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Will tomorrow be Steve Jobs' last big thing?

I read all the press reports, like this one on CNET, about what Apple is announcing tomorrow or the others here on Techmeme: and I just find myself finding that the expectations are pretty darn low from the professional press, mostly focusing on the iPhone 5, since that's what's leaked the most so far.

But my focus is on bigger things than just the iPhone. I'm thinking a lot about Steve Jobs and his legacy.

I'm hearing that Steve Jobs won't be at tomorrow's press event. He's just not feeling well enough to come out in public, I hear (and yes, that makes me sad, the industry will really miss him and they will see again tomorrow why). I keep wishing that these continued rumors are wrong, but know in my head that they probably are right. That said, tomorrow will be ALL about Steve Jobs even though he probably won't be mentioned much, beyond something like "Steve is watching today's keynote from the comfort of his home and he sends his best wishes to all of you."

If he doesn't show up tomorrow, don't worry, his fingerprints will be all over the announcements. This could be his last big thing and I'm expecting a lot bigger things than what the press is expecting, so far.

Here's what I will be looking for beyond the cool new iPhone 5, which will be faster, have a nicer display, a better camera, and all that.

1. A deal with Facebook that will be stunning in its depth. That Steve Jobs had very little to do with, but Apple is looking for partners to keep its phones relevant against Google and Android.

2. A real explanation of the three-screen strategy at Apple. This one will have Steve Jobs' fingerprints all over it as Apple expands its TV hobby into a real business.

So, let's take these on one by one.

First, Facebook.

Now that I understand where Mark Zuckerberg is going with Facebook, which is he's building both a new media company, where the media comes to you, and he's building a new intent-satisfaction machine (Google is the one we all know and love, but soon you'll be asking Facebook for answers to things), it's clear these two companies need each other. Apple needs Facebook to add social behaviors deep into the OS so that the Facebook users will buy iOS devices rather than consider going with Android or Windows Phone 7 based products and Facebook needs Apple to get access to its expansive retail channel and the mobile dataflows that Apple's users provide (the photo below is of +Kevin Rose recording a Diggnation in front of the Palo Alto Apple store for the first iPhone launch back in 2007, where my son was first in line).

My prediction: the press will be caught off guard by the expansiveness of the Facebook deal. Zuckerberg isn't playing around. If the deal got done, it won't be a minor one, but will be a major one with lots of implications for the future.

Zuckerberg already set the stage at F8. Did you see him showing off Foodspotting and Runkeeper? I did. They explain how expansive the role of Facebook will be in EVERYTHING Apple shows off tomorrow.

Second, the three screen strategy.

Apple has a real chance to build a defensible ecosystem with a three screen strategy. iPhone, iPad, AppleTV. Phone, tablet, big screen.

Want to see what this strategy will look like? Watch this video that I did with 955 Dreams: In it you see what their new great app, Band of the Day, does on phone, which is different than what it will do on tablet, and how that's different than what happens on the TV. All one app, but a three-screen strategy. Look for several such demos on stage tomorrow.

iOS 5's new AirPlay features will be shown over and over again tomorrow to drive home this new three-screen strategy. It's one area where Apple is way ahead of Android, so look for them to make sure you understand that. For those who don't know what AirPlay does, it lets me click a button while watching a video on my phone or my iPad and push it instantly over to my big-screen TV which has an Apple TV hooked up to it. Apple has never really made a big deal about AirPlay but tomorrow they will, demoing it over and over as they announce content deal after content deal. Steve Jobs fingerprints are gonna be all over this.

What I will be really looking for is whether Apple really understands how to mix Facebook into the three-screen strategy. I expect they do and will get this new social world a lot more than we expect. Just like when Google+ came along it blew away our expectations of Google, tomorrow Apple will blow away our expectations for its understanding of social with deep integration with Facebook and with Twitter, which has already announced deep integration into iOS.

Many of us already watch TV with our iPhones and iPads in hand. I see it as you discuss football on Facebook (yesterday's 49ers' win was all over Facebook yesterday) and now that Facebook has a deep application strategy, thanks to Zuckerberg's famous "verbs" and "ticker" which displays those verbs, I'll be looking for a new iPad app that lets you watch TV using the three-screen strategy and which lets you be social with your TV watching.

How can Google compete? Well, that's what I'll be visiting the group that does DLNA (which is Android's version of AirPlay) later this month to find out. The thing is Android doesn't have one company that can really explain its three-screen strategy to consumers the way Apple can, so look for Apple to lead the way here.

