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A mind-blowing look inside an +Autodesk's CTO's mind

A walking TED talk. Meet +Brian Mathews, group CTO at Autodesk.

This guy blew my mind.

What Autodesk knows about the world is pretty cool. Here we meet Brian Mathews, group CTO. He's a nerd. Self described. But we spent a few hours looking around Autodesk's Gallery, which is open to the public on Wednesdays in downtown San Francisco. If you're interesting in visiting the Gallery, here's more info on that:

The meat of the discussion here is that Brian runs the technology that helps people build things, like buildings. We talk about the coming Age of Context and what the trends are that will bring nearly everything we touch, drive, walk into, or use, to life. 

Things like viral bacteria evolution. 3D printing. Big data and cloud computing, what he called, infinite computing, sensors, wearable computing, and many other trends are discussed.

If you are interested in the future of the world, this is a must watch.
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Brian's definitely a futurist guru.  Bio-nanno bio code..  Love it!
I learned cad cam for jewelry design about 8 years ago but the cost of the printers you need for fine jewelry is still prohibitive, sadly.
I go to the Autodesk Gallery once a month and it's so inspiring. Their strategic investment in SFTechShop is also helping the public get to quick prototyping themselves in the city. Each workstation there is loaded with $30k of Autodesk software, for the price of $100 a month. Have you been there recently?
Autodesk do make my favourite CAD software, they make it so quick and easy to create complex and awesome looking designs
Very interesting video, the future looks like a very exciting place.
It's so cool that we have Kinect (which can be used as a cheap 3d scanner) and 3d printers hitting the consumer market at essentially the same time. This could be like the PC revolution all over again. 
Very enlightening, thank you! Mindblowing stuff is afoot...and soon upon us.
Thanks for sharing this...happy weekend...
Robert, I took a break from your vids for a couple months but I'm on scobleizer overdrive the past two days. This one is killer.
Very inspiring talk and good to get a glimpse at these exciting developments. 
Won me over when he mentioned ham radio in the first minute. 73s to all hams!
Speechless... The future is now.
One of your best interviews - A must see!
Autodesk "IS" a cool company....I'm so bless to work for it... 
Autodesk: We buy your favorite software, and let it rot!
Evolutionary Programming as applied to buildings and their performance metrics. BIG implications! Very exciting!
Why aren't jobs like Brian's discussed when they're handing out dreams to children?
Truly freaking awesome! Never knew 3d printing could have such huge impact... 
Autodesk, I think, is still stuck in Microsoft's non free software world.  So 20th century.
Fascinating. +Robert Scoble, I'm assuming you know this - but you can point folks to a specific point in the video like this: 
"Complexity is Free" 8:15
The Design Graph - like the social graph but for designed things - 10:35
Infinite Computing 18:49
Robert, it is great you finally after many years got to see my employer. They do cool stuff and I worked for Brian. Still remember our geek breakfast years ago in Healdsburg.