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Yes, Google Glass survives a wet shower

You thought I was kidding when I said I would never take them off.

Yes, they survive being wet. I had them full on soaked in my shower this morning. +Google Glass  still works. 

So, they will be usable out in rain or other weather. Feel safe #GlassExplorers  !
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But will they survive a Cannonball dive into the deep end of a pool?
This is a cry for help.. its got to be :)
Haha, awesome! Just don't look down. ;-)
can wait to get it
Although we can't see that part of you I dare say: you got some balls. Wearing an exclusive 1500 dollar device in a shower? 
Brave man. I won't be trying this with my glass :). 
yeah mate.. couldn't you had tested it on a rainy day?
That is good to know, I never actually thought about that, surprisingly enough. But of course, they'd HAVE to be waterproof or at the very least resistant to a showering.

Normal things you wear typically are, so should this. 
Oh great, more sexting opportunities :P By the way, is there a dry shower? Tank Girl style? :)
Wasn't that kinda risky?
"Sorry, Google I can't continue trying out your $1500 glasses and reviewing them because I took a shower with them."
That aside, good to know. I guess they have to be some what resistant to water damage as people could get caught out wearing them during a rainfall, although I thought I'd heard they weren't meant to be water proof at all. 
I sense a new google glass ad coming using this photo :P
That's ridiculous...(wait for it) ly awesome!!!
Brad T
It's 2013, you really need to shave that 70's chest thing you got going on...
+Robert Scoble you are crazy. Even I wouldn't do that knowing the limited availability of units. But you did make me laugh on a Sunday!
Disturbing..... LOL.  Photo Meme Caption: Glassholes: Every new technology always leads in with porn..... lol
Hehe life will truly never be the same!
Photo Meme Coption: Scoble shows us his "O" face as he discovers you can watch porn on Google
Hopefully Glass will come with an eye bleach app for occasions like this. 
That is just wrong (on so many levels) ;)
lmao omg burned into my mindddddd
We woulda taken your word Robert!  ;)
Reminder to self: never do this with MyGlass. 

+Robert Scoble I sent you an email as requested, did you get it?
OK i admit, i was getting sick of the boring google glass posts from everyone who had them, most equate to gloating IMHO and just made me start hating them;.
This was actually amusing though, love the picture :)
+Liz Quilty possibly, I hope my posts don't come off like that. Most people are clamoring for information about it which I tried to supply. 

Actually I think most #haveglas  posts are due to assuaging the pain of $1,500+tax. 
this is the face I make when I slam my toe into a heavy object
Yeah... uhm no... 
Scarier than "Living on the Edge" by Aerosmith when the train is about to hit Joe Perry and he steps away at the last second and you are all like Whoa... that was timed perfectly... except ya knew it was CGI... uhm... So I guess your "experiment" is a bit scarier.
👓👍 How hot the water can it survive? I still think sudden temperature change is bad for it. 
Everybody is dying for a chance to try these things on and your trying to break them!
That really cool +Robert Scoble thank you for sharing..  A bit TMI  but guessing you just love help birth a new Industry for the use of Google Glasses, but that aside  I do I find the picture disturbing but that just me.. I'll get over it with ton of therapy.. But really thank you for going to no ends to test these news and wonderful device for us.. Please keep up great work..  ;)
Daring, daring, not sure if would have risked to try it out or to take a picture of myself showering!!! 
I cannot "unsee" this...even for me my shower time is tech-free...
AJ Kohn
This is just so great. Need to put this one next to the old one.
This is not the sort of "naked conversation" I had in mind, Scoble.
No way! Yeah I guess when you think about it Glass has to be water resistant due to rain. 
As opposed to a dry shower? 
Good to know, I cant remember how many times when in the shower I have needed to read emails. Oh wait Never. Also isnt that the original design as the latest one looks more like a pair of glasses.
And, of course, there's the Google augmented dump.
Giving a new meaning to the term "Selfie"
Must hack the glasses to get access to live streaming all the time, i can make one or maybe two dollars on that video :) 
Wow. That's good to know. I think I'll take mine off in the shower, but now I won't be concerned in the rain.
Oh man...I think we all assumed that when you promised your wife you wouldn't wear them in the bedroom, that promise would extend to the BATHROOM, too.
+Robert Scoble can you still see the screen in the shower?  And as someone else asked, but didn't get an answer that I saw - how do you wear them if you normally wear glasses?
If you look down make sure you have it on magnify.
You dropped the soap!!!!! Stop! Don't look down now!
OMG   Some objects may appear larger :0
That killed me. Glad I was stationary. 
I don't think it was ever advertised as water-proof though!?
Just don't look down and mistakenly say "photo"... 
very nice!! kudos for trying this and posting a picture too!! do you think Glass will survive in a swimming pool? as in light swimming, no diving?
I believed you; didn't need to see it.
Robert, the world is happy to see only a head & shoulders of you testing Glass in the shower. If any more was revealed many a fan would have been ruined for ever.

