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UPDATE: Skype is coming to Windows Phone Mango

Yesterday in my post about Windows Phone I didn't get it right.

Tony Bates, President of the Skype Division at Microsoft, says that they are indeed doing an app that's coming on Mango. He says I misquoted him and didn't understand what he was saying when he said they would wait until Apollo to fully build in Skype. So, today he called me to clarify: a Skype app is coming on Mango on WIndows Phone and further integration will be built into the Apollo version of Windows Phone.

Sorry for the trouble this caused Tony.
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LOL! There'd be less "confusion" if they'd just tell us what their plans are... I ran into the same "confusion" trying to talk to Microsoft reps about Windows Phone. I had a MUCH easier time talking to Nokia and HTC people...
That makes more sense, the least Microsoft could get for the billions of dollars it paid for Skype would be a solid Windows Phone app for Skype.
I would pick an Ice Cream Sandwich over a Mango any day. ;)
No, kudos for owning up - not that you could have ignored it. These mistakes are the state of 'media' in our world now.
I spent $8.5 Billion and all I got was this lousy app.
+Robert Scoble though you are VERY opinionated ( and at times rightly so based on your experience in your career) I commend you for clarifying this. Objective reporting is often the safest route.
I'm sure both people who use Windows Phone will be quite happy to hear.
To be honest, I wouldn't believe for a second that skype wouldn't be on windows phones... Skype is everywhere that has a camera. They'd never let that slip by.
On one hand, it makes sense that Microsoft would seek to integrate Skype software into Windows Phone since they acquired Skype. On the other hand, simply buying a company is no guarantee you can quickly merge their software into yours. Sometimes, it takes a few years before the software lines are successfully combined.
But just to confirm... they are still not producing a version of Skype that runs on Facebook on a Linux based browser? So I'm stuck on Google+....
Great stuff +Robert Scoble for the correction! The part of your previous post that really stuck out was that piece about Skype.

Does this new piece of information change your views about the future of the Windows phones?

Cheers mate from Australia ;))) Hows that cold?
Now, how about a file manager with a samba plugin that can see Windows share like I can on Android?
+Robert Scoble but 409,999 are Copy, Paste n' Rename games, repackaged public domain books and farts buttons.
+Robert Scoble Right, the conversation should focus on the quality and functions available in the context of the target market. The pure number of apps as meaningless as the old MHz measure of chips (now replaced with core counts).
Given that it was demoed months ago on mango I was a little surprised to then hear it wasn't coming to mango.

On the app count discussions front how many apps on iOS are duplicates I.e. free versions and paid? you don't have this on - it has the concept of trials built in thereby reducing the app count.
Are you so sure that hundreds of thousands of apps are the main reason most phone buyers choose a particular phone device? I think people choose to buy a phone based on many different preferences in design, UX, hardware, integrated features, platform media, and apps. Sure, app developers are important, but they are a minority of users and are not reflective of a broader population of potential phone buyers. I am a Windows Phone user and do work for Microsoft. Sure, I am biased towards Windows Phone because of its great integrated podcast support, that Android does not have without adding a third-party podcast app. I love my Windows Phone and cannot imagine going to Android or an iPhone as my Windows Phone meets all of my phone and app needs very well. I don't need access to 500,000 apps, as long as the ones available meet my needs. All I wish is that Windows Phone be given a fair shot in the market and I think it will get it. Sure, many current phone users are using other phone platforms and for most of those folks they have investments in those Eco-systems apps and media that will drive those folks to defend their choice, but many around the world will give Windows Phone a shot. My thoughts here are my own and do not represent my employer.
Windows Phone has the most essential and important apps and it's growing fast but unfortunately it suffer from negative and pessimistic reviews. :S
Kind of confused how that could get lost in translation. Sounds like spin. It isnt a difficult coversation to have whether your app will be on a platform. I guess these things can happen though.