I'm hearing that Apple is working on a new iPad app that looks a lot like DirecTV without the dish, too. Again, that app will have Steve Jobs' fingerprints all over it as it will be more expansive than the press is expecting in its content availability. There's a reason Apple built a 500,000-square-foot datacenter (about twice the size of a Facebook one, by the way) and that new datacenter is for video and the data that video causes to be shared with everyone. Will +Reed Hastings CEO at Netflix be on stage tomorrow to help Apple explain its three-screen strategy? I sure hope so, because that would explain further why Netflix split up its streaming and DVD businesses a lot better than Reed's been able to so far.

Anyway, this is all my way of saying, yes, I'll probably be the first in line again for whatever Apple brings out tomorrow. But this is a different age than when we waited in line for that first iPhone back in 2007. This time Apple has real competition from Google and it will be interesting to hear how Apple is going to keep its passionate fans (like me) in its ranks. Facebook and an expansive three-screen strategy will do the job.

It will be Steve Jobs last big thing.

UPDATE: +Kosso K reminded me that we'll see these two guys from Siri on stage too: to explain the new voice response features in the iPhone. Good point, Siri's purchase by Steve Jobs will make sense tomorrow.
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Shouldn't it be, "What Will Be Tim Cook's One Last Thing?!" Regardless, as all Apple events, it should be a very interesting case of expectations v.s. reality. I feel this is going to be the most anticipated yet.
I'm still not convinced there is even an iPhone 5. It looks more and more like an iPhone 4S, which would be a major fail.
Sounds like a boring day of press surrounding minor upgrades to a cult followed phone...yawn. This is a blip. Nothing special, the iPhone is now normal and it's release drama has probably run it's course...
is it 3 screens or 4? iphone, ipad, macair, tv
Very insightful, Robert. I hope you're right. I'm a convert and have been for the last 6 years or so. I'll be in line behind you if your predictions are true.
Well if it makes you feel better +Spencer Scott I've already seen proof of the iPhone 5. It does exist and will be announced tomorrow.
never mind a deal with's not important in the first place..
The 3 screen strategy is compelling. Its funny that during the rugby world cup, had iPhone and iPad at hand whilst watching the games.
I think that along with a possible Facebook announcement and new upgraded devices, we'll also hear a lot about the new voice recognition stuff, which is why the event has been called "Let's talk, iPhone". imho.
Also, they could always Facetime with Steve,eh? ;)
And to add, I think it's smart of them to do this one on the Apple Campus, to stop the prying eyes and cameras seeing the big logos on the banners. Hopefully, this will also mean that they'll stream it too.
+Spencer Scott - You mean major fail on the part of the rumormongers, or you believe Apple has failed if they don't introduce an entirely new phone design every year?

For people who actually use their phone and aren't just concerned with the aesthetics, the upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS was actually the biggest improvement to date as far as actual daily usability of the iPhone. If they can repeat that with the 4S, I would be impressed.
A couple points ... I agree that steve will be missed. Now, DLNA isn't google's version of anything, its a standard, already in windows and the playstation 3. Using standards is good. 
I find it hard to see how Apple can progress much with the hardware - better camera, faster CPU, larger screens - that's all just catch-up. I wouldn't be surprised if they are going to focus more on the software & content, and an S would certainly be a counter to the flood of cheaper Android phones. I think you meant DLNA not DNLA +Robert Scoble - that's not just Android though, lots of TVs have it built-in, though it usually seems to work when you have the media file, not for streaming (i.e. good for MP4, but not Youtube).
+Robert Scoble While I look forward to seeing what they do with the 3 screen strategy I think getting in bed with FB to be a very bad idea. I use apple products and am in the process of moving AWAY from FB. I know many who are doing the same thing. I haven't heard a single person (other than you) who has anything positive to say about FB lately. The best I have heard is (everyone is already here and I am too lazy to switch). Of course if that was just coming from contacts on here, it would be heavily biased but that also comes from people who don't use G+ and are ready to give up social networking altogether.
I agree, a facebook deal is needed, twitter is fine, but now with facebook looking hungry and google+ is there any reason to use twitter anymore?
Three screen???

Phone, tablet, tv... where is the computer screen in your equation +Robert Scoble? It is a four screen strategy.
Now I'm psyched. Tired of endless new iPhones, I'm much more interested in new things we can do with them, and the "battle of the living room" is the most interesting thing in tech today.
Judging by the absence of Steve Jobs in media lately, possibly for health reasons - I doubt he will be present. Actually I sort of hope he is not. I am not sure I would appreciate to see Mr.Jobs on his last legs, so to speak.

My guess would be that Tim runs the show, but attribute the success to Mr.Jobs, as appropriate. As for Apple after Jobs... As long as Apple follow Mr.Jobs principles for design and manufacturing - they will be OK.
Good analysis, looking forward to not paying attention to a meeting and watching a live stream of the announcements.

