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More photos of "Those Glasses" from Google's +Project Glass, as worn by Google co-founder +Sergey Brin. Thanks +Thomas Hawk for eating in the dark with me last night and not spilling any wine on me (if you ever get a chance to eat a meal totally in the dark it's an incredible experience).

By the way, congrats to +Anne Wojcicki, cofounder of +23andMe who won the +Foundation Fighting Blindness' visionary award last night. +Google Ventures posted a photo of her shortly after winning the award, along with yet another photo of +Sergey Brin (which makes sense, cause they are married).

By the way, of everyone at our table +Thomas Hawk and I had the cleanest plates at the end of dinner when they turned the lights back on and +Thomas Hawk did pour his own wine completely in the dark. I wasn't quite so brave (I planned ahead and poured mine while the lights were still on).

Now I'm off to speak at Zurb, , one of Silicon Valley's top design consultancies.
+Robert Scoble and +Sergey Brin at last night's Dinner in the Dark benefit for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Sergey was sporting a prototype of the hotest new accessory of the evening, the Google glasses.

You can get a closer view of Sergey and the glasses here: and an even closer view here:

Sergey's wife and 23andMe Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki was at the dinner receiving an award from the Foundation.

Good news Canon. Sergey says he is in fact upgrading from a 5D Mark II to the 5D Mark III, but he's also getting a Nikon D800 too, so it will be interesting to see which one he ends up liking more.
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Very cool! I can't wait to try this out!
Of course, this raises a lot of intriguing possibilities about future versions of such glasses when in the dark.
The ability to magnify extreme low light situations, or to shift wavelengths and essentially display IR.
Or with no visual, take multiple audio inputs and turn it into a very rough visual.
Great marketing, Google. Pretty brilliant of Sergey to wear those glasses right after releasing that information to the public.
If the glasses can do basic 3d mapping of the scene, then if the lights go out (or you get up later in the night) it would actually be quite helpful to display the stale data. Most of the stuff it's seen, such as tables and wardrobes and the room layout really do remain fixed. You could get some ghosting from things like people or a sleeping dog, but overall if the glasses have already seen the room then redisplaying the stale data would definitely be most useful, even if you do augment it with other realtime information.
+Ninja On Rye I'd be surprised if the motion detection is precise enough to be reliable for that just yet. Remember the head is moving in 6 dimensions (x.y.z, pitch, yaw, roll) and any error in your motion sensor in any one of those dimensions can leave you with big errors like placing a table on the wall....
Oh, I'm not saying it wouldn't be rough as guts +Aaron Sherman, but the alternative is total blackness.
There might be a table halfway through a wall, but at least you're thinking "oh, yeah, I'd forgotten there was a table there"
And it's not just a case of getting info when you're standing in the doorway and looking around, it's getting information from the doorway, then later in the middle of the room when you turn around etc, so it can cross match and reduce some error bars, but at least it lets you know that the table was on this side of the room and not that side of the room.
This is exciting. Combine this with the realization of bionic contact lenses (prototyped in 2011, in future (hopefully near-future :) ), we could have truly robotic visions. But unfortunately the hardware and specially batteries is still a big limitation in this field that is still hindering us to produce even smaller and lighter devices. We will have to wait a bit longer to get there. Do these glasses delegate the processing to your mobile devices wirelessly? Otherwise I imaging they would be bulkier than normal glasses to pack in a mini smartphone.
I was under the impression a lot of processing would happen in a google cloud, +Waqas Ilyas
I hope they wont be plagued by carriers,manufacturers, and fragmentation. Just do like Apple and own the entire product, please!
Well yes +Ninja On Rye it would mostly be in the cloud but just like regular smartphones, I was thinking a lot of processing would still be required to be handled on the client device. Guess we will have to wait and see.
Dan Gen
Unmapped indoor areas can be mapped by tying the glasses with Google Maps Floor Plan Marker.

I hope they won't be plagued by an exclusive command and control walled garden. Just do like Android and have diversity in carriers, manufacturers and personal choices, please! Many Kenyans really like their Android Huawei Ideos phones.
For the colour blind, they could also shift colours to aid them, much the same way that you can get special glasses for colour blind people now.
Hmmm, i'm not sure. There are lots of studies saying we shouldn't hold cell phones up to our ear for a few seconds 20-30 times a day. Strapping a cellular/WiFi device to my temple for 10 hours doesn't seem like a good idea....
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+Robert Scoble Just curious. Could you tell if he was using his eye or his head to interact with them? I was thinking it would make more sense for it to track your eye than your head but since you saw an actual pair I was wondering if you could tell. :)
It's a shame to have so much money you don't know what to do with it when so many have so little or none.
These glasses remind me of the glasses in the Daniel Suarez tech fiction book Daemon. If they can get them to work I would consider switching to Android. Assuming Apple does get it first. 
+Robert Scoble Are you telling me I won't have a pair of Google Glasses for this years Apocalypse? They would be quite useful
Robert - From an old Friend who has RP - Thank you for making the DID such a cool and Social Media aware event! I hope you got a sense of what it feels like to be left in the dark,
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