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Here's the video of me talking with the Consumer Electronics Association, the folks who put the big consumer electronics show on in Vegas in a couple of weeks. They told me my speech was in the top three out of the dozens of speeches, so this is always fun. 

+Dale Dougherty  is also leading the Maker movement and he's an interesting one to listen to, too.
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Cool story about TripIt. My concern has always been about the balance between the privacy given up VS the benefits received and how that issue is seen by developers. You mention often that you're "all in" and have seen your life improved as a result. In the current state of data gathering would one have to surrender pretty much all privacy to truly get the benefits or can people dip their toes in and see at least some results? And how do current developers see that obstacle? I'm only asking because it's harder to get some to just jump in and install, sensors, connect to bluetooth devices, allow access to their locations when they are already worried about the implications of that level of tracking. Look at the negative reaction some are having to people wearing Glass for example. How do you combat that? Or is it just a foregone conclusion that fairly soon we will be "all in"?
You can get some benefits by sticking your toe in.
they should start looking at Hangouts and incorporate it as a live streaming option.
Anthony I am looking at wearable tech.
Same here. I know there will be watches galore(at Qualcomm we have the Toq), but I really want to see something new in wearables. Saw a good article somewhere suggesting Siri(and Now by association) as the killer wearable App.

Im 3D printing for SXSW, a modular headset concept. 
I was there. It was a great talk. Very motivating and i enjoyed it thoroughly. Maker movement was great too. 
Robert, FYI at CES Sonavation's launching a low-energy bluetooth FIDO based ultrasound fingerprint authentication key-fob and identity service. Hope to see you there... Happy New Year! Bob.
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