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I wish I had never heard of Google+'s brand pages. Well, at least it got me blogging!
I wish I had never heard of Google+'s brand pages. November 8, 2011 By Robert Scoble Leave a Comment. OK, you all know I'm Google+'s biggest fan, right? For the past five months I've p...
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That would have keep G+ only a social network of people !
:-))))) blogging is always good:-)) you are disappointed of the pages, Robert?
+Robert Scoble you're just ignored if you complain to a company via email. Via a social network (particularly Twitter) they act pretty fast.
Nice early morning post on the early issues
Google needs to extend their API so that it's not read-only. Then at least you could build tools to remedy this, if Google won't.
I am agreeing with your blog +Robert Scoble. I think this has been released with more to come and I think that is the wrong approach for this type of functionality unfortunately. Especially when I remember the big guys at Google saying that Brands/business should not be using Google+ and they want to get business accounts right.
+Robert Scoble very valid points, though one assumes that they will be addressed over time. My general thought is that Pages can be used as a collaborative announcement feed, much as official corporate blogs do now. In that sense the do fit in to what a public company needs to do, as a single admin account could be controlled by different people over time without having to re-establish a personal ID. In other words, a single person controlling the Pages but that person being able to change over time. I can see where in some ways a feature like Pages may in fact replace some aspects of corporate blogging, since it's a fully public feature on the Web (unlike Facebook pages that require a login) and would therefore meet the requirements of public disclosure. Any way you look at it, this is only a first step, probably.
+Robert Scoble -- this is just building on the fundamental flaw (re. Identifiers) already accentuated by the Nymwars imbroglio. The kernel of G+ lacks individual and group identifiers. No amount of UI and UX can hide or disguise the flaw :-(
+Robert Scoble I agree especially for companies that are highly regulated like financial services companies.
I am also disappointed Robert:-)) and so many things that make problems now - when you share a post the profile links above the post get cool.....may copy the content myself in it...:-))
+Robert Scoble That makes for one hell of a read. My only comment is that if Google doesn't fix the things you've mentioned then this G+ Business Account is going to end in tears. I find it amazing that a company such as Google did not see this from a company perspective.
I suggest filling in the 'About' page and perhaps an initial post then sitting on it until the multi-admin support etc is in place.
I kind of wish they weren't doing pages at all. It would have been nice if they'd thought out the box and allowed employees to be associated with the brand they work for/own and then let other users know of the affiliation.

This would encourage open discourse, responsible posting and could have been aggregated in some way, rather than having single use brand pages. It might have been a more honest, social experience.

Also, why can't brand pages add anyone to a Circle? It seems you have to be added to theirs first. Kind of weird, you'd assume that brands would want to be able to add their influencers quickly to start building traction...
+Kingsley Idehen - I think this actually bodes well for pseudonymity, at least. The feature that lets you, as a Page owner, switch between identities implies that the ability to have a pseudonomyous account, owned by a "real" account, could be extended to regular profiles, not just pages.
Verified Business and Organisations will make use of Google Analytics for analysing the demographics data.
It would be great if you could have a separate "stream" for pages (and the circles containing them) so they don't have to muck up the stream of real profiles...
They say they'll be adding the 'admin' accounts soon. ie: other people who can post to a page. 'group' ownership etc. That sort of thing.

One thing I will be using my "Kosso Research Labs" page for, is to put all the info about the various products, services and experiments I'll be launching soon. All in one pace/stream.

That way it can act like a kind filter for people who only want to 'follow me' who care about just those things, rather than have to be subjected to all the other random stuff I write or share.

In a way, that's a kind of 'hack' - since Google needs to really add 'squares', which could be categories/filters which people could create.

eg: You might have a 'photography' square, a 'geek' square and a 'gadget' square, but people who circle you could decide to only see posts in their stream by you from your 'photography square'.

That would be nice, eh? ;)
Great points +Robert Scoble. Even I, as a lowly podcaster, require some if not all of these features and it's very surprising and disappointing that they've opened this up in what appears to be such a half-baked fashion.
I'm creating pages to make sure that I have place holders for the businesses and brands that we own. My best strategy is to wait until the tools get better. I will post on occasion to keep the pages active but not as much as I would like. The team and administrative features are a must. This is one area that Microsoft would have gotten right because they understand enterprise. Google does not understand enterprise. It is not a part of their DNA. Did they bother to talk to the Google Apps guys to see what might be needed for office collaboration or team management? I don't think so.
+Robert Scoble PS ... the post I referenced in my first comment also says they are working on transfer of account ownership, so that's two items on your hitlist they say they are at least working on.
well, it's very g+, launch first, improve and fix later
It's worse than that. Bizarrely anyone can create a page with any name. Expect hundreds of Facebook pages. Verification is done by cross linking between the page and the page pointed to by the URL. But it's not clear how that is displayed in the UI.