I'm interested in seeing how integrated the "3 screen" strategy appears to be - Google's 3+ (with the soft launch, soft reception GoogleTV and the Android ADK) is a lot less aggressive but in some ways more innovative (maybe too?).

With regards to Facebook, at least for me, Facebook is declining. I have a connection to it (someone'll e-mail me and ask if I've checked it or I'll get an e-mail notification of a private message), but I rarely check it. Apple + the level of integration with the brand may just turn me off for good, as I'd feel forced into having to use it.
+Robert Scoble I definitely see your point. It will be epic to see giants like FB and Apple align efforts after seemingly being at wits-end for so long. Really enjoying the reviews and insight on the Google, FB, Apple wars. Best battle in tech giants in some time!
+Robert Scoble yup. The Siri / Nuance stuff is going to blow people's minds. I'm incredibly impressed how good it is from the demos I've seen.

Another thing we could see is something very like one of the startups at Disrupt this year, Vocre, which did the audio language translation.
Umm, Bob, did you just say "Zuckerberg isn't playing around. If he's getting in bed with Tim Cook at Apple he's going all the way, not just sticking his toe under the covers."? Zuck going all the way with Cook under the pillow. Wow.
ABC did an iPad app for their show My Generation in the fall of '10 (it was cancelled after a couple of episodes). It would "listen" to the show and sync the content of the app with what was on the screen. It would present you with polls on what you thought would happen next and things like that. I liked the idea but I found the iPad app to be distracting while I was watching the show. There was just too much going on. I think they only way something like this gains mass appeal would be if it utilized commercial breaks during football games to get people engaged. Something like that. But how will advertisers feel about that?
facebook+apple is not a good deal for consumers, I rather wish all of them fought bitterly(google, apple and facebook)
+Robert Scoble I don't think it will be mentioned that much tomorrow, but I still disagree that there is no future for the Mac.. at least the next 10 years or so. I don't see myself editing video on an iPad or Apple TV. They might call a touch mac an iPad, but for me it still is a Mac... with touch :). But great read, very informative and I think you pretty much nailed it!
People are saying that if there isn't a super new awesome iPhone 5 then the event will be a big ol' fail.

I disagree and think the software side of the event is going to be much more compelling. I'm still quite happy with my iPhone 4 in spite of all of the new phones that have come to market since its release.
I don't believe in all these hardware upgrades every year. iPhone 5, 6, 7, etc. It's just a marketing gimmick to get people to spend more money. Tech companies are notorious for holding back technology until the "right time" for them to roll it out in stages, thus maximizing their profitability. Meanwhile we have slaves in China working for pennies making these products from plastics, and metals mined from the earth, etc., creating more junk to pollute the earth, all so these companies and it's top leaders can make fat paychecks from the huge profits. This is a ridiculous cycle these companies create to fuel a consumerist society with overpriced products rolled out every cycle to keep the investors payback to continue to skyrocket. It's foolishness designed by the wealthy, preying on the emotional need of "status and coolness" of the consumers these companies use for their benefit of a bigger bottom line. Software upgrades make more sense to me.
Who cares about the Job's announcement? And as for Zuck. All the king's horses and all the king's men (apple, ms cash) can't save him. It's all over but the fat lady and I think I see her just around the corner. Be entertaining to see who get's left holding the fb pony-shitbag, Goldman or the Russian Mafia? Since neither lose money, my bet is US, the little guys--ie. taxpayers. Bueller? Anyone?
I agree with +Cliff Roth ..800 million userbase won't be the same 3-5years from now..stats actually shows on alexa that user's are spending less time on facebook (even considering it offers various apps than Google+ now)..once Google+ hits around 100-200million users(which I believe will be achieve within this year--for the 100million mark), that's where facebook will really have a would be better for them to stay away with facebook and just focus on their product..
+Tom Paladino +Robert Scoble I definitely do not see the iPhone 5 launching with 4G. I think they will be cautious as they were with their 3G launch. Seems almost laughable these days. 3G.... HA!
+Robert Scoble Not to nitpick, but your experience and your wife and her friend's experience don't constitute "data". They're anecdotes. And, as they say, the plural of anecdote is not "data".

Other than that, you paint a fascinating picture of what to expect tomorrow.

The "second screen" - the folks who are online while watching TV - is a huge market. I was at a presentation at the Online News Association where the NY Times and ESPN talked about their efforts. The Times, for example, had 18 people working on their Oscar second screen, a stunning number. And the data rich environment you can present is perfect for sports and is beginning to give team owners serious concerns about whether they can continue to sell tickets. Your living room, hi-def, and broadband is really hard to duplicate in a stadium.

