a website.  Are you saying it's much more than that?  Is there an example of a website made with Zapd that's not basically just a photo gallery?
FrontPage IS dead. The last version of that ghastly product was released in 2003.
+Robert Scoble Well, it looks like just a nice photo gallery app and not much more.  A new one of these shows up every month or so, I play with it a bit, and then forget about it.

I'm not sure how they're ever going to attract a big crowd with an app that's just another iteration on a very common theme.
Building websites with your iPhone - now there is something that everybody will want to do. Not.
It sounds cool but a website is a considered proposition. If you want to share something instantly you would share with your social network, no?
really, I can hardly see the screen and it kills me to text and buiding a web site at any speed is out,lol
Did a quick download and publish with the app. Slick design and good hand-holding through the first experience with clear and conscise overlays. I'll hang on to this one for now.
Im impressed but is it necessary to build a web site from a phone,why?
You should take a look at the webapp Creating beautiful websites / portfolio and no coding skills required.
Honestly, if you want to create for the browser, why not using it for the creation.
This is really interesting, will be cool to see how it evolves. I could see the time poor really finding this helpful.
I'd like to see an android version
Do people even have iphones anymore? I thought they died out last week.
This is old news, it's been in the App Store for iOS for over 2 years. 
Most people don't know how amazing iPhone can be... look past the snobs!
Pretty cool. Would love to try it on my iPad Mini.