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I am in China and Facebook and Twitter are blocked here and Google+ is slow but NOT Flipboard or my startup magazine which is rocking with 180,000 page flips in first two weeks. I LOVE the new magazine feature.
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Safe travel. And a flippin' day!
+Robert Scoble I love the new magazine feature. I may be responsible for a few of those flips. :) Looks and feels great. 
Agreed.  Following your feed on Flipboard.  Very captivating and relevant.  Part of my morning read now.
Are you suffering from Facebook withdrawal. Try tean and acupuncture.
Yes, I love that new feature too! Please tell me, how did you make that link to your magazine? I have looked everywhere in the app but can't find the way to do that.
Why dont you proxy into a rackspace cloud instance and access social media through that?
My philosphy is "if you're going to read all the same things +Robert Scoble is, then you might as well let him do the work for you" ;-)
Thanks +Robert Scoble, I found it now. The cover page of my magazine was a bit messy so it was difficult to spot that tiny share button (on the iPhone app). This magazine feature is a strong competitor to and and similar aggregator services. 
 Google some would say this is the best spot
Now that's what I call a world traveler.. ;-)
I think flipboard should built a "Home" Android layer. The "cover feed" would instantly become so much more interesting than just facebook! Or Goolge could just expand on "Now" and mix it up with an enhanced Currents or so.
I wish the magazines on Flipboard would automatically pull posts from other networks by category +Robert Scoble ... kind of like Twylah does... or am I missing something in the settings?
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