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Happy Birthday America. We are having a neighborhood block party. Hope you are having a safe and sane Fourth!
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What? You're going to block everybody in the neighborhood?
Happy Independence Day Robert Scoble!!!!!
This country was founded on neither safety, nor sanity.
Congratulations From Georgia USA :))) 
Neighbourhood block party? Like a British Street Party? It's good that America keeps the old systems alive! :P
Sadly I have to work but I'm going to love the overtime... 
I think this is one of the reasons Britain has evolved not to be so patriotic :P
Safe, but NOT sane..., oh well...
(singing).... oh Im proud to be an American! where ct least i know Im freeee! .... :)
go independence day yall lol have fun!!!!!!!!!
and happy 4th to u too thx u for telling us happy fourth 
Happy Independence Day!

Blessings to All,
Hallie Guilfoyle
wish i was doing nothing...obviously im on the computer!!!!
do America think about it future? Happy Birth days OK but ...
Why do I think that Scoble didn't organize and invite attendees to this with Google+ Events.
America    Some people talk bad about it but if they got out and actually GO SEE it   Not the beachs .the inside of the land like NationalParks   America is BEAUTFUL
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