AFAIK today, of course.
What about:

1. All the unofficial pages that soon clutter the Google+ landscape

Also the most powerful potential side effect of Google Pages is when you do a search and add the + to the Google search box.

For example try a search for :


And the very top drop down list of pages are the official Google Pages. This in the future may be very powerful.
Stuck with several pages myself as well even though we have teams of editors.. well at least for now I will really breath and eat Google+ 24/7 until we can add multi-admins. Although they will get this fixed in the end, I don't understand how it can take several months to release an unfinished product. Or maybe they just want to create hype after hype after.. well hype?
Great set of inputs, +Robert Scoble ! I believe that the G+ Team is carefully watching all these discussions. And we must not forget that there is a "send feedback" button here in the lower right corner... This means they (The G+ team) have an open communication channel with us, the users... I think/guess most of these feature requests are going to be addressed soon.
I'm a one man show so it's not a problem but I think I may hold off on separate pages. People know what I do and I am representing my business in an authentic way.
o Bryan
And we've come full circle
How great this would become if we have noise my stream is noise only tbh..High time now..
Maybe they are +Robert Scoble deaf or waiting to give you the best Christmas-present ever? Not sure if it will be your Christmas-present or ours?! ;)
Also wanted pages to be a visual treat not profiles branded not a page column..
I was trying to figure out how to get some people engaged so I was going to give away some coffee. I personally have been circled by over 3700 and yet I can't seem to get any engagement about the brand I am representing. Again, it's all about the shared circle. The large brands dominated yesterday's conversations and sucked the oxygen from the room.
+Robert Scoble I totally agree. I was expecting to be blown away especially with all the hype surrounding this. There is all the worflow issues you mentioned which are problems too for smaller firms and then we were teased by "what the Google+ brand pages could look like" but all we got was a square icon to decipher between a profile and a page. We jumped the gun to in launching our page and hope they enhance the features for businesses soon.
+Robert Scoble I think they are listening but the development schedule seems bizarre some times. What gets me is the good features that were in Buzz still haven't appeared. Feels like there should be a big white board session where they go back and look at what was good in Buzz and get that on the schedule.

Damn, we're impatient!
+Robert Scoble maybe the G+ team have some issue with you sir. They listened all my requests :) and yes, noise is a BIG problem here!
I wish Google would also extend the multiple admin functionality to Analytics and Calendar. It's basically the same problem - you can't really hand over your personal Google password to a whole bunch of people, because that would give them the right to post on G+ as you as well.
+Robert Scoble it does help all people. Was just messing with you as I have never seen your posts as noise (beside when you have empty circles and only you in one of them.) Although weak implemented noise control can also kill your streams. Maybe they waited for sufficient people to sign up and test the product 100% before releasing.

I really hope they have two separate teams working on it so I am still putting my money on both of features.
Whoa, +Robert Scoble ... That is really a bummer then. I really thought they were reading the feedback people posted here. If they are not listening to influencing users such as you, then we are in some kind of trouble with this tool. Hope your post - now that it made your complaints public - get better results! As I said before, I agree with what you said. For me, the most critical issue is team management for public / business profiles. Hope they fix this soon.
+Robert Scoble I am with you on this. Created a page for my wife's online store and thinking I could set it up and send her on her way. Now I am the admin and content provider. Awesome.
+Robert Scoble

There seems to be a pattern here.

Many of the google+ related releases seem to be not fully thought out or tested.

The google reader integration.

The iOS app.

Google+ brand pages.

I do understand that Google is taking on an enormous project here but for the brand pages they literally have had months to work on this.

Why not have a limited beta rollout to test if not fully ready ?

+Robert Scoble did you read through the terms and conditions of the pages? Apparently you are also not allowed to do to much of promotion on them. Even a contest is a no-go. Strange way of positioning this. Maybe also to do with noise?

