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At the end of the year I start to look back at who has influenced me. +Chase Jarvis is one of those guys who made a huge impact. 

His creativity. Attention to detail. Production values. Love of life. Are all values I aspire to have more of in 2013. 

Getting to hang out with Chase in Aspen this year was one of the highlights. 

Watch this video with Ian and be inspired.

"Do what you love."
"Be different, not just incrementally better."
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"The fun is figuring it all out. 
You can tell 100 people every single element of what you do, you can draw a blue print.
10 people will have the means
5 people will have the heart
3 people will actually consider it
1 person that will actually do it"
It's funny to see the big "supported by HP" sign at the start and then a few seconds later a cloth is pulled off a laptop showing an Apple logo..
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