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Wow am I loving an Android device? I am! I am typing from my new Nexus. This thing absolutely rocks. Everyone other than Google and Apple is in trouble.

This won't replace my iPad but is a wonderful addition to it.

the new Google+ app on it is stunning, too.

Google had a mostly great week, event fumbles are the only flaw.
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Is there a MHL support or way to stream youtube videos to your HDTV from nexus 7 ?
whats the battery life looking like?
What exactly will you continue to use your iPad for?
Are any other means of streaming videos over wi fi other than MHL or HDMI modes ?
I agree, I bought Galaxy Tab 2 and I think Android Tablets have really improved. This thing is great and only $250
For the price this tablet can't be beat. People need to understand Google could have threw every technological advance they wanted to in this tablet, but they played it smart , and kept the cost low.
You can't expand memory :( any thoughts on this. though it looks really cool for $200 with a good battery life :)
Well they have connected a DSLR to the Nexus 7 via the micro usb(from one of the post in G+), I hope we will be able to connect a external storage for expanding our memory.
+Robert Scoble what do you think of the Nexus Q, It seems cool, but the price (even if it is made in the USA and can drive speakers) seems prohibitive.
+Prasant Naidu how do you know the Nexus 7 doesn't have MHL support? I just can't believe that Google would overlook that. You can connect a keyboard and mouse to the Nexus 7 but no video out?
I also like the small changes that they have made to the phone version of Google+.  Each post has a faint little box around it so they don't merge into each other like before.  nice.
+Robert Scoble It appears to have USB host capability (the manual states it can use USB mice and keyboards), but does it recognise/mount USB flashdrives with a USB OTG cable? I'm getting one, but it'd be nice to know if I can use external storage if I want to.
Come on Robert. The hardware and OS may be great, but you know as well as anyone it's all about the apps. IMO Android fragmentation and it's impact on developers means Android will only ever be one of two things : 1) A OS for people who don't care what OS they use. 2) An OS for people who don't want an Apple device.
+Robert Scoble The cloud's all well and good until you want to carry around some extra movies for a plane journey. I'll be sure to test it when I get mine in 2-3 weeks :)
+Robert Scoble is the Nexus 7 sturdy and well constructed? I repurposed my old Archos 70 for the kids, but I am thinking 2 of these would be better for the kids.
+Robert Scoble i'm sure it's so much worth it's price tag to say the least. although, i find it hard to imagine it as an additional gadget to the iPad. would you really consider actually carrying both around? wouldn't it be one or the other?
My best guess is that MHL support could be added via software update later if they wanted? I still don't get it 12 gpu cores are for what exactly then?
Great to hear Robert. I have pre-ordered it. Are you hearing anything about things like Google Music outside the US (namely Australia)? 
Also looking forward to hear the Gillmor Gang this week and what +Steve Gillmor  
+Robert Scoble Thanks for the insight on this. I also have a third gen iPad. Love the screen and apps, but Google+ is terrible on it. Hopefully Google will realize that in order to have Google+ gain adoption, it needs to be OPEN (an API where you can POST) and it needs be amazing (device agnostic) on all devices. 
+Robert Scoble What do you think of the weight and handling of it?  My 10" tablet is just a little too heavy for long periods of use.
+Darren Bounds : sorry, but I don't agree, nearly all apps on my Asus Transformer Prime are optimized for tablets. There is a ton of games too. Have you ever really use an Android 4.0 tablet?

Fragmentation is not an issue for Android tablets. 
Glad you like it. I ordered one yesterday. Can't wait for it to show up... :-)
there is no way around that $200 price tag... that alone will get people buying it just to give it a spin...
+Steve Rodrigue Well, yeah but I was referring that from a previous post. I was sure that android would basically support a large set of USB devices as you have rightly pointed out. But I just wish they release the support for MHL in Nexus using the power of 12 core GPU soon . That's was I'm expecting more than my pre-ordered tablet .
Will be interesting at $200 ($249 in Australia) if it becomes a great prize for comps the way the iPods were a few years ago! 
I think it's brilliant that Google took the Amazon route and created a device to push their Play Store.  Hopefully this increases user base which will lead to more developers and better apps.  If this is a success, I foresee a Nexus 10 in the not too distant future.
Trying to figure where this device would really fit between my phone and my iPad.  What situations would you use this instead of one of those devices?
Why no Micro SD slot and back camera?

Android does support devices to have apps stored in the card that can swap devices and take apps with you - please ask google about this questions +Robert Scoble 
Definitely on my purchase list for this year. The other being the unlocked Nexus phone and Chromebox.
Waiting for the Nexus 10, other than the screen size I am sold.
A 7" tablet (taking my Archos70 as example) fits in many pockets, even jeans back-pocket, definitely cargo-pocket. Hugely convenient if you're running around the house, and welcome the chance to grab a moment of browsing. #ParentMarket
+Bill Seitz I 10.1 xoom is too big...I was hoping for an 8 or 9 inch to try but my BB playbook is a nice size so I'm willing to give it a shot.
That is great to hear! I'm very much looking forward to the fall of Microsoft!
+Robert Scoble it sucks that the events issue was "overlooked" but hopefully they get it fixed... I haven't has any issues but it does seem to be more of a power user issue.  I preordered the Nexus 7, have you downloaded any resource intensive apps yet to see how those 16 cores hold up?  I cannot wait to get my hands on mine :).
+Robert Scoble I agree this has the potential to be a great education device & presents much better value for schools than paying 2-3x more for iPads.
Jon Dye
I wish they could get the chromebook down to that price. I'm just not a fan of tablet anything.
I think 8inch form factor could also be a great sweet spot, before the bigger sizes of 10inch.

