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Basis to blow away Nike FuelBand and FitBit?

Here we get a look at the new Basis wearable computer (looks like a watch) which has four major sensors inside of it. 

I did an audio interview with the CEO here: which goes into depth about what it does but here I get a video look at the software side of things.

Learn more:
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I've been using FitBit-- the sleep monitor is the coolest part.  I would be curious to see the temperature monitor on this-- it would be neat if a company came up with a way to monitor ovulation cycles with one of these devices.
One draw back compared to the Fuel band or FitBit is that it's more like a watch.  While it offers more features than the other devices, it's bigger and more in the way compared to the other bands.  I have the Nike Fule band and do wear it all day.  I can also where a watch.  This would be a device that is both a watch and a fitness device.  Because I like wearing different watches this wouldn't fit my lifestyle.  This device requires you to always wear it (just like Nike Fule and FitBit) but as a "watch like" device you can't wear both.  (I guess technically you can, but do you really want to wear two watch like devices?) 

I don't see people wearing both a real watch and this device.  With the FitBit and Fuel band I can and do wear both and see others wearing both.

Just some thoughts.  If they could make this more into a "band" like form factor I would try it out. I love some of the features.
I think the power of these devices is the ability to code your own stuff on them. With that in mind I believe that those with SDKs are going to be the real winners in this area.

Hey Robert, the audio is fine :)
Interesting, too bad the are sold out for christmas
The website for Basis really does the product justice. In contrast to the Nike Fuel Band which is aimed at people who are uber serious about being fit. Basis seems aimed at us folk who try to stay fit in Bite sized chunks. This is certainly a product I will track. 
+Robert Scoble Are they available now? I'm a freak about this QS movement. Looks cool. Thanks for sharing.
Been an avid Fitbit user for 3 months, and seen positive impact on my health, but stopped using the sleep tracking because of the messing around with the armband thing. This looks great, would be very interested, though couldn't see international shipping (UK)?
+Ben Seymour The FAQ states it is US only for now. Pity. I fancy trying it as well, although I'm liking my Fitbit One at the minute and haven't entirely given up on the Up Band (second replacement band in the post!)
Honestly...FitBit and FuelBand are only used by "athletic geeks"
Anyone that is serious about tracking their fitness isn't using those but a Garmin or Polar type watch.
These developers need to try to appeal to that crowd to really ever be successful...
+Paul Jewkes Yeah, no.  I'm not athletic in the slightest sense and love my fitbit; I use it mainly for sleep tracking, but the stair-count is an interesting metric that has caused me to use the stairs in my office a lot more often than the elevator.  Gamification...working.

If you ever went to the fitbit forums you'd find a vast majority are NOT athletic geeks.  I don't know where you get your preconceived notion from, but it's not even close to right.
> Basis to blow away Nike FuelBand and FitBit?

Maybe, but it'll have to be smaller.  It's quite gaudy right now; one of the advantages of the 'band and 'bit are that they are nigh invisible on you and you can wear them in a professional setting.  This thing is just too big.   I love the idea and might get something like it eventually, but not this particular thing.
+Michael Campbell
That is exactly my point. Maybe I shouldn't use the term "athletic geeks," but just "geeks."
But I thought that sounded too harsh...
Guess its not offensive to some though.
By "athletic geek" I meant stair counters and sleep trackers.

In other words your comment fits you into the exact group that I was intending the comment...
Thanks from a retired pilot who misses the applied tech. of aviation.
+Robert Scoble good stuff much related to your upcoming book.. Possibilities are endless with more technology!
Fuelband was my intro to these types of devices and while it has it's flaws I like how it's increased my awareness of my own level of activity. The Basis looks awesome. I was a little disappointed that the Fuelband didn't have a heart rate monitor. Inclusion of heart rate and the additional sensors in the Basis should provide some great additional information. For example I'm making an effort to get a consistent amount of sleep and improve my quality of sleep and the Fuelband can't help with that.
Awesome. I didn't know about this product until I stumbled upon this post. Definitely considering buying now...
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