Contests, Applications and Ads
Any contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or similar promotion on your Google+ Page must also comply with the Google+ Pages Contest and Promotion Policies. You may post links to applications on Google+ Pages so long as the applications comply with the Google+ Platform Development Policies. You may not display third party advertising on your Google+ Page.

I created one last night, and couldn't see how to edit one today - I followed the help instructions, by going to the page and clicking on the profile icon, which... Took me to my individual profile.

I've just created a new page, for a seperate project, and now noticed that under my name, on the top left of G+, in grey, is the text '2 pages' and an icon (also grey) and I can actually update things that way!

Not a brilliant UX/UI Google-guys!
I'm sure Google is looking at this... Maybe, it's one of their baby steps for brands and businesses
I made the same mistake yesterday. I opened a page for a company without realizing that it would be associated with my profile. The problem for me is made worse by the fact that I'm just a consultant, now they want the transfer of the full ownership of the page and I can't. I will point this conversation to them so that I can explain that it was a common mistake if even Robert Scoble did it. :)
I am happy Google finally gave us the brand pages we've been asking for, but I agree, it seems a little rushed out the door. Since Google isn't the first one out of the gate here, they really should have done a better job of incorporating the features +Robert Scoble mentions, as well as providing some tutorials to novice users to get started. While I'm happy G+ is moving in the right direction, I'm pretty disappointed at the path to get there. Here's to hoping they figure it out quickly.
I don't know if the bigger issue is google or the unintelligent way people are using the pages. In any case, it's revealing, and I'm glad that my stream is separating the men from the boys. I really would rather read posts from people and business that have a basic understanding of social skills, and not pure, blatant self promotion.
you're right on this, but we know google is not doing it right the first time, isn't it? they probably decided to start with small/medium companies on this...
Does this mean that Google will finally allow adding an admin for Google places account?
Thank you +Robert Scoble for posting this. When I get to work today I have a better idea of what I am getting myself into when I set up our account.
+MaryAnn Pfeiffer google historically releases products and services while still in the design phase. Disappointment is a bit premature.
I believe, too +Robert Scoble . I think this product is their (Google's) first really massively social and real-time deeply dependent on people's interactions endeavor. I believe it will take some time, but things will be fixed eventually. I just hope they do not take too much time on doing so or even on giving some answers to users. This could create frustration and - of course - a huge backlash. Let's hope for the best of the tool, since we are dedicating our valuable time on collaborating here.
+Lucian Naie No, they don't. IMHO, the guys at Google are really tough and they know exactly what they are doing.
+Kaisa Hernberg you hit the nail on the head. I'm still not sure how people tolerate Analytics with no built in sharing of profiles/access. That product has been out for YEARS. it's quite uninspiring that they haven't solved this simple thing
This is a complete eh. We were told to wait for the brand pages and this is what we get? A very weak offering with obvious features missing.

+Robert Scoble At least Google supports you. As a fellow blogger my time on Google + is waning because I get more trackbacks to my blog from elsewhere. There are a number of sites that give me more trackbacks with less time spent. Those are the focus of my 24 hours.
Also noted that when adding something like ASP.NET to the pages profile, it is automatically converted into a URL and no amount of editing and removing the link will stop in converting it into a link!
Great post Robert. It's a helpful contribution to what Google+ Pages needs to be in the future. Maybe you can ping +Louis Gray and make sure this feedback is heard and acted on. Hey, he probably manages the +Google+ page and has the same issues. :)
I agree with everything that you wrote. Hen's Teeth Network is a company with just five people but I have tried hard to eliminate stovepipes. The Google+ Page will force us to use one, through me, and I am way too busy to hold that role.
"It has to go into outer space" -CK Louis
+Robert Scoble

I agree with you and Google as far as not allowing privileged access to brand pages for beta testing or otherwise. Although Ford did have that.

I think they may have taken Google plus out of beta too early. This lead to a mass influx of new users who quickly left. This followed with all the very media reports showing declining google plus usage.