At the end of the day, there are still 499,998 apps missing. To me, windows phone is just another zune/bing rehash. If i ran m$, i would elevate the kinect team, ae they produced actual innovation. All the other stuff is just a crappy copy.
At least Windows Phone is not as crapy as Android, at least WP7 has the most unique UI/UX, at least WP7 is not fragmented platform like Android, at least Microsoft is more open mind than Apple in term of unlocking (jailbreak)....
No kidding...Perhaps before stirring shit you should clarify with your source.
Well, it is a good sign for WP7, but still doesn't change the big picture.
+Naceron Dzigner the question is this - is there a room for another OS in this market, and will people buy these devices. Cool UI is not enough when you are late in the game IMO. In any case this is going to be VERY interesting.
+Robert Scoble I say that Windows Phone suffer from negative reviews and the second reason is that MS is a little slow on pushing new features and updates!!!
Echo-echo-echo-echooooo Chamber-ber-ber-ber...
That's all this really is.
"regular" people don't care about the app count... just give them access to a cheap or free phone that keeps them in contact with their friends and family(and maybe some banking), and they will be happy-everything else can be done via a webpage... Since most people are still using a feature/dumb phones.
Lastly, saying Windows Phone doesn't have Google Hangouts isn't that big of a deal, since hardly anyone uses Google+ anyway..
I only use it to reply to people, probably what everyone else uses it for.

And since being critical of technology products causes people to take it personally, I'm going to take cover :)

And finally a question, why is Rackspace called the "worlds largest web hosting company" when a competitor like United Internet states it has 10 million paid account, and all Rackspace says they have is less than 200,000.. Does largest mean something else now?
+Kfir Pravda Yes I admit that MS has entranced late in the game and I don't understand why!!! But I think that WP can take the place of Android because Android is a crappy and fragmented platform that make people and developers and handset makers very very tired!!!
No wonder they're ignoring all the little problems people are reporting. Ballmer stuck his hands into their pants.
+Colin McPhedran IE6 is the most used browser but the most hassle maker for developers and users!!! -:) Handset makers choose Android because it's free and open source and they can make they own crappy UI on top!
+Naceron Dzigner it is a numbers game now. Android, crappy? Wow, millions and millions of devices running a crappy OS. The fragmentation argument is dated, especially with the ics launch. Two or three code forks is not a big deal to get your apps in front of those millions. WP is too late to the game here. They have no traction, no apps, and no marketing for WP. There's also no "killer" feature that makes it stand out.

It's a "me too" product, just like zune, just like Bing...and look how well those products are doing. History repeats itself often at m$...and very little original ideas come out of there.
With Ballmer as a filter, is there any mystery?
I understand needing to "get it right" but really... Windows is years late to the game on this. Windows 7 phones are now the IE 6 of the mobile space.
Robert - The more relevant anology is xbox. I remember the same arguments about xbox 10 years ago. The pundits trash talked xbox for many years for not having apps (games) but look at xbox now. Its the #1 selling games console. The same will likely happen with Windows Phone but much faster because of the many great 3rd party developers out there, great developer tools and Microsoft's cloud.
+Naceron Dzigner true, Android is fragmented. I wonder if MSFT will be smart enough not to take the same route. +Robert Scoble I think that Apple knows how to create two unique things: devices that people desire, and ecosystem with low barriers of entry for users. iPhone changed the way people see their phones and their role in their life. Then +Android challenged it with their open model, but is struggling with fragmentation. What I don't see yet is MSFT's leverage, advantage or uniqueness. They are so late in the game that they need something huge, extraordinary, to succeed.
People keep saying the hell is Android 'struggling' with fragmentation? People buy phones and they download apps....OS's progress and some apps are not available to users...users upgrade phone at next cycle...rinse and repeat...again...700K+ activations a day doesn't seem to indicate that this supposed fragmentation is anything but Apple supporter fud.
+Colin McPhedran I look at margins, revenues, and customer loyalty. iPhone wins in all these fronts. And I also talk with developers who eat s#$t cause of the different devices and form factors. It's Symbian all over again.
The best proof of Android fragmentation is that their directors have to come up with newspeak like Android being "diversified" to counter the accusations...
Scoble, just answer this question - How did Android overtake iOS if apps are everything. Why is iOS being marginalized even more if apps are everything. The market will continue to change, and if your apps theory can not even explain the present, how will it help you predict the future?
+Kfir Pravda margins and revenues with apple / android is not a valid comparison, because android is "free" and Google doesn't control or sell the hardware. Of course Apple is #1 on those fronts - they control everything. The debate on loyalty still rages on. Too early to tell, people on both sides are jumping.