It'll be an interesting day.
Not really a fan of Steve Jobs or Apple but when a tech company has a large fanbase they're doing something right.
+Robert Scoble Siri will be more important that 2 things you've discussed here in terms of tech innovations. Also, presentation itself will be another big Apple contribution to the marketing professionals. I do respect, though I hate, Apple's contributions to the tech space. But the biggest contribution to the world, I feel, is its marketing, product announcements and advertisements. It's amazing how Apple and Jobs convinced the world that they've invented smart phone. I am not trying to sarcastic here, I am truly amazed how they've achieved this. The achievement can even be compared to that of Paul the Apostle.
Man you write blog post size articles here i envy your knowledge and depth
Don't expect Steve Jobs there. Tim Cook will most likely make this announcement from Cupertino HQ.
Sad it will be - with or without him, his last big hurrah. The keynotes won't be the same without his presentation skill keeping everyone transfixed for the most part. Companies need leaders with star power like his - that also deliver results.
Well thought out analysis as usual +Robert Scoble. Hope you picked up the good writing skills at Eaton - all that grammar paid off :>)
Apple and Steve Jobs have had a profound influence on a lot of us. I wish him good health and kudos.
We have such great minds in this valley, I hope that we all unite to continue to make the world a better place with technology.
Scoble, put your money where your mouth is brother. Remember our last bet on the carriers?...which I plan to collect on next year when proven correct. Want to double down on FB? Also, will you be at CTIA? If so, let's meetup. we can go mano el mano again and entertain the plebes. bring yer guns. ;-) luvya man.
+Robert Scoble I have no doubt that the data doesn't agree with me......yet. Do I think there will be a mass exodus from FB? No. I think it is the WalMart of the web. While I still use it, it feels dirty and frustrating everytime I do (and like walmart they keep moving things around so it is harder to find what you are looking for). My wife refuses to switch but bitches about FB every time she logs in (perhaps that will change once all the new features roll out to her). The question is whether the annoyance factor of using FB becomes greater than the annoyance factor of trying to figure out a different platform. Longer term though I think G+ will be bigger and better. I don't think making your userbase feel like they HAVE to use your platform is a good strategy. People should WANT to use it (and not simply because everyone else already is). All that being said most of my 'real world' friends don't use FB or any other social networks.
Hope you are wrong on the FB integration/partnership.
Thanks a lot for the analysis.

Unfortunately, neither the current AppleTV OS beta, nor the current iOS5 beta do support AirPlay from iPhone/iPod touch. All the AirPlay functionality is limited to iPad screen mirroring, that works very slowly on an iPad2 and looks very ugly on a TV screen. I imagine, that it will be even slower and uglier if one tries to mirror an iPhone display on a 1080p HDTV screen without retina(tm).

My guess is that AirPlay will remain as useless a toy, as AirDrop, for the time being.
I dig the three screen innovation - lots of potential there. I'm very put off by deep facebook integration in every aspect of my online life. I'm sticking with my android phone thank you.
It's good to read posts like this - thought provoking but not definitively declaring what will ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY be happening at the Keynote. Sometimes it is more interesting to read a consideration of what direction these companies are going in, rather than the endless predictions and wish lists that tend to dominate the Apple/Google rumour mills. Well done.
whoa thats quite a big risky move, i say that because both sides of the coin will want to take over, i cant imagine it will be smooth sailing for facebook or apple.
I'm quite disappointed at the phrase "DLNA (which is Android's version of AirPlay)". No, "AirPlay" is Apple using Marketing to imply that such things are only possible by paying Apple some money. The advert states "if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have Airplay" - well that's true, but my HTC phone plays media perfectly well on my Sony TV with no extra software needed. DLNA is far more than Android's anything.
+Robert Scoble That is, of course, different from saying "my wife and friends still us Facebook", and is a distinction worth being more explicit about. And, I have to say, you're the rare journalist who I give credibility to when they say something like "my friends at Facebook say".
+Robert Scoble Maybe I can't help myself but to show my distaste. But I wanted to emphasize the marketing innovations. Like how they've convinced the world that 3.5" is better than 4" or even 4.3". Or how they've convinced SD aspect ratio is better than HD aspect ratio. I would agree 3.5" Retina is better than 3.7" but not 4" or 4.3". I know 9.7" SD is actually larger than 10.1" HD but HD is superior when viewing MM contents and with more contents utilizing HD ratio, will be the future. Again, I showed my distaste for Apple :)....
Interesting post. The key is to make the three screen strategy (which I am sure they won't use as a term), social and real-time stream friendly. Exactly as Xerox identified all those years ago. For me the question remains to what extent they will concede the social layer/message-bus to other companies.

