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I heard from someone working with Google that Google is working on a Flipboard competitor for both Android and iPad. My source says that the versions he's seen so far are mind-blowing good.

It sure sounds like Google is storing up quite a few social announcements. I wonder if they are waiting for Facebook to make its announcements next week and then will open the door to a raft of new things? I hope so.
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Well, that's just great, but I want my damn G+ iPad app first. Like NOW!
Yep.. they are waiting.. I am really excited to see whats next!!!
It's been a while since I wrote about these and created my comparison matrix. I've been meaning to revisit this and will very soon. But I can tell you that as of now I'm spending more time in Zite than Flipboard. It's really surprised me from a content discovery standpoint.
Here's what I think. The Flipboard competitor will have Google+ integration with Sparks.

Google already has the topic curation bit sewn up. All it needs to do is build a nice front end.
I like It's very interesting to see what others find interesting and it's free now. I have Flipboard as well but access more
It is interesting that Flipboard has inspired (and continues to) a number of competing products. Not sure if you felt it like that, but after seeing the Windows 8 Metro UI concepts, I couldn't help but think Flipboard ;) I sure hope Flipboard gets to play a bigger role in this important aspect of customer experience design...
+Robert Scoble Can you please ask your contact if they are ever going to release their navigation app on iOS?
The only thing I want to hear from the Facebook announcements is, "we are not copying Google+. We have been working on the carbon copy features for months and months." It always makes me laugh and some how brightens my day.
Why hasn't anyone mentioned Pulse? Despite Flipboard's gloss, I still like Pulse' navigation better.
IMO, Pulse is kind of feels like an enhanced RSS reader; Flipboard UI can be adapted to pretty much support a number of capabilities...
Stream fix,
photo directions that work every time and do not require CS degree
Call me what I tell you my name is
I can't keep up with reader as it is. 
That's awesome. Thank you for sharing! I always appreciate having a connection - that is Mr. Scoble.
I am waiting very anxiously to hear something new, unique and substantial from Google. Feel like Facebook is edging in new updates and features.As a Google Fan i want to see some innovative stuff from Google to be floors soon.
Flipboard is awesome,I Love it....hope the add google plus feed;)
I really am hoping Google announces something exciting on plus soon. They have done a good job of doing minor updates since the beginning but there are a few major enhancements that people have been asking for. With Facebook coming out with "subscriptions" they need to get moving.
So I love Flipboard as an alternative reading mechanism with a beautiful design for my Google Reader content. I also will peruse the imported social feeds. But regarding the social content, it's just very limiting to only view posts from my friends in reverse chronological order from the time I launch the app. I'm curious what content you're viewing on Flipboard +Robert Scoble?

I much rather get a summary digest that uses logic to organize posts by my friends that are prioritized by how many of them linked to or shared similar items. This is why I use the Tweeted Times iPad app to fill that gap.

Lastly I use Zite because it has consistently provided me with content that isn't share by anyone in my social graph, yet is very good and I'm glad it provided it to me.

So these are 3 different use cases that each require 3 separate apps. Not sure anyone will nail all three of these together anytime soon.
I may have missed this in the last few days, but is there a big Facebook announcement expected next week?
+Rajiv Vyas I believe the FB conference is next week and it is generally expected that they will unleash some things to show that they are still the kings of social. I don't think they ever were, they are just the quantity player, they have never been a quality player.
With a heavyweight like Google joining the party how long before the publishers kick off about copyright ?

A risk to flipboard etc is going to be getting caught in the cross fire with no muscle to win out.

I enjoy flip, but worry where the business model is on OPC (other people's content).

Looking forward to seeing Googles efforts! Any sneak screenshots anywhere?