You disagree that android is not moving to a standard platform with ICS? The past is the past, the honeycomb mistake will always be there, but they are trying to correct the problem. It just will take some time. The symbian comparison is a gross exaggeration.
+Robert Scoble I like your posts. best of all you read the comments and repsond.... I like that. I follow you all the time :) I am not a microsoft/windows fan. am fan of linux/OS X. What are your thoughts on MSFT suing/bullying ( i call it bullying) android dev manufacturers, to sign patent agreement on Android and Chrome. No word from google on any of those patent agreement. Are they (GOOG) cut and pasting .......:)
+Andrew Yarnall well, let's see how things go from here. It might be the ICS will solve all the issues of its ecosystem. Heck, maybe we will all use WP two years from now.... 
TNS Survey:
5 reasons people choose a smartphone(survey of 34,000 mobile phone owners in industrialized countries)
1. Look and Feel(Design)
2. Brand
3. Input method
4. OS
5. apps
Hardware is more important
+Kfir Pravda I think the mayans have a better chance of being right about the world ending this year than us all using WP. For me, the phone would have to print money and serve up sexual favors for me to switch. There's no reason to think they will innovate and I've been burned by m$ too much in the past. I just think they are an old dog who can't keep up.
Robert, people shopping for phones aren't counting the number of apps or developers in a given mobile community. They want Siri, or whatever looks nice. And your reasons however many years ago that you worked retail as to why people buy or make decisions in a retail setting are off base. They buy or decide backside of need or want (whatever their friends have, what they saw on TV, read about, etc). 
Robert, the smart phone market is going to expand out of the techies, it's where the growth is going to come. The non-techies barely know what an "app" is, let alone that one or the other OS has 5000 or 50000. While I agree that purchasing decisions are influenced by "not looking foolish", the vast majority of potential buyers the number of apps available has little to no effect on that.

The real issue is who is advising the non-techies, what the phone companies, phone sales people, and what influential friends will be promoting. To date, at least in this part of the world (Sweden) it certainly hasn't been WP. I suspect that will change as Nokia roles out more models. Unlike Microsoft, Nokia are experts at dealing with, and influencing, the mobile phone retail sales channel. Right now there's simply not enough of a range available, covering both lower cost and the higher end of the market. IMO, the success (or otherwise) of WP really depends on what Nokia launches over the next year. By all reports Lumia has been a good start.
And Robert, for a long time, and it's still the case with a lot of companies I deal with - they're producing and promoting apps for their products/services and until recently they were only doing it for iPhone (some still are). Yet Android did just fine.

People don't buy a phone because they saw a Pepsi ad that mentions an app. Yes it has some influence, but in my experience, especially for the non-techies it's nothing compared to what their friends, and the local phone salesman, has.
People buy phones bssed on budget, status symbol, and functionality. if your friend shows you something cool on a phone, you might lean that way. This is usually an app. Take siri, for example. It is an app that helps sells iphone 4s to the non techies. Compare apple marketing to m$. Which commercials do you remember? Which do you think resonate with average consumers? When is the last time someone showed you something awesome on a wp phone that ios and android doesnt already do, and do better? What world beating app is available exclusively to wp? It is about the apps, the ecosystem, keeping up with the joneses, and what you can afford. The only one m$ can compete with is the last one.
The guy who writes that blog should be more concern about how massively lame his blog post is.
+David Steadson I dunno David, those pesky Droid commercials during the past few super bowls didn't do a whole lot for Android.
The downside is that the average customer thinks all Android phones are "droids". Where is the mass marketing for windows? Seems to me they are still trying to sell windows 7.
It is disappointing that the Windows Phone doesn't have over +700 fart app like the iPhone and it really needs 200,000 Android apps that only work when your system is hacked.

Since the Windows Phone is missing 449,900 apps how much space does that take on your phone and how do you sort through them to find your favorites?

sarcasm all over this post...
+Robert Scoble you don't think Microsoft will leverage the fact that apps for Win8 / Xbox and WP8 (Apollo) will probably be a write once deploy many situation?

And as to Apps what do you consider WP7 is missing as I have a hard time believing that you use all 500,000 apps on iOS or what ever it is.
Having only 50,000 apps when Apple was touting 250,000 apps sure didn't hurt Android.
Maybe both of you were drunk during the "dinner with the CEO"
So its coming to the Mango int he same way it is already on every other phone. There is fashionably late and then there is too late you missed the party Microsoft even though it is your house.
You seem to have zero clue about the console gaming market and that it is very relevant to the topic at hand.
Except +Edgar Martinez it wasn't Microsofts house until a few months ago Skype was still not part of Microsoft so had no control of how things were prioritised and integrated.
+Rob Greenlee Hear hear Rob, great comment! I've just published a blog post about my usage of the Nokia Lumia 800 which I've upgraded to from an iPhone 4. Read it here at and do remember that as a user, I'm pretty new to all this 'smartphone' business, and I am finding that I'm using the Nokia far more than I ever did the iPhone! Love how such as Facebook/Twitter et al, are inbuilt into the OS so that you simply don't need extra apps in order to follow what's happening with those you follow.
Do I wish that G+ was also available on it? Yes of course I do, but hey, maybe that will come....who knows? ;)
I know I have problem with Skpe's for few weeks now and can't fix it or contact them by phone or customer service.I need help Mr Bates please help...
I read your post, +Techno gran , and appreciate your passion for the platform (although if you apply a certain tone of voice to your blog post, it certainly sounds like you are shilling). There were a few things in there that made me absolutely shudder..words like "Windows Live", "Sync with Zune", and "use SkyDrive".