My thoughts here:

No doubt getting Facebook onboard is to hedge their bets with Twitter but longer term there is no doubt that Apple will need to have at least some control of this social layer through iCloud (and possibly through some kind of augmented iMessenger/Ping service).
+Robert Scoble Not to mention that AirPlay is actual words that mean something and DLNA is an acronym that most people will make people think of DNA.
My Sandwich Generation family is definitely intrigued about what's coming. Kids have a couple to replace, granny nanny here has a sluggish one that might get replaced by 4, and grandkids will be thrilled if we keep some of the old ones for them to use. :)
As I said in my real enemy post yesterday, tomorrow has the potential to be huge but primarily on the software side.

Especially if Apple does not announce the iphone 5 tomorrow but only the iphone 4s.

On the software side we have ios 5, the various cloud services, twitter integration, facebook integration, project spartan, and possibly even the voice controlled assitant.

This is really big news and so far very few people are talking about it.

I see this as a major shift with Apple and Facebook aligning to combat the perceived enemy, Google.

Ios devices are already providing over 54 percent of mobile traffic vs 16 percent by Android. The social networking integration will drive these numbers higher for ios.

+Robert Scoble this brings nerdtears too my eyes. I think Tim Cook is going to have a lot more grey hairs coming in after tomorrow.
Isn't Microsoft a significant investor in FB? I know they have a strong alliance. How is that going to work if FB goes all in with Apple? I'd be pretty ticked off if I'm Microsoft and I've invested in this relationship only to see FB get into bed with my biggest competitor. Not saying it isn't going to happen, but curious about logistics and fallout.
Microsoft and Apple have been oligopolizing for quite a while.
I don't know how much I put into a big facebook + Apple coop. Apple is almost as bad as microsoft when it comes to "not designed here" and they don't work too well with others. Both Apple and Facebook are way too power hungry to ever want to give the other too much power. It was once thought that Apple and Adobe were two peas in a pod.. Not so much any more. Apple will take whatever it can and give back as little as possible.
+Robert Scoble not sure when you updated the post with the assitant comment but you may have noticed that I included it in my previous comments as to why I think tomorrow is big news. 
Mark Zuckerberg's ego is getting the better of him.
+Twain Twain only makes me wonder more why Google is not moving faster. How can they have an iphone app out this long without an ipad app. 
+Robert Scoble it seems like Facebook and Apple are building a parallel universe to Google.
+Euro Maestro The fact that there needs to be two different apps when it is simply a matter of screen size and resolution show how busted iOS is. Did you need different apps when you went from a 13" (MBA) monitor to a 27" (iMac) one?
+Alberto Rodriguez Yes, kind of crazy but an app can be written that does both.

My point was why is Google ceding the mobile market to Facebook. That just seems crazy. 
Brilliant analysis. What I love about your posts is that you tell not only what is occuring but why, and most importantly, what it means.
+Robert Scoble It's either tomorrow is a disappointing flop or a really big hit. But from the data (rumors) I have collected so far, everything is looking really good. Here's my take: Time to talk iPhone
All the good stuff has been announced already.
+Robert Scoble Do I detect a certain gallows humour? we wouldn't wish anything but long life and happiness to anyone, would we?
+Robert Scoble Nice Post :-) But DLNA is not Googles or Androids Version of Airplay. It's a standard from the Digital Living Network Alliance with hundreds of companies involved and tons of devices for home networking. There are servers, renderers and apps to control the whole thing. It also runs on iPhones and iPads. If your TV has no DLNA you can hook up a WD TV Live Hub, like I did. This thing has an integrated Twonky Media Server and can function both as a server or a renderer. It works also as a NAS with a 1 TB Harddisk. I would rather buy this than an Apple TV.
All i can say is hopefully. The industry needs some fresh ideas instead of rehashing the same product again and again.
DLNA will need a better marketing message and a better name before it will catch on.
+Robert Scoble +Alex Neuenfeld I certainly get that Apple are good at convincing people of things; they are marketing experts full stop - I should know I have succumbed to an iPad and iPod Touch. Sales assistants are fine with just one company's products and you would expect a company to make sure their products work together (My 1990 Philips VCR worked flawlessly with my Philips TV). But we need to avoid the Microsoft tendencies of embrace and destroy when it comes to good working standards. It will be to our overall detriment if proprietary overlays become the norm.
I love great content for breakfast! Thank you +Robert Scoble for a good start to my day, and I too feel greatly saddened at news of Steve's declining health. :(
Apple: Closed hardware teams up with Facebook: Closed communication in an effort to keep both of them just shy of being better than they could be. YAY! Oh wait...
+Robert Scoble No matter what is announced tomorrow, I will be very sad Steve Jobs is not there. I think it's a real disservice to the entire Apple team, however, to say the new stuff is either his or +Tim Cook's. It's the Apple team's-- especially during this transition-- and I am sure there are unsung heroes on the team who may, in the future, get more attention than they have in the past. Air BnB's situation this weekend reminded me of how important collaboration and teamwork are in tech companies:-)
if Apple announces a "stunning in depth" deal with Facebook, I'll be done with Apple. I was likely going the Kindle/Xoom over iPad anyway-- that'll cinch it.

