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I'm sorry, if you make an off-topic comment I'm going to delete those comments. If that gets me called a jackhammer or something else more violent, so be it. If you want to call me a jackhammer or something else more violent, hey, it would be on topic in THIS thread!

So would congratulating Libya. Making predictions of what Facebook will announce this week. Or talking about how lame I am for being on Fox Business News this morning talking about HP and Apple.
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Speaking of HP (just got back from holidays) - what happened there?! Very sad...
Can we add Jackhammer to your list of nicknames Robert "Jackhammer" Scoble
The rain is Spain is mainly in the plain (totally relates to your post)
Yes, it seems that there is a never ending supply of people to tell you what to post, what to delete and how to run your G+ account .. I feel your pain :(
I am sorry people are so lame. I apologize for all of them :)
I've referenced someone as a 'jack-legged dip-wad' in a moment of frustration where expletives could not flow as easily as normal....but...jackhammer? I think calling someone a hand-truck is more insulting. ^_^
For most people, I'd question it but since there's a 500 comment max per post and you tend to get that, or close... ya, removing the off topic comments isn't such a bad idea.
Keeps it nice and tidy for everyone.
All about the noise control, right?
What if I accused you of being '80s satirical cop show, Sledge Hammer?
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.
I understand the need to keep the discussion on track.
If I had a jackhammer, I'd jackhammer in the morning, I'd jackhammer in the evening, all over this land...

Next up: Kumbaya.
Is that another way of saying that you're a tool?
way too much gangsta rap for you mister scoble.
Thank you for moderating threads. With all of the followers your threads get chaotic if not moderated.
Speaking of HP, I'm interested in getting one of those $99 tablets. So I was thinking about heading out to my local office supply store to pick one up. ;-)
To be on-topic or off-topic, this is a question
I'm wearing a hat backwards as we speak. Deal wit it.
I strongly believe Google should mirror the freedom of expression ideals of democratic societies, even though they are not obligated to do so. However, how an individual chooses to moderate the comments on his own posts is no one's business but his own.
I guess this means calling you the Gaddafi of social media is out
Speaking of power tools, I dated this girl once who had a (oh, never mind...)
Old habits die hard from being a mod in Leo's chat room.
I just saved a ton of money switching to Geico! ;-)
If anyone would like to buy a used iPhone 3Gs please respond to this.
The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial was designed in China.
I think this is on topic...

Very cool seeing the comment counter go both up and down live
Who called you a jackwagon? Was it R. Lee Ermey?
+Robert Scoble Giving a place to explain something asinine is one thing. My issue is why you think you need to apologize for anything. :-)
I don't think you being on FBN is lame at all, JACK
If you +Robert Scoble would have said on Fox that HP should have been much smarter donating these Touchpads to the troops everywhere in the world you would now be a hero of the Fox audience as well as a smart ass instead of a jack** :)

+George Weinert How do you block video´s? Blocking doesn´t have that effect on G+
French were right to lead the initiative for helping Libyan people freeing themselves
+Duncan McAfee, yeah I was kidding a bit. Most places were sold out in blistering speeds on Saturday.

