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Gnip is one of two companies that has official access to Twitter's firehose feed and here I interview the CEO, Jud Valeski, on stage at +LeWeb.

We talk about what companies are doing with access to the 400 million tweets that are produced every day.
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I see a lot of posts, reposted and many are gibberish... I don't think of the posts as valid tweets.
It's entertainment.  It's fun ... it's having the ability to say #wtf you want to whom when the whim takes you.
Yes. One man's "400 million tweets produced" is another man's "400 million tweets spewed".

If Gnip can sift the diamonds from the mud, there's some value there.
That is what Datasift are trying to do, but the value is being able to fashion a question that Twitter can answer reliably and within sensible timescales
Perhaps, but Gnip is just the plumbing. The electric company if you will. What you do with the electricity is not their concern.
Robert, good to hear from you. How is FB. I'm out for a while
I am seeing more biz done over FB for a lot of [not all] businesses. That helps determine my level of activity.
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