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Why I believe in randomness

My phone number is +1-425-205-1921

Yes, this is my cell phone. I often get calls from people who don't believe it is.

Sometimes I have to sit through a horrid pitch or two. They actually aren't that bad. Yes, I get robocalls once in a while. Those are actually easier to deal with than a horrid pitch (I just hang up after about two seconds since it's so easy to tell).

But invariably lots of good things happen to me too.

If I didn't take random pitches I would never have seen +Flipboard before any of my friends. I never would have seen Highlight, which is looking to lead this year's hot trend at SXSW (it has a whole slew of competitors, including Glancee, Sonar, and others).

And tonight +Shane Barnhill and his wife are coming over because it's too windy at the Ritz. He's digital strategist at Honeywell and I bet that'll be an interesting conversation.

It's why I still believe in randomness and being open with my life.

Well, at minimum I was saved from an evening of bad TV. Maybe we'll do a hangout if we have enough wine! :-)
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Think outside the box. I love it.
I sure hope after publishing it publicly that you don't have anything to do for the next few days ;)
I will call and pitch you on a new robocall software I invented. :)
I have a phone number on my Twitter bio that will actually dial me, but I've never received an annoying call on that number. One drunk-dial, but that was hilarious, not annoying.

I'm long past the point where I think I've got everything I need, and everything is figured out. Bring on some opportunities for me to say "Sure, why not?" and my world will just keep getting interesting.
And with Google Voice, I guess you have lots of granularity to prioritize who actually gets most of your attention when they call and who may automatically go to voicemail.. Google should be able to detect most robocalls and put them in your voicemail spam folder..
I do the same but I have to have a toll free cellphone to get any calls because I'm not as cool as you.
Being so accessible is the best thing about +Robert Scoble . I still regret missing Robert by a couple of minutes at the Ritz when i was in SF last December. Damn the data connection along the PCH, so missed some tweets
I never answer calls from blocked caller ID or when it comes up as unknown. It's a good policy.

HI +Robert Scoble I'm still taking any info on my previous convo with you. Anyhow - I hope you have a GREAT time with your guests... enjoy the wine.
So your saying that you won't be upset when I get stupid drunk one night and call you at 3:00AM just to say "I love you man, your my best G+ buddy in the whole wide world"? (JK, don't drink enough to get a flea drunk) ;-)
I added it to my contacts list, just in case I ever need it. 
love .. love this .. transparent man ........ nothing to hide. to be ashamed of. freedom. this is freedom.
Very nice man. Enjoy your whiskey and your guests, Robert!
Robert, just left you a VM. :o)
You are really a Brave man,you just shared your number with 561630+ people who have you in their circles.
Ok, everyone - share your numbers! Then go down the list and call them one by one.
I'm not doing that. Even if I was brave enough, I can't afford the long distance charges. Telecoms love hosing us up here in Canada.
Is this the venture capitalist version of "For a good time, call..."?
You sir, are very insightful, and I like the way you think. Brave, bold, and courageous to think not only outside of the box, but in ways back into the old ones and not be so hasty to discard them so quickly. I love the example you set here, and try to do similar things.
Haha, +Dru Morgan that was a good line. I was thinking more along the lines of Miss Cleo, myself ...
If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call? - +Robert Scoble !
If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who you gonna call? - +Robert Scoble !
If you got new tech
and it needs a pitch
Who you gonna call? - +Robert Scoble !
This one post elevated you to favorite follow status in my circles.
When I was a stupid teenager, my best friend and I would actually scour the phone book for difficult to pronounce names. We would then call these people at odd hours and ask "How do you pronounce you name?"

Mostly, we got either yelled at or hung up on. Very rarely we got someone who was more than happy to explain not only how to pronounce his name but where it came from.

What's this got to do with this post? Be prepared for some weird calls.
+Robert Scoble

I was tempted to call you to ask your advice about what to do when someone copies one of your posts. 
+David Bates

Thanks so much. I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Right now I'm on my mobile so can't see it.