I'm glad you like it, and perhaps it would be the phone for my mother. I just think some of the WP services are second rate compared to what's currently out there on the iOS and Android platforms.
+Andrew Yarnall Hey, I'm just a Granny Andrew, sure I'm a Geek but I'm not a professional or anything! My terms in that blog are not aimed at you guys, the technically able, they are aimed at those who aren't. I'm sorry if the terms I used are not to your liking but its the way I describe things. If your Mum is in her sixties (round about my age) and hasn't used a 'smart phone' before, then yes, I think she will quickly get used to using it. :)
+Techno gran Your writing style / word choice is perfectly fine for your audience. You serve a niche market that is probably lucky to have you, because God knows most of us younger folks don't have the patience to teach our parents how to use a DVD remote, let alone a PC / smartphone.

In the context of this conversation thread, my argument is that WP is too late to the game to make any kind of impact. Perhaps WP is a good solution for the older crowd as a entry level "smartphone". Or, as a "feature phone", until the number of apps catch up to the other two. While you like your phone, you're definitely in the minority (and will continue to be so until M$ does something astounding/amazing with their platform - integrating with SkyDrive and Zune doesn't fit that bill)

Funny how all this starts by an apology of a quote misunderstood over bottles of wine.
+Robert Scoble NeXt became Mac OS X so if you go by that, I'd say NeXt people like Jobs and Co. came in and did a pretty good job at intertwining NeXt into Apple and creating a tech colossus out of the decaying carcass of the old Apple.
+Robert Scoble Also, I see a lot of promise for WP when it all converges at Windows 8. I think the problem is not sinking before then. The Nokia push along with the Android licensing buys them what they need. Time. For sure they need to get momentum, however.

I think the true app future is in HTML5. With the capabilities that HTML5 brings to the table, I think native programming for any OS will become less and less relevant. I don't think opinion for WP7 matters much at this point. It does matter in Q3 going forward. Specs do matter and if a Lumia with dual core and 720p non PenTile Super AMOLED comes out in Q4, that would make people in the North America take note. I do see, at a local level here in Southern Illinois, some people moving away from Android to the iPhone. WP7 can't get big here though because Verizon is the dominant carrier in this region by far and AT&T secured exclusivity on the Lumia 900, where they still have large chunks of EDGE out on the prairie and on the hills.
+Andrew Yarnall Terms like "Windows Live", "Sync with Zune", and "SkyDrive" make you shudder? Really? I'm surprised I didn't see a mention of "BSOD" in your post. But of course you had to whip out the ole "M$" in your next post. LOL! What are you? 12?
+Fred Taylor I should have mentioned a BSOD, because i just saw one on a Windows 7 PC this morning. Maybe M$ will carry over that "feature" to their smartphones. Zune = DOA as an MP3 player, dead as an app plaform. Windows Live - how many people do you know who had their Hotmail account hacked? Too many for me to count here. Windows Messenger? Garbage. Skydrive? Right.... i see so many people using that / talking about that. It's almost like Dropbox / Box.Net didn't exist.

The ole "M$" is still valid - apologies if you consider it low brow or tired. M$ is making big $$ hand over fist without creating any new tech (save for the Kinect). Metro UI? It's a crappy wrapper around the core. .NET for mobile? Silverlight?

I get the Apple apologists. At least Apple puts out innovative tech and quality products. I can't understand the Microsoft apologists though. There really isn't a debate to be had over the quality of their services.
+Andrew Yarnall Aw, is wittle Andrew angwy at bad ole Micwosoft?

BSOD this morning, eh? Riiight. Just like I had to pull the battery on my Android phone like 5 times this morning. I can pull shit out of my ass too.

Hotmail accounts can get hacked! Oh noes! Any email account can get hacked. You don't think anybody's ever hacked a Gmail account? Do you even know WTF you're talking about?