+Guy Kawasaki- I agree. It's his "wall", his little place in this G+ world. He should be able to run it as he likes. Bring down the hammer +Robert Scoble!
You are right +Guy Kawasaki I delete meanie comments too. Not if they are critical of me or my work. But if they use ridiculous profanity or are attacking another member of the community. I apply the same best practices on my personal accounts as I use for my clients. :)
I look at it this way +Robert Scoble, it is your post, your stream. Police the comments as you want. No one should take offence to that. They have their own profiles to post stuff if they want. :)
+Robert Scoble I agree off topic comments should be deleted I saw a bunch of them on your different posts (which gives me a notification alert on something bogus I don´t want to read about) and I will do the same :)
I worked for the cable company and have been called much worse than a jackhammer. I agree with your sentiment. If we want success here the community has to establish key behaviors that are acceptable. One easy one is keeping posts on topic. Conversations in Google+ have been very strong, and we all should want to keep it that way.
Robert "The Jackhammer" Scoble...? Sounds like a mob name. Are you sure you don't like it? May get you more street cred with the kids... ;-]
You can delete comments contributed by others if you're the thread originator? Well, that's something handy that I never knew. (I suspect this is off-topic, and I won't be offended if it's deleted.)
You've done it now JP... prepare to get Jack-Hammered.
I first found out the post creator could delete comments when I ran across a post with a bunch of people getting all riled over a post on The Onion. Yes, they thought it was a real news story. So I hop in and say, "you know The Onion is satire, right?" They must have felt stupid because that comment got delete 4 times. Haha.
It's a mistake to think of the internet as a giant public space with inherent free speech rights. Rather the internet is collection of private spaces. Many of these private spaces allow the public to trespass into and travel freely between them. Ultimately however each space is owned and subject to the terms of the space's owner or owners be they individuals or massive corporations.
A jackhammer is a percussive drill, is also Marvel comics villain, is also a wrestling power slam and the list goes on.....
okay, sometimes we need context. Did someone comment off topic and you removed the comment? Sounds fair. So then you created a off topic topic to comment on? Sounds okay too. . .

Delete away, its your post!
Anybody knows how to turn text into bold type on a post?? SERIOUS, I really want to know now - as this topic won't ever be on Scobble I'm sure, and I'll be thrown out if I ever ask again. <b> and </b> don't work, so don't tell me <b> and </b> TIA
No need to be sorry! This is your post, not theirs. If you don't want them hijacking it for their own points, delete away!
This comment was intentionally left blank.
Deleting comments is pretty shameful unless they become derogatory or hate filled. You want comments, but only comments you like that fulfill your need and/or do not lead to off topic discussion? Amazing.

Not surprised, though.
Damn! G+ so needs comments on individual comments.
(You were on Fox? Jeez) ;-)
almost there... :) Scoble, don't apologize for filtering your own threads. Sometimes it's necessary. 
Roxanne, you don't know Robert very well.
Ted S
As I've suggested before, it would be very useful for post posts and comments to have a category system. Nothing fancy, just a lite "positive/negative/off topic" or "professional/personal" so people can filter down. No sense in forcing one view in a system that's about being able to group views.
+Travis Young will this be considered off topic? for italics, just put an underscore before and after the words you want to italicize. For bold, use asterisks, for strikethrough, use dashes. :) For Jackhammers, just use ctrl + J.
Jackhammer... Ok I feel better. What was the topic again?
Is it possible to combine all the three? I mean: bold plus italics plus strikethrough? Then I would know, why it is GooglePLUS ;-)
why bother by deleting them in the first place? better use that time posting new things and leave reading comments to your readers:)
I think, hey, it's your posting, you SHOULD have the right to remove things you don't like. This isn't a democracy here, especially if you are actively reading comments. It's your stream. Own it.
That means that you pay attention to the comment stream. That works for me. I've seen quite a few people that post, and then seem to ignore the flood of comments that come.
I find that there are plenty of venues for people to express random opinions on [whatever]. I really like the idea of keeping comment threads on-topic. The one exception I'd make is the case wherein the off-topic comment is really an extension into another aspect of the issue at-hand or a broadening of the discussion, in which case, the added dialog could be welcome, depending on context.
Deleting irrelevant comments aside, have to say that thanks to this post +Robert Scoble has actually provoked what has to be one of the wittiest line of comments yet to have been published on google+ :) (not sure if that's off-topic or not)
"Making predictions of what Facebook...."

Since I have been seeing so many items, in various places, saying that G+ has already stagnated, how is it possible that there are already over a hundred twenty comments in front of me on this single post?
Google+ has a tendency to post a response in the next topic in the stream for some reason.
I would never call anyone a "jackhammer". Doesn't even sound insulting. Sounds macho. Robert "The Jackhammer" Scoble. Great pro wrestling name!
re libya: what a long, strange tripoli its been!
Fox Business News channel contains no News, and serves only a certain subset of the Business community.
+Bob Rosenberg because he is Robert Scoble, a megastar here in G+ and a comment magnet, look how many followers he has. I love G+ but I'm still wondering why my friends and family aren't here yet (despite my invites) and yet they are the circles that matter to me most. And those that are here aren't posting or engaging, waiting for friends to migrate over. I have many inactive accounts in the circles that I started out with. Obviously their expectations or social media needs have not been met by Google+.
I do not envy the task of editing your comments, but you know what they are comments on your post. Just like a blog I think it's ok to delete things that will show up on your stream. If the commenter wants to say something about you uncensored they have their own stream with the 10 people following them. ;)
No apologies needed. Let the haters hate....THEY are the ones who are lame.