Many of the other releases seem like they should have been fleshed out more and perhaps could have been aided by some beta testing and feedback from power users. 
Sorry +Robert Scoble you are wrong on a few points here. A: Google is listening and very closely too. See B: As an owner of a page, you CAN see who is following the page. That is what +Louis Gray explained to me on the hangout. It is easy to enable by configuring the settings on your page. C: You are taking what you expect from Apple and applying it to Google. Google often releases beta products, as you know, that are not perfect. Apple never does, besides Siri, which is in beta now and having some issues. Google has already addressed some of your questions and the others are in the pipeline. You know better than anyone how this platform is scaling. 40m+ users in no time. cut them some slack.
Wow. It seems people complain if Google waits to release something to the public (Google Plus), then they complain if they release it early and it has a few things to work out. Technology is always a work in progress. If we wait till Technology is finished, the world would have to end first. I am happy they are giving us something for nothing and I will still be happy as they roll out updates. It's like opening a Christmas present everyday.
Thanks for the post. Sad to see google do something like this. I'm pretty sure they'll roll out something to fix this. But then again, can't they do things right the first time? Or at least try to get it right!
Wow. It seems people complain if Google waits to release something to the public (Google Plus), then they complain if they release it early and it has a few things to work out. Technology is always a work in progress. If we wait till Technology is finished, the world would have to end first. I am happy they are giving us something for nothing and I will still be happy as they roll out updates. It's like opening a Christmas present everyday.
Perhaps if you want to collaborate on a page then you need to set up a separate gmail account for your company/brand and then create your page, thus multiple people can access the same page... Oh, but hang on, Google want us to be ourselves and not use pseudonyms, so that won't work. Looks like this has been rushed out for some reason.

I do like the way you can use the "+" sign to search for brands, I think that will eventually prove very popular. It would be handy if it also worked in the Chrome address bar and not just on the search bar of Google.
As with any new feature, it behooves the prospective user to do some research first and to wait for the provider to release added documentation. I would venture to guess that your feedback via the "Send Feedback" button would be more beneficial than raving on your blog in order to contribute to click through rates of your personal brand.

Now that I've had the opportunity to vent, I'll add something of more value.

I can agree with you on all of those points. They are definitely painful, especially for someone like you +Robert Scoble, who posts like a Federal Reserve Printing Press. Having to decide where to post and who maintains control over the brand page is a headache. The fact that your company is already working internally to deal with these shortcomings is a feat, I'll give you that.

Keep in mind however, brand pages are not even 24 hours old. While many companies online are usually pretty slow to implement changes, Google has a decent track record (depending on the circumstances).

For all of your sensationalist ravings, you do drive a good point. It seems as though someone didn't account for these difficulties that you are having at the moment with your brand pages publicly. I do not assume that all is wine and roses right now at Google, but then again, I don't assume that they are asleep at the wheel (as you appear to in your article). Google is a massive company working on many projects besides Google+ and the mini-projects within that department. I would venture to guess that they will be rolling things out as they become more polished. First the pages themselves, then open to the public, then add in administration features, etc.

I think it's a little early for a "doom and gloom" type rant like this. I'm not discounting your points, again, they are valid. I am a tad disappointed in their delivery. Forgive my initial response paragraph, I leave it up there now after thinking about it as I think you have a right to know exactly what I was thinking at the time and to respond to that as well if you feel it necessary. As with continuing to use Google Plus Brand Pages, the choice is yours.
I agree with much of your critique, but people don't see your stream when they come to your profile or your page. They see your posts.

Google should have rolled this out with small businesses and let us get the feature set down while working in the background with the big dudes.
+Robert Scoble hasn't this argument been covered in the past with Facebook's pages? I am sure he must make promotions, have themed nights, etc.
+Robert Scoble I honestly would love to see them use the Google+ page on google maps, maybe allow user reviews and back and forth conversation... I recall them buying a company that could help with this idea.
Second that +Shayne Taylor ! Yes, there will always be features that we can come up with that could/should be in the product but i'd rather have something (and have this ability to produce feedback) than nothing.
Completely agree. The Pages implementation is really a mixed bag. It's great in some cases and dangerous (as you point out) in others.

Here's to hoping things get ironed out quickly.
Well, since this discussion is getting a lot of attention here (this is great, isn't it? This could never happen to any Twitter discussion... Not this way and not right now. But i digress...

The big thing here, +Robert Scoble is that you have sent this to +Vic Gundotra and others to make this even more public and "discussable" than a simple feedback message. This should accelerate Google's actions. And, as +Elliott Ng points, the G+ team are probably facing the same issues here.

