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The London startup scene is rocking

Here +Rackspace Hosting announces a new startup program to help startups get going. 

I also am tracking startups in this list of almost 2,000 startups:

Looking for the next great startup! I fly home today, Happy Thanksgiving!
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Happy thanksgiving +Robert Scoble Have a safe flight back home. I hope you don't miss it because of us.

The startup scene in London is rocking.  I'll be writing a post later about all the startups I've met.  Have more meetings today and tomorrow.
Unusual set of "start ups" when it includes the likes of MySpace and 37 Signals.  Interesting list nonetheless.
Rackspace is to startups as Red Bull is to extreme sports. 
Rackspace gives you (low) pings.

More seriously: +Robert Scoble, do you know whether the Rackspace programme is London-centric? I have a location decision to make. 
+they'll just give the first month for free .. Probably Ccard only too.
I know a couple of the US Rackspace guys where staying at my hotel in Hayes.
It is all about the silicon roundabout :-) Have you been to Google Campus +Robert Scoble ? Let me know if you are ever about.