You do a great job and I could care less what network you are on as long as the info is good, breaking or imminent. ;)
Sometimes you have to delete comments to retain the continuity of your posts. 
JACKHAMMER! (kidding. It's your thread, you do what you want with it. Why do you have to explain yourself? )
Jackhammer, I delete my own comments or posts when I realize I've been a jackhammer (hopefully nobody took a screenshot), you noisy power tool. =) Man I feel better, Rock on Robert, Fred Flintstone style!

That was meant as a compliment... didn't work.
Wouldn't tool work better than jackhammer. Cause a jackhammer and a butt plug are both tools ya know.
Hey, you have some followers who actually like Fox Business. So in my eyes you are anything but lame.
Hmm... I don't think you would even have to post something like this on Twitter.

Just sayin'... ;)
+Marilou Aballe I'm sure it's because Google+ is so young. My family don't want to know either yet - they only just figured out how to use Facebook (which is bound to enjoy the safety-zone advantage for a few months yet) and still haven't figured out why really.... I'm sure they'll come over eventually.
+Robert Scoble , that doesn't make you lame. What increases the lameness of this post, though, is where's the link to your Fox appearance? It's ok to promote yourself occasionally, you know!

Also, since you pride yourself on curation, maybe moderating is part of that until Google can automate it and make us all think WordPress and Kismet are too much work...
I love watching you on FBN. You and Mr. Varney are quite charming.
Can't hate too bad for you going on FBN. They pay well for souls I hear. Plus someone has to break up their lunacy once in awhile with a little bit of reality. (I mean you don't have to really, but it has to happen on on accident once in awhile) ;-P Great idea btw, just have a daily rant thread :)
So do you actually read "all" of your comments? Why not just ignore the off-topic ones? Is Google+ where you are generating/consuming most of your Internet noise?
I prefer to be called the more formal Johnhammer, if that's OK.
You seem to have the urge to play traffic cop for the conversations in your stream which is, of course, your right. I assume this is because you're only interested in responses which speak directly to what you're interested in?

I wouldn't, myself, try to censor what anyone said in a conversation (spam & abuse aside) even if it was a conversation I initiated, but then I'm not one of those folks with 5,000 "followers" who has to worry about content getting lost in the flood.
OMG I love that Geico commercial! Even though it was Jackwagon ... not Jackhammer, it still cracks me up how people take things so serious sometimes. No fear. Not here!
Some folks want G+ to be everything, including 4chan. Folks think they have a right to post "First" or off-topic flamewars, not realizing that the beauty of G+ is we have much more control over our content; how its presented, to whom, and how they may respond.

I think of it like this. Posting something is like starting a conversation in, say, your living room (Private) or front lawn (public). If it veers off topic I can ask for it to get back on, and if I don't like whats being said I can ask you to leave. I make the rules, since it's my home.
Frankly, I am so sick of hearing how awful anything related to Fox is. Fox Business News is a great channel we used to get until we switched to CenturyLink, sigh. My frustration is born by people making assumptions about anyone who chooses to look at any news channel which does not match their own biases. Grrr. Good for you +Robert Scoble.
+Trevor MacInnis I so agree with you! If people don't like what +Robert Scoble or someone else posts or does, it's so easy to UCM (+Guy Kawasaki ). Un-Circle-Me. No need to get offensive or uppity.

There is another thing also how people get off topic: If they don't understand what the topic is about, it's easy to wonder off.
I missed the tv spot but curious if you have any real insight on HP and what happened with webOS... It is funny the same tablet commercials run but without that webOS point..