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A circle of geeks (part II). Here's almost 1,000 active geeks. Programmers, developers, and highly technical people. Here's K-Z. Really great list of geeky/tecnical folks. Put them in their own circle so they don't overwhelm the folks you've hand selected. As always, if you find people who aren't active (a few have snuck through) or who aren't good, let me know and I'll remove them.

Also, if you think you should be on the list, let me know! I'm still adding more.

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Thank you sharing. wow.. i am suprised how did you get all 494 people and more...^0^
Thanks very much! Looking forward to the new followers =).
I am a geek and photographer as well. I will let you introduce the list of the Apache Foundation later. It will help you a lot, I guess > +Robert Scoble
Not that I need to be in another circle but I think I qualify if you need to get to an even 500...=)
I'm surprised I'm not in the circle of geekiness either lol, I'll work on the posts
I've still got to work on my innate aversion to sharing, and most of what I've been sharing hasn't been my geek side, but I've got the cred. Google me, dude. 64bits, Mac and the Intel switch (got called on vacation in Vegas for that one!).
I'm so tempted to add this circle! But I've made this mistake before - one click of a mega-circle and suddenly my stream becomes unrecognizable (though I'm sure +Robert Scoble would continue to shine through)!
You previously had a N-Z circle, maybe I should unfollow that and add this one.
I always wondered which of your circles I was in.I am honored to be among such pillars of G+.
I had no idea circles could be shared. :)
+Robert Scoble Thank you for sharing. How do people get on your list? Specifically, how can I get on the list?
Add me as well: I'm a web designer and developer. Very active on G+ and love interacting with fellow G+ers :D
Cool. I found some co-workers I didn't know were active on G+. Thanks!
Although I am not a programmer, developer, or journalist, I do work in the IT field doing stuff like hands on support and always wanting to help out those who do not understand computers very well. I am trying to get my little side business "ModernDay Computers" going. It would be awesome if you can add me to your circles.
Expert in Double D - DART / DASH
Kun Li
Looks cool! Can you add me in?
Like +Brad Panovich I'm a tech savvy meteorologist and Television media person trying to get more using and interacting with this technology. I love what you are doing and so happy to be following you in my circles. So insightful. Thank you.
Thank you for the circle shares! Can you please add me? Geeky programmer (Rails, C) with Masters of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Hey Robert, I'm using G+ to help developers learn more about accessible technology and making their applications easier to use for people with disabilities.
Thanks for sharing these lists. Should be a great way to make some contacts. I'm actually developing a webOS twitter client at the moment, bought a touchpad in the firesale and decided that the current apps really aren't my kind of deal so I started writing the code on Sunday. Plan is to have it perfected and on the App Catalog within the next week or two, it's already looking pretty good and fully functional. Just a few tweaks and improvements and it's good to go. ;)

Anyways, I wouldn't mind being included in the next round if you'll have me. I'm currently a CS student, but I'm also working a few projects on the side. I mostly work with C/C++, Objective-C, Java, PHP, and Javascript. Would be nice to make some other contacts in the industry for internships and possibly a career for when I'm done here. Again, thanks +Robert Scoble.
Do feel free to add me to your "tech geeks" circle. I'm not as active as one +Robert Scoble (cough) but I do occasionally have things to say.
+Robert Scoble Add me! I'm a platform product manager for a large ESP (ExactTarget) and I'm working on a number of API and application platform related thing. I post on those topic frequently.
After a random sampling of a few names on the list (i.e., looking at their profiles), I'm thinking that a lot of people who consider themselves geeks and believe they should have a place on this sort of geek list (perhaps myself included, perhaps not) probably aren't.

Is the only qualification to be a programmer or tech head? Or is this list more for programmers and tech heads who also avidly post and/or blog and/or have a big footprint?

As for myself, I'm still unsure. 25 years ago I would've been, back when I was single-stepping through Amiga O/S code and writing a UI framework in 68000. Now, though, I think my avidness has matured (aka, I'm older and need to sleep more often).

EDIT: Re-reading the first paragraph, my intent was that the list seems to be more noble company than just programmer types, not that the list contained people who shouldn't be on such a list.
+Robert Scoble I'm an automotive engineering geek. Particularly Forced Induction - Turbocharging. Everything from building/designing engines to controlling air fuel and spark.
+Robert Scoble, in that case, I probably don't qualify.

My G+ posting has to date been exclusively photography.

Tech is my day-job, and my life work, and creative outlet (well, that and photography), but I don't post about it.

Then again, 99% of my connections on G+ are photographers, so it wouldn't make sense for me to.
+Robert Scoble I suppose I can be a part of this Circle as well.

Am a Software Developer for the past 4 years in India's Biggest IT Company.
A Comics, Games, Sci-Fi Books, TV-Series, Movies Geek..

And I think Star Wars > Star Trek (I hope that's not held against me)
+Robert Scoble I would love to be part of this list. While I haven't been posting as often as I like, my passion is technology and how to utilize technology for good. I'm also a gamer and played DnD up until a year ago.
I've found so many awesome people through your circles! So thank you. :) I'd be honored to be in one -- I guess geek suits me. =P
Hmm, I think I'm quite geeky. And quite active on G+ :)
Thanks for the circle info - great stuff.
Sign me up :) CRM developer, Startup nut, etc...
You can add me if you'd like, I haven't posted anything overly technical yet, but I'm a perl geek who develops web apps
Wow. I'm in the top of the circle looking down; that's normally where Robert is ;-) Thanks Robert for sharing this!! I owe you sushi
Thanks...I am a wanna be I will add the circles to learn. All the psychology people I know are too "heady" :-) Techie/Geekie stuff is my second love. So thank you for sharing this---I am sure I will learn a lot, just from reading!!
I would like a consideration, thanks for everything!
Thanks for adding me to your geeks circle, I hope you find my posts interesting.
Inexplicably, I seem to be missing from your A-K list.

Just to prove I'm a geek: did you notice that you posted the A-K list with the note that said "Here's K-Z", and vice versa?
Thank you for adding me to your circle! Now I feel pressured to think more before posting ;)
lmao, I've often wondered what heading you had me circled in - Active Geeks That's just about right, I suppose. Your post here got me over 500+ new followers overnight! Thanks m8
Thanks a lot for sharing this, Robert! Cheers! :)
Hey Rob.. you can add me too to the Tech circle.. thanks..
Thanks for having me on your list!
You can add me to this list too. Interested in talking about code with all.
You can add me to the list as well, I am a developer, gamer, and all-around geek.
Ok, this explains why almost 1000 people added me to their circles today :)
I'd much appreciate some consideration as well :) Thanks for sharing these interesting circles
me2,a computer geek,programer from China
I'm a Linux sys admin and also a dedicated Amigan - nice to meet you all :)
Hi, I'm a perl developer - can you add me to this pls? ;;)
And likewise, please add me! I'm a linux admin, an Amigan and a ham radio operator. Keen to meet likeminded people ;)
hey guys add me im trying to use g+ more would greatly appreciate it