I can't believe Jobs would have approved of that fully. It smells of desperation.
Other top smart phones are now just as good if not better than the iPhone. The Motorola XOOM is what I'm looking at right now. Apple are great at making technology and we must thank them for that. HTC, Samsung and Google are now right up with them. Don't forget Google now own all of Motorolas patents and all the technology that goes with it. 
I really, really hope +Robert Scoble is right in everything he mentions above, but I doubt he will be. I fear that his scope is too broad. I expect a focused event tomorrow: Intro of new iPhone 4 family (with some cheap simple models and regular-priced fancy models) and a few iOS feature details. I don't think there will be much else. The media invite said "Lets talk iPhone" and not "Lets talk iOS." I think the event tomorrow will be underwhelming, and that sucks. The best "one more thing" I can realistically hope for is a preview of the teardrop iPhone 5.
My biggest question is does Apple really know how to partner? Seriously - they've controlled everything they do up to this point. To be successful in social, they are going to have to learn HOW to be more social themselves. Will be interesting to watch this one.
I really believe you will see MS come strong here with a strong tie in with Samsung you are already seeing tight integration with their hardware already. DLNA is built-in every WP7 already in Mango with AllShare and it works amazing. Ppl may not agree with me but alot of those same ppl also said i was wrong when i told them to watch out for Apple are now iPhone or iPod users. MS maybe slow to start but they aren't stupid, and i would say they are taking a lesson from the Apple camp by building a great product that is integrate and the consumer will come. I have used an iPhone since it came out in Canada, so anything new has a tough time to convince being a users of what can only be referred to as a premium quality product.

Skype + Facebook + WP7 + Win8 + XBox and tight deals with Samsung, LG and about 5 other major players Microsoft is serious and they are playing to win. I love competition, which i really credit Apple for starting in a serious way in the mobile space.
I would like to know what +Guy Kawasaki has to say about this since he stated in an interview with +Brian Solis that Apple is the most un-social company in existence. It is inevitable that Apple will evolve but I'm really curious to see if you're right about this +Robert Scoble
Didn't the whole Apple/Facebook fell through (as reported) and Apple is going with Twitter instead?
+Robert Scoble You just proved my point about Apple's genius marketing. "+Alex Neuenfeld thanks. Most consumers see what you just wrote and their eyes glaze over. That's why I wrote "its Android's version of the same thing." :-)"
I cant wait jobs has to make one final appearance!!! I will be glued to the blogisphere all day tomorrow!
+Kwan Nam Apple may be good at marketing. But isn't marketing the art of selling overpriced products to people who don't need them? Should I get excited about this?
The idea of Apple doing a deal with FB leaves me uneasy, like the AOL TimeWarner Deal. Besides Apple does not need FB, FB might need Apple. If there is some kind of deal with FB i will not be an early adopter of IOS 5. and when I do, I will disable any and all FB features on my Apple Devices.
With Apple I am valued as a customer, with Facebook I am a commodity.
I don't mind being public, I just don't want to be public on Zuck' terms.
I hope you are wrong about the any FB deal with Apple.
+Joseph D. Beam I agree with you. As i read this post, i started to feel a bit concerned about the merger of FB and Apple. I can see it now - Apps that you can only get on with FB connect.... I have no use for FB. I guess we'll wait and see if this happens at all, and if it does, how tightly integrated FB will be with the iOS5. Some companies should not go to bed together, even if she's an enemy of my enemy.
And this could be the very reason why it still sucks to admin a Facebook Page from an Android device.
+Robert Scoble Reportedly Jobs and Zuck have met to discuss a possible alliance, but it wasn't going to be fruitful for Apple. Apple went with Twitter integration instead. Facebook's strategy will become clear somewhere around next week with announcements around Project Spartan.
+Robert Scoble +Alex Neuenfeld How about "DLNA is the industry's version of AirPlay"? Calling it Android's version makes it sound like Google is the company dodging standards and creating a proprietary protocol. Yes, I know the average consumer's eyes will glaze over with the word protocol, but they do get proprietary.
I'm less excited about the possibility of Facebook integration into iOS5, but really hoping they have some big developments into the 3-screen strategy.

