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Is Tapingo the future of all business?

Why is context exciting us so much?

Listen into Tapingo's CEO, Daniel Almog, who walks us through how college students lives have changed due to its contextual system.

It starts with context: what drink do you usually get on the way to class? Is it an iced latte? Fine, your mobile phone can order it for you as soon as you leave your dorm. How? Tapingo keeps track of your context.

It's morning, for instance, and you've crossed a geofence. An alert pops up asking if you want your usual latte. Yes, you answer. When you get to the coffee shop your drink is ready and payment is automatically made. No more scurrying to find your wallet.

+shel israel this is a very clear example of one of our conclusion in the book: that every business will be "Uberized."

Oh, and +Sergey Brin will love this business. Why? He tried to do exactly this business before starting Google (he realized it was too difficult, the story goes, because restaurants never looked at their fax machines, so he switched to working on search engines instead). Shows why timing is so important.

Hmm, right now it's only for college students. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, Facebook, which now is used by most people on the planet. So, want to see the future of business? I can think of no better example than looking at Tapingo.