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Why do I post here on Google+ instead of on my blog, or over on Facebook? One reason is the search engine here. For instance, search for the word "Occupy" and you'll find all the posts written about the Occupy Wallstreet protests:

I believe this search engine will become more and more important over time. Right now it's not that important, in terms of traffic or causing conversations, but that's why I'm investing time here and not on my blog.

Now, the trick is to figure out what I should use my blog for. :-)
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Just use G+ as your blog and use the API
I'm in the same boat... what's the point of keeping a photography blog to post news and pictures to, if I do that all right here.
Maybe you can use it as an backup for you G+ posts. So people who aren't on plus can find it also on your blog. It can also be some sort of archive for the best G+ posts :D
Blogs make great places to link people to your G+ page. =D
C Chaos
good point. now if only Google has a timeline interface....
+Robert Scoble Maybe for something like: "Now, you may not remember kids, but there was a time, when people had blogs, there were also domain names, etc..."
You own your blog, you're just renting here. That's what you use it for. :)
I'm thinking the same thing, although my blog is pretty thin in comparison. I am leaning towards more flushed out versions of the posts I bring here. Perhaps using some of the comments received or data collected to expand the thought.
Good point. Google owns search. Its easy to see how ANYthing one does on Google can help their rankings over time.
Thanks +Robert Scoble. This is an issue with which I've been wrestling increasingly for the past month or so. I was against +Mike Elgan's "G+ Diet" at the start. However it's more attractive by the day.
I get more exposure and more interaction here than I ever get on my blog. And, as with you, I'm not sure what to use my blog for. I suppose I'll reserve it for longer, more thought out pieces; I'm more than happy to post a paragraph or two on G+ but a blog post for me is usually several screenfuls.
I would not be suprised if Blogspot is just a stream of Google+ Post :)
Are blogs over? A stepping stone to these new platforms?
store all your activities ala Friendfeed
I use my blog as a place to collect and autopost (I don't even have any followers :P)
I like your thinking on that Howard, makes perfect sense, going to be doing the same thing in the near future.
I agree but I think it is important to tell people that they help us more by visiting our websites!
Sharing your new crochet patterns?
Keep in mind that search will be able to look for all the comments of all posts ever made. Be careful what you type!
I agree! The search engine on G+ is awesome. The sparks feature along with the save search option is to cool.
Would be perfect if search was available on android app... Where mostly I use G+
I find it very important. As a disabled person, I need all the resources I can reach from my keyboard. I wish G+ would accept groups, because I have a great rapport with many on facebook, I just find facebook to unpredictable. When I can convince my fb friends to take the plunge, I will have to use my public profile to air our private thoughts and talk about our diseases. That makes some uncomfortable. We wish to keep our circle growing, but want some assurance that it stays out of the mainstream.
+Robert Scoble You don't want to own your traffic, reap the benefits of traffic to your own 'home'? We're all on a few networks and can hop around if one dies. But don't all those networks exist to channel traffic back to our homes?
I totally agree. As a journalist, that search engine is excellent to perform online reporting.
I thought you had stated you wanted to get back to your blog. It seems you are always more comfortable on a social network. Will this stick?
I cancelled my hosting partly due to this, and moved my site to Blogger, still on my domain. Now it acts as a place for me to collect things that best represent who I am -- a kind of personal museum, a place that belongs to me but that is very much a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. That makes sense to me.
+Robert Scoble ownership is important if you're a brand. I guess in your case as a thought leader, it's a different story.

Your followers are already tuned into the how-to's of the web - therefore they know how to find you.

If you were Coke or GM and you were banking your engagement on one platform that "changed the rules" or "shutdown" there would be big bills to pay.

As a self branded guy - I don't want to put all the effort (as it is worth money) of content creation into a single platform.
Search is crucial to my practice her on G+, primarily in it's effectiveness in finding conversations I want to be part of...I also can view how I'm appearing in the results for the keywords I believe will help connect me to relevant individuals.
+Mimi Lay create a public circle for your friends to Join. I have seen them around G+.
Why not just re-direct your blog to Google+? :) All kidding aside, use it for stuff you think is important and worth keeping track on your blog. Whether its work (field) related or personal :) Or better yet, re-post what stirs up the pot here at Google+ to your Blog.
Wes Lum
Why not duplicate? With twists in both so that your readers will have reason to visit either.
The blog is a resume to categorize versatility. A large organized writing sample.
+Robert Scoble I think your comment to +Tim Bray about monetization is the key factor. If you're not concerned about making money off of the content, then I think G+ is vastly preferable to a blog. It's easier to search, current, and in the midst of where other conversations are happening anyway.
I considered how g+ may be a blog platform not long ago. I was a bit stumped by how you can add a link or a picture but not both.

