Google VP +Vic Gundotra is responsible for helping me see importance of context

Last year Vic really drew my attention to what is possible, in software, if you know the context. You know, where have you been? Who have you been with? What's on your calendar? What has been emailed to you? 

We now see Google's leadership in contextual systems through Google Now and I think Google is just getting started. I keep hearing rumors of a new contextual OS that will appear in the next year or two. One where it'll know whether you are walking, running, biking, skiing, driving, shopping, watching TV, or doing other things. 

Scared? Freaked out? You probably should be. 

Anyway, all of that led to today, where we released our book, "Age of Context" which is about mobile, sensors, location, data, social, and how all of these trends are going to affect our future. Oh, and our privacy.

It's already affecting how books are sold. See, if you don't write reviews and no one buys a copy for their Kindle or gets one sent to them, Amazon's "contextualizers" will keep us from being discovered by new people who might be interested in it.

Our lives. Our careers. Our opportunities. Are all going to be controlled by algorithms and each other and the experiences we are having.

It's a future where we have little control and need new skills. Are you ready?

Well, let's look at what went into this book: 300+ interviews over 18 months. Already we have about 90 five-star reviews, which is pretty nice for a first-day book. Add yours at 

Anyway, it all started with my discussions with Vic about the future of the world. Thanks Vic, can't wait to see what comes next from Google!
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