On to more important things, you really need to upgrade your shower and shower head. At least the shower head! I would go insane using a 70's style fountain to relax and soap up under.  You really need something like this

I admit I don't have one yet, but it is on the horizon since the use of a spa and pool are required for my rehab.  I am wondering id the Glass will stand up to the rigors of the relaxation system I've linked to?
That is seriously messed up bro ( just to be clear im talkin bout u posting that pic)
Vern C
It's s shower you don't relax, you wash yourself and get out. 
Is there a video of this?
I have to say...while it's good to know it's waterproof...the demo was
This is the thread that never stops +Robert Scoble ... how has your shower shot not hit "What's Hot" yet?? (Or has it?)
tmi. The antithesis of a "privacy freak." Borders on fetishistic sharing : ) Oh! testing you say...
Some things cannot be unseen........shivers
For the love of god will everyone just finally tell Robert Scoble they "get it" that he won't take these off. Do any of us want to go further down this vortex really? Lol
the one thing i want to know about google glass that i do not know already and is so fundamental an aspect i am surprised folks have not/are not talking about this.... 

does google glass as a technology support prescriptions for folks like me that are so freaking blind/astigmatism that contacts would probably be detrimental to the user experience?
Another place Google Glasses banned...Gynecologist Doctors...
If one turns on google safe search do they get censored black bars over them when looking at this sort of thing through glass? If not feature request please! 
+Jo Anne Thomas that is entirely dependent upon your nation/state/county/municipality. technology has gone way faster than the law for so long it really is a grey issue even when illegal. 
This is crazy and awesome at the same time, i want them!
J Fuchs
Norman Bates took the photo.

Dear Rackspace: This is torture for the love of god, if we all buy fing server space will you turn off the pain....please!!!  No naked Scoble pics policy.  LOL.  #torturemarketing LOL
Has no one in this thread ever gone to the beach? This isn't worse than seeing some random non-shirted fellow on the street.
+Robert Scoble and while you might be technically classified as overweight, I'm not sure I'd call you "fat". I think people are just not used to seeing wet chest hair ;-)
I mean my post in jest if anything Robert lol But I do note you have very red face must be the water temp.. ?  As for body part or hair .. At lease you have chest hair.. My Native American side beat out my German side.. So good for you.. Glad those Glasses were water proof or at best resistance to the test...
+Robert Scoble a bit of a harsh test for any electronics rated less than IP67, but way more impressive and appropriate than the usual mobile phone drop test.
I hope you were  not doing a live Google Hangout in the shower
Takes gadget porn to a whole new level. But this is an important "feature" for any wearable gadget - it needs to survive the shower. Nice to know that Google thought about it.
Next up the Google Shower... with Video..  ;)
Loving the memes being generated...some of the time! Maybe not the latest shared by +Richi Jennings mind...
Were ya broadcastin at the time? 
Good to know they can get wet. I wonder if they can withstand being totally submerged. I was thinking the other day about using them to snap pictures of the kids in the pool but thought they might get destroyed.
Can we use the pic in our newspaper De Tijd (Belgium)? Would be great. 
Problem with this is that it keeps popping up adds for penis enlargement pills.
The internet is forever as will be this.. Just saying..
Man, you got a lot of mileage out of this post...I hate to think of how you'll top it. 
dont take a photo when u shit. ok? we got the idea =))) 
+Robert Scoble my dad doesn't even know who you are and he brought up this picture(I guess he saw it somewhere) while I was talking to him about my experience playing with Google Glass today.

It made me laugh. If you werent famous enough already, you're even more famous after this picture.
Great that means people are going to be online in the shower looking up porn vids now, that aside, I'm glad to hear even if they aren't waterproof, that they are at least very water resistant! 
Act out of the box!  Good for you.  Google should loosen up a bit as well.
Would love to get my hands a pair of them! Scoble.... leave it to you to to get to the naked truth!
This must be a low income profession.  I have never had to step into a shower like that....look at that nasty nozzle.  Taste is lacking here for sure.
Don't try this with the latest version of Glass Explorer Edition! I went for a run in very light misting spitting rain. So light, I didn't need a jacket. But it was enough moisture to kill my Glass. There is nothing waterproof about Glass and the official FAQ confirms as much. 
Let's be honest. This is probably the worst PR photo for a product ever. I mean really? I don't take photos of myself all ecstatic in the shower to promote my music, to show that I can sing in the shower…. or in the rain etc. For many of us this very private image thrust in our faces was the first image of google glass.

And first impressions stick. The shower photo typified the fears of privacy invasions, of unwanted intimacies thrust in our faces in the public forum. Bad call. 

But good riddance. I for one don't think a society where everyone's in their own personal internet world, recording memories or conversations, and letting the hive mind think for them or show them endless streams of information in an "enhanced reality" is in any way positive for our race, either individually or collectively.
All of us promote things we're not paid to promote Robert. We're inadvertent ambassadors for our countries, our beliefs, our political allegiances.

If we wear clothing with labels on it we're promoting them. We promote macs or droids to our friends by visibly using them.

Word of mouth promotion is still the best promotion for many movies for example. A friend's criticism will put me off a movie far more than any review or trailer. 

So yeah… you were promoting it, whether you were aware or not. It just had a very negative effect for the aforementioned reasons. 

Cheers bro. Hope you're well wherever you are. 
M Smith
The picture that killed Google Glass?  You decide...