Can you provide a quick summary ? 
All I want to pitch is for people to check out my photography and at least let me in the race to capture their next commercial photo. No need to call you for that. :-)
Had a government worker ( bad term but that's what they call themselves) , in Iowa,who would not believe I could be calling from a 520 number and still be in Iowa. Guess she was still using her wall phone.
Ok cool. I'll check it out. I'm really shocked that someone would do that just to get a few shares. 
BTW - I can't promise I won't get drunk/bored and call you Robert.
Hmmm... +42. Should I? Should I? Oh, well, you deserved it, I suppose. :)
So both of y'all, +Robert Scoble and +Shawn Burns are way more open than I. I sometimes publish a Google Voice number, where I can obviously screen the calls. But my "personal" mobile would be kind of tough. I suppose if I had a long term "work" mobile I could see myself putting that out there; but I probably won't as I'm convinced my Google VoIP number or other portable VoIP numbers will be my future.
+Michael Romig I am paranoid, and fear disgruntled FBI agents and rogue ninjas tracking me down and killing me... I would chicken out if I had to post a phone number while being an extremely well-known person. :)
Let it go to voicemail (assuming you're using Google voice) and the voice to text translations are quite a hoot. ...yes, a hoot.
I really appreciate you doing this because it has afforded me a rare opportunity to dwell on the idea of releasing my own number to 562,000+ people. I do not have that many followers but what an exciting thought, not knowing who might call or what they might say.

I think it would be fun for all parties, the anticipation aspect of it is out of this world. The most exciting part I would think from your prospective is not just the waiting but the chance someone truly remarkable and completely outside of the box may call who would change your world, maybe even the next Einstein. With 562,000 people it is definitely a possibility.
+Jacob Rojas this is precisely the reason radio call in shows were created... The outside-of-the-box call - that turns reality inside out.
I don't need to receive random pitches to discover stuff because (a) it is seldom time-sensitive and (b) I actually keep up with stuff I care about that is. Besides, those pitches are not so random.

BTW: there are cell cervices here that let you pick your own number ... I know someone who picked + 555.... the upside being that it is easy to remember and the downside is having to tell everybody twice.
What's worse is when you go to call your SO and automatically dial your ex's number ... especially if it's an ex-wife. But it's better than doing the other way round apparently.
+Robert Scoble

I sent you a private post asking for some advice if you have any spare time to look at it. 
+Robert Scoble I don't think I'd hit you up for my pitch, because quite frankly I don't think it is "disruptive" enough to get your attention. I wouldn't mind suggestion as to who you think would be interested in it though.
theres nothin special about it. he probably is just lonely lol
Bobby, bubby, love you bro but you DO realize you'll have to change your phone number because of this?
clicky clackety click

There we are. All northeast seaboard tech support calls sent directly to: Robert Scoble. He knows a lot about a lot of things, and we want our customers to have their needs adequately met!

BOFHs the world 'round are going to be tempted to do exactly that, you dig? Just sayin'.
randomness for you meets total focused action on their part....
I'm just excited +Robert Scoble is a seattle-ite!! (totally based on cell number and nothing else)...unless you are actually from renton... then that's a let down.
This isn't randomness. Someone who admires you or enjoys your writings is paying attention, is working on an idea, is writing down your phone number, is willing to talking to you about it and is calling you. It may be refreshingly open, surprisingly new and super nice, but it isn't random. :)
Randomness is wat makes the world go round
Just read this post ... interesting as I have been reconsidering how I approach social networking in regards to personal & business side of life. Thanks Scobleizer!
I’m gonna put your number on a shirt and wear it at the Grammies... oh wait.
+V Golubic you should get in touch with and watch +Henry Reich work with 'Minutephysics'! the videos he puts out breaking down complicated physics therums and equations are amazing!