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Glassholes a new Flipboard magazine all about Google Glass. Yes, I am jet lagged in Shanghai. :-)
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No throwing of stones while in glass. 
Either Glass and/or its knockoffs is the next big thing or it's not. If it is, all these haters will look like buffoons.
I would have pondered why G-glass UNTIL the recent Russian Meteor was captured on so many dash cams - reason enough.
I wonder if these will catch on. Seems like a very interest "gadget" to have. I've already seen "no Google Glass Allowed" signs in NYC spots though. I'm sure someone in my company will be excited to hear about this digital magazine. Thanks for sharing.
In Shanghai? Passing through or staying a while?
I Thought the google glasses look different?
a you should send pictures of the beautiful women down in Shanghai. Yeah do that
I take it that one can't subscribe to the 'Glass holes' magazine on the android version of Flipboard.... I've tried the search but can only see the Robert Scoble feed to subscribe to. Also, the link above goes to the browser and asks you to get the app.

EDIT: False alert! Chrome was taking me to the webpage. Tried Dolphin and was thrown back into Flipboard and subscribed! Cheers
Why is the name blank on the magazine?
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