EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: This will blow away your mobile email client

I was the first journalist to look at http://pingapp.com/

What is it? It's an email client (first for iOS, later for Web and Android) that turns your Gmail (or Yahoo or AOL or others) into something that looks more like a message stream in a chat app.

This is subtle but huge. I think this is going to be one of the hottest consumer apps to come out in the fall.

I just shot a short video look, click on the animated GIF to see that. #throughglass  

Why is this a big deal?

Well, it makes email much more fun and really helps you get to the meat of email quickly. 

It works on top of Gmail and other email clients (if you use PingApp and email someone who doesn't have PingApp they just get a standard email -- if they have the app it turns that email into more of something like a Facebook or What's App message).

It also does other things, like video calls if both parties have the app. 

Really transformative for email. Finally some real innovation for email clients on mobile. This blows away Mailbox and the Gmail app.
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