So loving the option in Tablet space now - may prove to be the primary media consumption device in few years, all over the world too. TV is the next breaking point waiting to happen. 
Jon Dye
My idea would be to redesign the classroom to make it work with computers more effectively. Desktop computers :P

Still, if it can get kids excited about learning, then it's probably a good thing either way.
Jon Dye
<=== is just mad that he had to pay for his own calculator
+Robert Scoble Yep, I can accept (some of) that, but with proliferation of devices like this there will be more support from developers (like you said), although I don't know the higher resolution and larger screen would be enough for schools to justify spending 2-3x more just to go iPad.

When the Xoom first launched I said Android tablets would dominate the market just like Android phones were on track to do (and are now doing) and the Nexus 7 is a step in the right direction so expect developer support for tablet-specific devices to follow.

Interesting that you say Facebook is great to use on the Nexus 7 - the official app is rubbish in general so I'm keen to check that out myself when mine arrives & see how it compares to 3rd party offerings.
+David Stallard I agree the success of this tablet will drive the want for a 10inch next(Google I/o 2013) to compete with the ipad
Even at that price, Ima wait until the bugs get gone and I see whether it is really worth it. Why one more gadget?
Im not a tablet user but this stole some of my "WANT" for the SurfaceRT away lol
I want one so bad but already have too many tablets...
Anyone else feel like they're trying to drink out of a fire hydren with all the Google news?
Robert, we're wearing you down. I think the Android Army might soon have another member. ;)
Re: Nexus Q... Google TV and Apple TV compete more directly. I think the Q hasn't found its market really. It is overpriced, but part of that is pure American labor. Which I'm happy to pay for.
+Robert Scoble +Darren Bounds ICS was a beautiful hefty update that unfortunately due to the carriers and OEMs most people haven't been able to see yet.. BUT the thing that made ICS so great was the XML layout templates you could build right into an app. Basically to completely change an App layout you just have to build an xml layout with the defined screen size and boom the app adjusts. Thats really what ICS brought to the table.  Once developers update their apps using this standard you will see a flood of apps that adjust as needed. No need to build multiple apps for phone/tablets. ICS and now JB are also very stylish OSes on their own.
Τhe only device that matters out of your place is the one you can carry. Here the Nexus 7 will make a difference
+Robert Scoble I am stoked for mine to get here. Google must have done a good job to get such high praise from you.
NEXUS 7 w/ 17 cores for $199.  EVERYONE is in trouble.
+Jake Weisz that was an excellent PR move on google's part. An electronic device made in the USA.
The only thing that will really tempt me to get this to replace my Kindle Fire is the Bluetooth support. The camera is not something I would use at all. 8Gb of storage seems to be enough. I was able to load something like 16 one hour tv programs for a flight to Japan which was plenty for me. I use the Fire a lot and rarely touch my iPad anymore. The 7" size is just a lot better for carting around.
+Prasant Naidu why do you need memory extension? 16Gb onboard is quite a lot for this kind of device; if you add a Drive or Dropbox account you can get easily >50Gb for a few $/year
Holding the new iPad and just before my itchy trigger finger hits the buy button on the Nexus 7, I must ask one thing: is the nexus 7 really light enough to hold for long duration reading? Ifind the iPad is really heavy for this sort of task. Also, how's Flipboard look on the Nexus7?
+Robert Scoble is the nexus q equivalent to a google tv device? If not, can you explain the differences and why there are 2 different products?
And is the American made price tag too much because we're spoiled? I mean, I'd pay that knowing that Americans are getting paid and the economy is being stimulated.

+Robert Scoble also, let us know how the google now experience works for you over the course of a day or week
Lots of comments so far but not many on what the Nexus 7 will do for Android apps. It's a no brainer: high-quality Nexus tablet for $200 = large numbers sold = greater interest from developers. The Nexus 7 makes Android tablets relevant.
+Robert Scoble Try installing SwiftKey. I think it's a great keyboard. 7 inch is the perfect size for a tablet for me. 
+Robert Scoble  can you ask Google if this tablet will launch in India ? They haven't launched the latest nexus phone here yet :(
+Anil Jadhav Can't you order it overseas? That's how I got my Galaxy Nexus. Since the phone is unlocked, many companies should ship it to India.
u know one thing i learnd is just to wait until something new comes out ... 
+Nathan Subramani A micro SD slot would mean the device would have to support FAT32 file system and then they might have to pay Microsoft royalties. More and more Android devices are getting out from the shadow of Microsoft's patents by dropping support for FAT filesystems. (Yes, technically I know you could have micro sd and reformat it to a non FAT filesystem, but try explaining that to your average end user.)
I will buy one next month.
Yeah, i love the tablet version of g+. I would love that quad core!
"The "race to the bottom," the company said, would profoundly impact the industry, killing profit margins and flooding the market with cheap, terrible machines. Sony was wrong,"

Oh really? Their easily intimidated board or whoever may have forced them to join that silly bandwagon but that comment was spot on, that's exactly what has happened. The market was and is flooded with cheap, terrible machines. Gadgets that aren't really good in anything, like late Steve Jobs said.
Besides, what do the cheap netbooks have to do with tablets, anyway? I think they are two very different things. Apart from the fact that the cheapest and smallest tablets are as useless as the cheap netbooks.