Windows Messenger is garbage? It's a f*cking IM. What's not to like?

Have you ever used SkyDrive? No, you haven't. So does it really make you shudder? Or are you just trying to be a douchebag?
+Fred Taylor Who is 12 years old now? Sounds like you have too much sand in your vagina to discuss your argument rationally without name calling / mocking. Perhaps you are too thin skinned? You really are defensive about the old dog, aren't you?

Yes, I really did have a BSOD this morning on a PC used by management. They exist - are you telling me they don't? Do I need to take a screenshot of it for you?. It was due to a Windows update. Sucks to be me.

Battery pulls happen on Android - not part of the discussion though, is it?

Yes, a shitty IM client. Even AIM was better. More spam accounts trying to add you as a friend than anything.

Yes, I've used SkyDrive (with my hotmail account) - I think I have a couple of files out there on it actually.. Compared to other competitive tech, it's lacking and not a platform I would tie to a smartphone that I'm trying to sell millions of. But thanks for just assuming (or telling me) I've never used it.

So how about this: instead of trying to mock / name calling, please tell me how M$ tech is a) innovative or b) better than Apple / Google / 3rd party offerings. Please don't tell me what platforms I've used or what my experience is, because you don't know. It just makes you look like a jerk.
Yeah, it must suck to be you. Having so much hatred for a company to the point of blindness is pretty sucky.

If you're getting BSODs regularly, tell your cheap-ass company to get new hardware. BSODs are caused by hardware problems. BSODs are no more part and parcel with Windows as kernel panics are with Macs and having to pull batteries are with Android devices. And, yes, it IS part of the discussion. You claim to "shudder" at the though of anything Microsoft. I can claim to "shudder" at the thought of having to use a crappy Android device.

I get plenty of spam accounts trying to add me as a "friend" on YIM, YouTube, and Facebook. It all has to do with spammers taking advantage of a target-rich environment. There are over 500 million users of Windows (Live) Messenger.

SkyDrive works as pure web-based service. I don't need to download anything like with DropBox, and nobody beats 25GB for free. Improved integration with Windows Phone is being developed as we speak.
+Andrew Yarnall That's okay Andrew. As a Windows Live MVP, most of my how-to's on my blog are aimed at the older user who hasn't used a computer before, or isn't too technically savvy, and that explains my terminology, its for those who are new to it all. Point them my way if they get stuck, I'm always happy to help, and have done step by step how-to's for users in the past if they have let me know there is any aspect that they don't or can't understand.
It really doesn't suck to be me until Microsoft unloads a Windows update that cripples my boss' PC. Other than that, trust me, I have a great life.

It's not blind hatred. In the context of mobile (which is what we're discussing), Microsoft hasn't been nearly as successful as Google or Apple (although Windows Mobile 6.5 was pretty cool in its day). It also isn't everything Microsoft as you're trying to twist it out to be. I'm a big fan of Xbox, Kinect, SQL Server, C#, Windows 7, etc but look at those products...what have they done for me lately?

You keep bashing Android - what makes it crappy? What devices have you used? The battery pull argument can be valid..there's a lot of crappy hardware running android out there (and a lot of bad software - i'm just grateful you CAN pull your battery on the phone). None of these platforms are perfect. The reason this thread exists is due to confusion over whether a popular Microsoft product will actually be on a Microsoft phone, and the reason it might not be was due to the other platform's popularity. That speaks volumes (at least to me) as to the direction of the phone.

BSODs are typically caused by SOFTWARE problems - usually device drivers. So while you're sort of correct that it is a hardware issue, it's normally the software interacting with the hardware that caused it. To make the assumption that it is always and specifically a hardware problem is false. The only reason we're even talking about BSODs is because you made it out to be like they are some kind of unicorn.

25GB for free - that's something I agree with you on. Sometimes I don't think like an average consumer when I was able to get over 100GB for free on other services. The fact that you don't have to install anything is also a plus, but we are becoming a "there's an app for that society", so services like Dropbox and don't suffer because you need to install something on the PC (and in fairness, you can drag / drop files using browser on both of those as well).

What makes anything Microsoft does BETTER than what's already out there in mobile? Where's the innovation? The game changer? The must have feature? My point all along (which probably was harshly worded anti-MS) is that WP is coming across as "me too".
Andrew good handle on the situation your points are exactly how I feel and that fred Taylor guy sounds like he works for Microsoft which might be true....we all now know that Microsoft employees troll blogs now
+Andrew Yarnall "Sucks to be me." Those were your words, not mine. I really couldn't give two shits about how great your life is. Thanks for letting us all know.