I was also frustrated by how you cannot add media inline. For instance, if you have pictures referenced in the blog, you cannot put the pictures between paragraphs in a way that they flow with the discussion. Instead the pictures are merely attachments. If you have more then 1 picture, the lack of flow in the formatting can produce awkward reading.
+Robert Scoble Can you not do both? Post here and your blog with the same story? Or is that simply a frowned upon practice?
It's interesting to see that people are really not wedded to any particular tech or platform to get their words read--the "cost" of changing seems to be declining, which helps.
Perhaps a curated view of "feature" pieces, i.e. less frequent posts that are more thoughtful and representative of the depth and breadth of the stuff you put out there. It would be useful to casual and committed followers alike to see this curated and less frequently updated view. As well, prominent links to your presence on sites like G+ and more. At least, that's what I plan to do with my blog at
This is a very important clue for businessmen/women
I have the same problem. I now use Google+ as my main platform to publish potographs but I haven't had the courage to abandon my Wordpress Flickr and Tumblr accounts. It would be great to have an application which would allow publishing to all endpoints at the same time. Maybe that will happen when people start developing over Google+ API.
I am using my blog [] as a repository for what I consider to be my better posts. Basically, when I am done writing a post, if it feels like a more substantial statement and warrants a headline, that's my cue to also share it on my blog. There are some obvious benefits to doing this that I've written about, and which can be found here and there.

But I archived my old blog and moved to this model, with Google+ as the place where I spawn original content. I do all of my blogging, sharing, commenting, and social networking on G+ now. Yes, I still share actively on Twitter, to maintain the relationships I developed there. And I check-in on Facebook. But G+ is my digital hub.
Robert, I was just about to post why blogs make more sense until I read your 5 reasons why blogs are important. And you're right, if you don't care about monetization or branding then Google+ makes perfect sense for you.

Thanks for getting me to think about this!
I agree 100%. Searching for trending or news topic on G+ brings up much better results than I get on twitter just because I can read and comment inline and choose to click on a link if I need to. Twitter is always one click away to find out more. Small details that make a big difference. Searching on fb is not even worth talking about.
I love my blog. It's more an emotional attachment than anything. It's also an easy place for people to find me on the web. I love playing with WordPress and the widgets and plugins and all that fun stuff.

My blog is also a good archive for stuff that I wrote prior to G+/

I spend FAR more time here on G+ than my blog though. And G+ is far more fun. I'll continue to do my blog and probably do more of my long form posts over there than here, but I think having both an active G+ account and an less active blog still rocks!
I like G+ cause its just easier to reply and look at posts. Less buttons to push, less spam, it just works!
Owning your own site versus posting on social networks:

Your own site or blog: You have ad revenue and you own the files, content and database. It is also portable.

Posting to social networks: You have a broader reach to readers, but you have no ad revenue and someone else owns your files and content.

Search engine rankings: What some call SEO, using and properly configuring sitemaps should get you competitive rankings on major search engines. A busy, reliable site usually will have new content listed on Google within an hour with properly configured CRON settings.

Note: Google/G+ search results are different when you are logged out of your account.
Search will be one of the big reasons why companies want to be on G+. With the search function on G+ you will be able to find every company with a G+ page. You can have a company page on FB but it can still be very, very difficult to find it.

Companies on FB can only be found if you know their name. That is not a great way to find companies you don't know...
By posting here and NOT on your blog you loose control of your content can already feed G+ post summaries to Twitter and Facebook, but there's no standardized blog post API, and probably will never be....
+Robert Scoble What if Google drops Google+ or they ban you from the site. You will loose all your content. If the content is on your own blog you have control over it.
hate to point out the obvious, but: try searching old Facebook statuses...
+Robert Scoble I believe the search functions as of now are great for sparking conversations. In some cases, this eliminates the need for such specific circles. I've created a spark (saved search) for 'Breaking Bad', my favorite television show, and constantly engage other users on their public posts.
If your blog is getting good traffic it's a waste not posting to it. Even if you re-posted your G+ content to it you're far better off then leaving it stale.