As for the new Nexus itself, sounds interesting for an Android tablet, and the hardware looks stylish. It might have a chance of becoming a small(-ish) hit, thanks to the $200 price point and all the Google hype.
But other than that, too early to tell. Under all the geek and social media hype it is, after all, just another new 7-inch Android tablet.
" I also have a third gen iPad. Love the screen and apps, but Google+ is terrible on it."

+C.J. Land, that's because there is no Google+ app for the iPad yet.  What you are using is the iPhone version.  But Google announced this week that an official Google+ iPad app is coming in a few weeks.  So hang in there.
dorio x
+michael interbartolo google tv is much better. But nexus Q is for social streaming media player with your friends.
dorio x
+Adrienne Williams you are on a dark side with Apple. Android is take it away for free. Google have a good heart for humanity. Cheaper tablets. That is absolutely good for poor countries like us.
+Erkki Juurus A lot of people like myself want a small form factor tablet to surf the web, read a book, or maybe watch a movie on.  Would it be nice to have a new iPad with 64 gb of storage, big screen, tons of apps, etc.?  Sure.  But spending way more than you need to get features that you may use once or twice is just plain stupid. 
Google, es una tremenda maravilla en todo eel mundo. ¿Qué sería de nosotros sin +Google ?
I'm not sure what exactly are you commenting on, +Chuck Hoi, but I never criticised anyone's choosing or not choosing the new Nexus, or some other similar one. In fact I said it might even become a hit of a sort, thanks to the Google involvement and the lower price point. It may not be my cup of tea, but I'm perfectly alright with other people rushing after one. I'm just glad that there's now choice.
So by all means go and grab one, and then come back after a while to tell us what you think about the new Nexus.
Great price and small finger sized for my young ones. I wish they would stop dropping my iPad and cracking it. So something smaller and lighter (and cheaper) will be great.
+Erkki Juurus Your comments here:
"Apart from the fact that the cheapest and smallest tablets are as useless as the cheap netbooks."

And here: "Under all the geek and social media hype it is, after all, just another new 7-inch Android tablet."

My interpretation of your comments is that you don't think there's a place for cheap and small tablets.  And that people shouldn't get excited for this tablet because it's "just another new Android tablet".  I just offered a counter that not everyone needs the best and most feature packed tablet.  The Nexus 7, from all the things I've read about, do the things I care about and do them extremely well, which for me is a reason to be excited.
"My interpretation of your comments is that you don't think there's a place for cheap and small tablets."

That's right, +Chuck Hoi, there is no place for cheap, small and dodgy tablets in my gadget closet. I didn't talk about anyone else's closet. I thought it was obvious from the context. I don't mind 'cheap' per se but, the unfortunate fact is that quality is hardly ever cheap.

"And that people shouldn't get excited for this tablet because it's "just another new Android tablet".

Nope, I never suggested that. I wonder why you came into such conclusion. What I meant to say was that, I am not likely get too exited about it yet, not before I see it IRL, because it is, after all, just another new Android tablet. None of which have really been to my liking, so far. The fact that other people do like them is another matter entirely, and I'm alright with that. I even noted that it's likely to be more successful than most other Android tablets.
I hope this will clear things up for you.
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough with my comment, but I thought that it would go without saying that we all are just sharing our own opinions, and none of us can really speak on behalf of all the other people. Whether you like Android (or iOS) or not is a matter of taste.
Moreover, it makes the latest version of Android relevant if the market picks up the device and shifts the fragmentation balance in installed Android. Great pull strategy by Google.
+Erkki Juurus Never intended to put words in your mouth, but your original comment didn't include the "in my gadget closet" part, which, to me, made it seem like more of a broad general statement.  It's a little hard for me to infer meanings over the net so maybe that's what happened.  In any case you stated your opinion and I merely wanted to state mine and hopefully start a discussion on the positives of having these cheaper, smaller gadgets.
7" is a great size. Even with my 10" Prime I get weak and definately want this 7" Nexus Tablet. Often 10" is just too big and uncomfortable. To bad they're not selling it in Europe from the beginning, but I can understand the decision. No music and movies here yet and this tablet is made to make money by selling content. I doubt they make any profit on the device itself at that price. 
Wow so excited for mine. Two weeks is tooooo long. Can someone put on Google Glass-es and let me see mine?
Would like to see in Mexico soon with that price.
Any word on shipment of pre-ordered Nexus 7 yet ? I just can't wait anymore !
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