Let's get one thing straight. I'm playing devil's advocate. I'm not bashing Android. But why aren't you? You have no problems repeating tired Google or Apple fanboy mantras about Microsoft for issues that rarely affect the vast majority of their users, yet you want to blow off the same issues that plague Android. And we are talking about phones here, aren't we? Android's problems are real, recent, and relevant to the issue at hand. How are Microsoft's past history with Windows and whatever other products you seemingly hate just because they're produced by Microsoft have to do with Windows Phone? That's why I'm calling you out as being blinded by hatred.

BSODs are caused by hardware and manifest in how the OS (software) reacts to it. It's hardware. Plain and simple. You don't see BSODs when the OS tries to communicate with some remote web service, do you?

The thing about SkyDrive and Windows Phone is that "you don't need an app for that", because it's integrated. The integration is not very robust at the moment, but it's coming. This is a young OS, and more features are still being built-out. It's not like the iPhone came with iCloud integration within a year of its release.

And speaking of iCloud, Apple is getting ridiculous adulation for that "innovation", and people will likely criticize Microsoft for copying Apple when such a service is inevitably built into Windows 8. Nevermind that portions of iCloud are built on top of Windows Azure. Microsoft has what? 90K employees? You really think that NOBODY at Microsoft came up with an iCloud-type idea? The truth is, any business development hack could have come up with that idea, but Microsoft, prior to May 2011, simply could not have executed on such an idea. The SEC would have been all over their asses for integrating such a service into Windows. Besides, it would have been hard to build it into the OS when it and the first service pack have already been released.

As for innovation, you do realize that the key technology that makes this Google+ service even possible was invented by Microsoft, don't you?
+Brian Inglut Riiight. Because I call somebody out for unwarranted, hate-filled remarks, I work for Microsoft. I guess you must work for Google or Apple then. Oh, but we all know Google and Apple employees would NEVER astroturf like Microsoft employees do. Uh, huh.
+Fred Taylor Yes, I used "sucks to be me" as a joke. You felt the need to respond to that, that it must suck to be me because of my hatred. Please take responsibility for your side of the conversation.

Please do me the favor of Googling what causes BSODs. Then maybe you can start a petition to change Google results, because they must all be wrong. This windows update caused this problem with multiple people all around the world - are you telling me it's all because their hardware "sucks"? It's a SOFTWARE problem. The fact that the software talks to the hardware doesn't mean it is the hardware's fault. How does a SOFTWARE update start causing the BSOD?

Devil's advocate or not - I keep asking you the same questions about what innovation or game changer Microsoft is going to to bring to mobile. That's what this thread is about, not all the other bullshit we keep going back and forth on. You were the one that pulled out the tired "battery pull" mantra. I've owned 7 Android devices over 4 years. I've had to pull the battery maybe 4 times. I think once a year is acceptable for how I treat my phones (rooting / flashing / etc)

In the context of this conversation, I was pointing out how Microsoft is late to the mobile game here, and isn't offering anything new. You are the one who got your panties in a twist and started playing Mr-Know-It-All, bringing up iCloud, being wrong about BSODs (you mentioned it first) and being the defender of all things Redmond.
Nobody mentioned iCloud here (at least I didn't). It doesn't matter anyway. The fact is I have 40GB of storage locally on my phone. If I want to keep music in the cloud, I use Google Music. If I want to sync files, I use Dropbox or I don't care where I have to store it, and it's not much to having one central location for storage doesn't mean much. Skydrive doesn't give me anything new or wow.

Why would I bash Android or Apple in the context of this conversation? Neither one of them are trying to enter a competitive market space, both have plenty of apps and integrate their own products with their phone. The OS is still young, I agree with you. But they are too far behind the game in the mobile space and MetroUI isn't a must have experience.

I think +Brian Inglut is right. you do work for Microsoft. Either that or
you are just an unhappy troll whom i have overfed. Doesn't look like you've participated much in Google+ based on your profile. You could be the old Jaguars running back, for all I know. (I edited this because I wasn't being fair to other Microsoft Certified Professionals by making fun of their certification program)

You seem like an angry guy, calling people out. Google+ is a place for great debate and discussion. This probably would have been more fun if you were able to start it off in a respectful manner. Asking if I was "trying to be a douchebag" as if you are an "edgy" guy, just makes you look petty and weak.
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