The huge advantage of a blog or any website one owns is minimal distractions (e.g. far less noise). On G+ there are tons of things to draw my attention away from one's post or to make it difficult to see in the first place. This isn't the case for one's blog.
This is actually the first time I've used the (relatively newly implemented) G+ Search - thank you for reminding me they implemented it +Robert Scoble !!
agreed. G+ people are also making their way into the general search results. Example, my new dentist uses Zoc Doc to register new patients, and I saw you +1 it +Robert Scoble . So I said, what the hell, I'll plus it too.
g+ won't let me +1 this and that's frustrating. +Robert Scoble use it to drive traffic here by posting only portions of the blog. "wanna read the rest? click here" type of deal. Or you can just repost stuff from the Oatmeal. that's always entertaining.
As long as other media link back to the G+ conversation, there is literally no downside to plugging EVERYTHING -- Blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- into Google+. Once it's set up, you just focus on Google+ itself. The people on other services are notified and drawn in. You bring everybody together into one big conversation.
In general I feel the best strategy is to get folks from the various services onto your site. You need to be on the various sites because that's where the people are. But once you have their attention you should push them to your site where the focus is only you.

As a Google + user I don't like reading super long updates which are really blog posts pretending to be updates. However if there is a good title and a teaser few sentences I dont mind clicking through to the blog to read.

G+ does not replace everything else in my humble opinion.
I agree. totally, I have been read, seen and heard here in this past few months than on FB over the past year and a half...
Robert: this is your blog. You get engagement here and an ecosystem. IMO, G+ and Facebook have made the traditional blog obsolete for most people. 
I'm working on a piece as a 'guest blogger' for an artist friend of mine. She's a talented artist & writer. Still, I find the collective voice of a community much more interesting than most single traditional blogs. Having the ability to put your personal stamp, visual imprint, & worldview out exactly as you wish is important and even healing. I have a closed group on Yahoo that thrives as a safe place partly due to the fact it's not hip, or particularly visually interesting. It's like why not have your own station in addition to the big Highway?
No one mentioned a very likely Blogger integration? And some API upgrades making wordpress etc. plug-ins be possible?

Blogs still have many advantages over G+ (being permanent, having various media content etc.). However G+ won't become a blogging site. The blogs instead will become a part of the G+ platform. Google had this vision for Google Wave.
Robert, when I read the Wikipedia definition of "blog", it appears to me that what you have on G+ is a blog. So a better phrased question would be: If I am blogging on G+, is there a reason why I should also blog on an alternate platform?
Asked that way, the question almost answers itself - the answer becomes: If that alternate platform provides you something you need outside of G+ (ability to monetize, getting your posts in front of a different audience, formatting and presentation alternatives), then sure - go ahead. But if you are getting all you want/need out of one platform, then there is probably no reason to do more work.
They still need hashtags. I don't understand why they don't just add these. It's not like they're #patented
+Esteban Contreras, I can certainly support some sort of method to facilitate search and filtering, but with the richness of the platform, can we do better than hashtags? Every time I see them, I can't help but think a comic strip character is swearing.
OK, so here's the dilemma. Anyone writing a 5+ paragraph entry in G+ fills the streams of anyone who has them in a circle. So is being indexed in a search engine more important than being included in as many people circles as possible when it comes to conversation. I would assume the conversation is likely to be more relevant if someone has searched for the listing.? Thoughts? 
I think it comes down to a couple things-
1) whether you have a need to 'own' your content
2) what you're trying to accomplish online
If you need a more permanent 'home', then a website/blog makes sense. I'f you post transient, effemeral type content, G+, FB, et. al. is the way to go.
+Miku Puustineviz I'd imagine once the API is released, will be all over it. They already support the other major social media.
Just put a flower pot on your blog.
Thanks to the search engine I find that many people do no know how to spell "Wall Street"
Been wrestling with the same problem myself. I'm OK with the blog kind of just sitting there. I don't want to get rid of it and feel like I should do something with it. I clearly get more traffic here and more comments so I'm confident that making this my primary content sharing platform is the right idea.

If you figure it out, let the rest of us know.
Robert, you almost made me feel the same way about Google+ that I do about Facebook. Part of the great strength and great joy of the internet is its openness. I dislike Facebook as it is creating a second web which resides inside its compound (no rosy walled garden here), look at how many companies now direct you to their FB page. Do we want the same thing to happen inside Google+?
At least with Diaspora you still own your data. And can pull it back and send it out in a different way. The same was once said of having your own blog or your own site.
I should add I do believe Google will push to be more open and less controlling as that does benefit them, but they would also benefiet from a system which was open and interoperable.
"Now, the trick is to figure out what I should use my blog for. :-)"
That is becoming a popular question! And funny!
use your blog as a doorstop - just like I do with old hardback dictionaries.
I wanted to use this post to convince a couple of friends how important it was that they get onboard but before I got to it, I let this disappear in my feed. Using the search engine I put in Scoble ,search, and engine and was back at this post in seconds. It will be really important as more and more is posted here daily.
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