My motivation: when people write me and Rackspace Hosting off

What motivates you? For me, it's motivating when the press is against you, like in the below article from Motley Fool, which says Rackspace, my employer, won't survive. 

This is where mentors are so important. Mine is +Vic Gundotra, now a VP at Google. He told me about the dark days of Android when no one would believe that Google could beat Apple at the smartphone game. Today it seems obvious that Google would sell six out of every seven devices. But back when Google started it wasn't obvious at all. Apple was dominant. 

What do you do when everyone is against you and writing you off?

By the way. The analog with Android is apt. That's what the press and +Dana Blankenhorn is missing. Amazon's APIs are controlled by one company. Rackspace's are built on true open-source. OpenStack is what we've built our cloud on and that's a partnership of now more than 800 companies. 

Microsoft isn't built on open source. Google's cloud isn't built on open source. Amazon's cloud is totally proprietary. 

Just wait and see how OpenStack continues to bring real innovation that the other folks won't have. Here's one test. Can you run Amazon's cloud on your own datacenters? No. 

Can you fix bugs in Amazon's cloud? No. Can you add your own features to Amazon's cloud? No. Can you get fanatical support in Amazon's cloud? No. 

So, keep writing off me and Rackspace. In two years it'll look as stupid as writing off Android vs. Apple's iOS.
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