I believe that if they fix these issues (or even talk about them) acting fast and give the proper feedback, this could be a very positive thing for Google and for G+.
+Robert Scoble I do share your emotions. Some of the things though seem to be driven by our use of Google+. Imagine that you do not use your personal account like a business tool but rather as a private tool. Than the page would be the place to post business stuff. The issue is now two fold.
1. You have created a nice amount of followers (you more than me) on your personal account. How could you transfer these to a business page without losing some or many?
2. We all value Google+ as place forrelevant content and discussions. If we now divide content streams into personal (people) and business (pages) how does that change the value of the overall platform.I
am also in between a rock and a hard place whether to post left or right or double? I will probably post 100% on the personal account and a relevant subset on the page. But that is a personal decision.

+Eve Windmüller for information
Ah +Robert Scoble haven't you realized by now? The Google is a mish mash of small teams. This is the biggest thing they have ever put their weight behind. This is how the Google does things. Lower your standards and you will find true inner peace. Repeat the mantra 'They're just an advertising company, they're just an advertising company'.
It's very hard not to be disappointed with this latest release. When thinking back to the release of G+, the slight twists in metaphors and the potential of what it could become was one of the most exciting areas. The trouble is disappointing releases and persistent bugs that are not going away the thing that G+ is rapidly becoming recognised for is not being as good as Facebook when implementing similar functionality.
+Raul Marengo Lopez no I am referring to the company Talkbin. If they integrated that into Maps/Google+ for businesses or at least the idea of Company Feedback into it more.
..they had years and years experience of social media way before facbook (orkut) what have they done with,what are they going to do with it? nothing, most of the brazilians moved now to Facebook...
+Robert Scoble I'm pretty sure that they should just talk to you with regards to any brand pages... I expected a lot more out of them honestly for the delay, hopefully these concerns can be addressed quickly and improvements are made.
I bet all these features are coming.
+Robert Scoble Now you're just being dramatic. You're a special case. If you setup your account correctly with the right plugins you can control the noise. They are listening. They have hangouts and ask for our input all the time.
I don't understand this one from Robert. They made it pretty clear up front it was like this and those multi-admin functions were coming.
I'm glad all the branded pages look alike. If I want to go to a business's customized webpage, I'll go to their webpage. Your content should make your brand page noteworthy, not your fancy code. I want to put your company in a circle and have interesting convos and info pop up in my stream that will drive interest in your products, I don't want companies just trying to get me to their page so they can bury me in spin.

As others have said, Google is already working on all the things you have talked about. Apparently they decided to release the tool before every feature was implemented so that the people that know how to handle things can take it on themselves. It's a tool for people that know what they're doing or want to experiment, and they'll make it more idiot proof shortly.

The feature I really want Google to implement, mostly to soothe the fears of others, is the ability to block all posts from Google+ Pages, even when they're re-shared by other people.

But I view Google+ and Pages in a "how will this be good for consumers that want more information?" and not "how will this be good for companies that want more money?" way.
+Robert Scoble I can't believe how much you complain about Google, go use Facebook if you don't like the service. As far as I can tell your main complaint is there is no multi-admin support (which they already said is coming), and that you don't know how to use the service properly (like seeing who is following you)...
I think this is a question of Google's speed through the listening-experimenting-repeat cycle. If they can learn and deliver faster than business users can generate requirements, then shoot first, fix later is a fine strategy. You must have massive resources and tolerant customers to make that work, and Google seems likely to have that in spades. Google can launch to a more minimal feature set than small companies because their customers often forgive and they can allocate staff to exploit opportunities. It doesn't always work or go where they expect, but they have more runway than most small startups. GM and Coca Cola will be patient as Google iterates, because of Google's market power and the expectation that it will be meaningful to business sooner than later.
+Logan McNaughton did you read the same post I did? Scoble has been preaching Google for months about how G+ will change the world and for someone as public as Scoble to say this is amazing for Google. When they stumble with a feature set that was supposed to be amazing and its nothing more than a few words changed around in the fields he has every right to be disappointed.
For entrepreneurs, however, it's not much of an issue. I don't believe that it will be like this forever. It's just the roll-out. Even if I sell my small business in the future, I don't believe that my G+ page will forever be tied to "me only".
+Robert Scoble, my biggest complaint is that Google simply created a page factory. I was looking for business-to-consumer interaction tools. I wanted to see a rich collaboration between companies and their customers. Google+ Pages are so last decade! But maybe Google has an interaction revision in the wings. Otherwise, all they've done is allowed people to create pages without real names.
+Wes Walker Fair enough point Wes, but you would think/hope/expect that since Google is working hard to differentiate themselves from Facebook as a better option, they would have done something more than the 'page factory' approach that +Lorin Olsen mentions above. If you're not going to release the same thing that we are used to from other SM sites, then give me something different. I do think the team at Google is smarter than this, I just wish they would have given us more at the launch to be excited about.
I'm a little mixed on the Brand Pages feature. I'd prefer not to have G+ cluttered up with brands, but I also realize they need to be able to get revenue for this thing at some point and so if they can keep it clean (which I think they are trying to do) then it may be ok.