AppleTV and AirPlay were already under-hyped (besides a couple cool ads). Yes, similar technology does exist elsewhere, but that's missing the point. AirPlay and AppleTV are unintimidating, easy to use, and "just work".

If Apple can keep it up as they expand further into home entertainment (also including the AirPlay compatible stereo equipment coming out lately) then they will win this battle, just as they've been winning the battles over cellphones and tablets.
+Alex Neuenfeld Not necessarily. Marketing is not scam. Explaining what you can do with your product is a good marketing practice that many other tech companies are neglecting. For example, EVO 3D has 3D features but consumers don't know how to use them. LG Thrill improved it further by including 3D channel but still lacks integration with their 3D TVs among many other shortfalls. Apple will not introduce 3D, without the whole platform/ecosystem on 3D. Maybe that was the source of their interests in TVs recently.
Marketing is not just press releases and advertisements. I believe professional marketer should play a bigger role in defining products and CEOs should pay a lot attention to how their products will be used by their consumers so that they can innovate, base on the uses. Apple's greatest innovations come from watching and listening to the users and predicting future uses. And Apple's successes, in many cases, can be attributed to Jobs' role as the CMO (not officially).
I don't think Steve should show up for tomorrow's event, even if he's still actively involved with whatever will be presented. He stepped down for a reason and if he continues to pop up at every event sure we'll all be happy but probably the transition to a post-Jobs Apple will be smoother if they all put their weight behind Tim Cook.
+Kwan Nam I disagree with that. Apple never listens to its customers, it doesn't even do market research, as far as I know. Instead they are trying to sell them their vision of some "magical" device, which then everyone is going crazy about. Apple doesn't sell you what you want, instead it makes you want what they sell. That's a big difference.
+Robert Scoble Is that the reason why you can't change the battery on your iPhone or upgrade the memory? Why they always use proprietary standards over industry standards? Why they don't support Flash on the iPad? Is that really what customers want?
+Alex Neuenfeld It sometimes feel like it, especially as an Android fan. But I have to agree with +Robert Scoble on this. Apple does more marketing research than anyone.
+Alex Neuenfeld Keep you friends close but keep you enemies closer. Know thy enemy... Need to pay a close attention to what Apple is doing, especially if you want to overcome.
I agree with +Robert Scoble. Flash must die. If that's problematic for Adobe, too bad. They haven't done anything for me lately.
Does it make sense for Apple to make all these revolutionary announcements in a private on-campus event without live streaming?
+Robert Scoble Let's not play the fanboy game. Every phone has some weak points and is good in another aspect. That's even true for a cheap feature phone.

It's good if you enjoy your iPhone. Others may prefer other devices (with or without Flash).
+Robert Scoble Would you be surprised if Apple announces new 3D TV with iPhone 4s 3D or 5 3D? They'll need a new kind of battery - dry fuel cell battery. Maybe for iPhone 5s or 6.
+Robert Scoble could you be more speculative? Probably not, but then again that's not new when an Apple press conferences is around the corner. What I find enchanting is the assertion with which all rumors/predictions are presented. Thanks for the gospel Robert, we love you for it :)
Here's a phone want:
4.3 or 4.5 inch screen. 4G. Dual core, 1 GB- about the same capability as my Windows netbook, that has no problem handing Flash, can't remember last time it crashed. Swappable large-capacity battery- slap a fresh on there if the juice runs out. Android is a great experience for me- highly customizable to my preference. I don’t line around the block to a buy a phone, since I like to see how a phone works out before I buy it.
+Da Ge Samsung Galaxy S II. Sprint and soon Verizon in US.
Some people may even consider a Nokia, because it has turn-by-turn navigation build in. That would be a far greater achievement for Apple than Facebook integration. What's the big deal about that? Isn't there already an app for Facebook - and Twitter as well?
+Robert Scoble We'll see! If I had to pick one out of your predictions, I'd say a social integration into their framework would make sense.. That said, not on Tim Cook's first big press conference. I think for this one, they'll want a smooth ride with 1 nice big thing he can focus on.

1- New hardware
2- That assitant thing on IOS5 could make him shine nice enough too..

Well, that's 2, so maybe next year we'll get to see some more on that TV..