I trust it will be integrated heavily with G+?
+Mathias Magnusson But at least i have some control over the flow of news there, instead of having to link off things i want to read and comment on when there are many of us posting things here.
Better controls like the ones i have on Faceplant would be nice if you want to be able to move more people here from there and get them to stay. Just setting our noses into the air and telling ourselves that we are superior to the rabble just don't cut it. G+ sorely need some fixin' to be able to get some bragging rights. I have tried to invite people here but still got 150 invites left after posting several times on FB. There are more people here that i admire and follow but as it is G+ sometimes feels more like a nerd hangout. And are percieved as one too by the Hoi Polloi. Go figure...
I think Google's appraoch is rolling out updates incremental, it's not Googlish to use Big Bang rollouts, hence the Flight Search rollout this week.
+Stig Carlsson I agree with you and I would not be surprised if noise control is what Google unleashes an avalanche of news of to compete with FB for attention when F8 kicks off next week.

I would also point out that I did not mean that G+ is the kind of social yet, I don't think it was done right before so there was probably no king (unless we consider email social). I think G+ has a lot of things done right, but I think the success of it shows that intelligent controls are needed to drink from the fire hose G+ becomes once you become engaged and start listening to what all the smart people here have to say.
It amazes me how useful AND influential Flipboard is. It is my most used iPad app. But i do see opportunities for improvement. Can't wait to see competitors! 
Just downloaded and it will only give you articles from people currently using Not sure how to get more
News feeds. It's already a big FAIL for me. Flipboard is brilliantly simple to use, link twitter, Facebook, google reader and you have hundreds of articles to read from. My top 5 iPad app! 
+David Martin We are working closely with publishers to bring their content to Flipboard via our Flipboard Pages technology, which flows the publisher's web content into a magazine style format that matches their brand identity.
Pulse is what I use and I like it. Flipboard's page limit (and yes I understand they have their own categories/feeds) is a limitation. And I am starting to think GOOG is spreading itself too thin. They should do more with their core competency and keep developing the infrastructure to make "world's" information easily accessible (and do what is necessary for them to generate revenues off of that) and open up the APIs for app development.
+Tom Clarke You should always think about the privacy implications before you authenticate any application to access data associated with accounts.
+Charles Ying great so brand remains. My experience of plc publisher board directors is Advertising revenues or alternative revenue is even more critical. There are still paid syndication channels where publishers generate revenue for the content being used.

Do Flipboard help this challenge?

Btw- I sound so anti flipboard i am not! I really like the product! Keep going!
Love how news gets around! You're just teasing, Robert. That's hardly anything.
actually all their competitors. ;) Googlers are mostly useless to talk to as a reporter. It's like interviewing a wall.
no, they are just robots or aliens or whatev
AOL used to have a social news aggregator site called Propeller, was digg like. Always interested in new news reading agg apps for the iPad. Favs right now are Flipboard, Zite, and I really like the any device synching features of Pulse.
Yay! Fast Flip was one of my favorite Google products. Can't wait.
I really hope they won't kill Google Reader...
I can see it being a differnt view of google reader...
This would explain why "Reader" has been replaced by "sites" in the GMail toolbar.
Google Reader was just redesigned to match the formatting of the other Google sites. I would hope that whatever they are working on will be an enhancement to Reader rather than an entirely new tool.
What I want to know that shares are dead, how can you sync the +1 items in greader directly out to twitter, etc. ?+Robert Scoble
even if Google changes reader, at least make the mobile optimized version the same as the desktop version. If you are using GReader on an iPad, you can't share to TW/FB w/one click like you can on desktop...Aren't we all mobile?
Google has to move, propeller news is not coming with Yahoo already out they are late. Becoming dare I say Microsoft
I hope I'm not the only one who is patiently waiting for some more news on Propeller. I use Pulse (Flipboard for people without iPads) on my Droid 3 and my Asus Transformer every day. I do have a Reader feed, but I prefer the Pulse/Flipboard layout. Really hoping Propellor isn't just a dead rumor.
I love Flipboard for Android as well as Scoop It. I've found Lumi to be good as it serves up news stories based on what you read and search for. But really, nothing will be perfect and thank goodness for that! without imperfection why would anyone innovate?