Thanks for the time you put into your analysis though, makes for great reading!
+Robert Scoble thanks for your suggestion of Waze. Did you try it out? Is it any good? Here in germany we can't use it, because street mapping has just begun.
We will finally get the iPad app... Yay! :-)
Robert Scoble Now that Apple informed that will be no live streaming of the event, sounds like this will be minor event. If this were huge they would make it like old times. Don´t you think?
Gonna wait for the HTC Vigor to compare to the other Androids on VZW.

For commuters, beyond free turn-by-turn is traffic info. Waze’s traffic community is great, but Google Maps has my big features- satellite view and Latitude

I'm not sure about Facebook putting alot of effort into Apple. I think Facebook goes where the users are, and most of its users are in desktops and laptops. Featurephone users might even outnumber smartphone users. Maybe that’s why the iPad app isn’t a priority. Also, I don’t see Facebook needing Apple’s retail channel, unless Facebook is looking to sell T-shirts or such, in a big way. In terms of mobile user dataflow, Apple users are a small part of the Facebook users, 70% of which are outside the US. Even in the UK, Facebook’s 2nd largest market, more people are getting Androids these days, than iPhones.
+Robert Scoble Got it, I mentioned that because the recent events (iPhone 4 launch, iOS 5 teaser / iCloud, the anthenagate) were live streaming. But I hope they surprise us :-)
No Facebook integration. Apple chose Twitter. Facebook is just going to integrate with plenty of apps, not the OS itself.

Plus, isn't Facebook's frictionless sharing sort of cutting into iTunes/Ping?
I think this is spot on, +Robert Scoble Great analysis and putting the pieces together. Let's see if it all plays out tomorrow like you think.
Want I'm looking forward to finding out is if this three screen strategy will include Hulu Plus in the mix. Having Hulu Plus work through my Apple TV, either as an inbuilt feature of Apple TV or via the iOS app, will mean that Roku boxes and Boxee no longer have a place in my house.
The saddest thing is that there may indeed be a "one last thing" from Steve Jobs. I sincerely hope that he somehow manages to recover and surprise everyone. Get well Steve.
Just when you think you can get away from this whole facebook crap you get hunted down by it again. I for once do not really care about any facebook integration, as I really do not use it anymore.

And iOS 5 has only Twitter, no facebook at all, no where. I dunno where this comes from, bug the magic coffee cup reading session perhaps.
I think Scoble terrifies me. He seems genuinely excited about every single announcement any tech company makes. It's kinda scary.
Will be interesting to hear the outcome, sounds like mark has seen the future changes google is implementing for mobile and wants to get in on that, what I am wondering though, there is rumors that playstation also wants to get in on the social networking, only so much as the games, but would be interesting if it decided to ally itself with one, but if its only concern is games, then being on as many networks would be most profitable 
+Robert Scoble I carry a great deal more skepticism when Apple or Facebook tells you their newest widget is going to change your life. Although I admit Facebook's newest widget changed my life, it made me stop using it. ;) But I haven't yet seen you comment on a story (in the admittedly short time I've been following you) where you've said: Eh, I don't like this idea. Although perhaps you only post the stories you feel positive about.
"It's one area where Apple is way ahead of Android"
Never heard of DLNA ?
+Robert Scoble I totally agree with your thought on the 3-screen strategy which the industry has been talking about for so long. Apple is most able/capable of bringing it together however in Apple's model of controlling end-to-end more than just AirPlay that would mean Apple launching an "iTV" too
I just can't see Apple getting 'into bed' with Facebook. They did that with Google on early Iphones - maps, search, etc and now regret it as Google became a competitor (and they seem to be trying to launch their maps type program). I'd think they risk the same thing by getting too cozy with Facebook.
What will be realy interesting is what happens to Apple TV, will it be allowed to run apps? If so you can turn any existing HD ready tv into s smart tv, huge sales. Also are rental of apps a way of doing monthly subscriptions on the ios platform?
Yes, Steve Jobs' indelible stamp will be all over the announcement today, whether he is there or not.

You can see the threads coming together iOS 5, AirPlay, AppleTV, iPhone5, NC Data Center, iCloud, iTunes Match, Death of the Disc.

I even see the iPod Classic going End of Life, removing yet another spinning disc from the Apple product family.
+Robert Scoble
Hey, they just mentioned the Mac... so I was right with the 4 focus areas (if TV show up later on)!
Link? to what? we were in the real world dude. in the pa apple store for nearly an hour yappin in the back or don't you remember? anyway, as steve gilmore and those banditos in treasure of sierra madre said...we don't need no stinking links. ;-)
"Will tomorrow be Steve Jobs' last big thing?"

Whoops, that kinda looks petty now.
In retrospect, this was hauntingly prophetic.