But I'm with Robert on this one as I just sent an email to my companies marketing people telling them we may want to start looking into doing a brand page. But from somebody that tried to set that up in Facebook I completely understand the issues that can go into this. Having different accounts going and being worried about what stuff may cross post or post to the wrong account if you aren't paying attention who you're logged in as, etc made the Facebook thing a mess. I'm hoping that Google would have used that knowledge to greatly improve their system, but it sounds like maybe it's not any better at the moment.

Let's hope they fix it.
And here's another gotcha. Businesses can't add people to their circles until the people first add them. So... no importing of circles into new Pages. Crazy!
Hi +Robert Scoble I agree with your points and would add to them need for vanity urls and trademark protection, relationships between brand parent pages and child pages (for global HQ brand page, country brands page, divisions, etc ) and analytics.
+Ward Mundy i believe it's a logical move to stop Page adding people. i hate unsolicited messages from companies.
I'm not surprised by this. They introduced google apps accounts recently didn't have a tool ready to migrate my account. The big difference being that they were aware that this was a need and were transparent about the timeline (weeks). There was simply no indication of this same sort of awareness for Google + Pages - and I became sadly aware last night as I created a page for the Accidently Community and was immediately asked by a member if we could assign additional admins (like we could on Facebook).

Of course, I responded by providing a link to your blog post +Robert Scoble. It answered all of the questions :)
It's the other way around. This doesn't keep a business from spamming you. It restricts the business from getting feedback from users until they choose to follow (circle) the company. It's ass-backwards in other words.
I see you are pointing out errors with the administration of the account? As per written on the +Google+ page, this is already being worked on to accommodate multiple administrators. Most of what you are talking about there can be fixed with feedback, in fact the team working on the brand pages are doing these changes off of feedback.
Before jumping the gun some Google searching about this might of helped =].
It is normal for Google. Launch first, then aim at target. Google Docs has multiple owners for very long time. Not sure why G+ does not have it.
+Michael Wang Docs might have implemented it after people asked, it looks like the Pages team were just excited to get this up and running! =D
+Robert Scoble I agree with your post, but I saw some Google+ people saying the multiple admins feature was coming. So I think the effect of the blog post will be minimal, except to scare brands off tinkering with Google+ Pages. But, then, that's your prerogative :-)
+Robert Scoble With the feedback blog above, link it to a post on their page with "This is my feedback and I would like a response please!". I know many people who have had their feedback heard, this is interesting.

On the topic of the noise filter, How do you propose they go ahead with it? At the moment I have put my circles into sub-circles with their subjects and scroll past any topics that don't have anything that stands out in the scan over.
"Multiple administrator support is promised in the near future, but until it arrives, it seems important that if your company has a social media manager, that person should be the one to create the account.

Unlike Facebook, there aren’t “vanity” URLs yet available that use a business name rather than a long string of number. The same issue is true of personal accounts. Google provided no update on when this might change.

Unlike with Facebook, you can change the name of your page at any time. However, if you have verified status, doing this will cause you to lose verification, requiring that process to start again, Google told me."

Quoted from this source:
+Robert Scoble I haven't actually thought of filtering posts like that, though I'm pretty sure making an app or extension for Chrome that will filter it for you (until it's implemented) can be done. If you can get more people posting feedback with wanting the above feature I am sure they will listen!
Granted, I'm only posting as an individual to a 'for fun' project (curated Mars news at +Martian Soil), but what's bugging me the most about pages right now is the absence of an API, because it essentially means I can't schedule posts like I do on Twitter. If I gather links once a day, I'm forced to either post 5-8 of them in one go, or save them somewhere and schedule myself to repost them in 2-3 batches, so I'm not flooding the people who have circled me.

Still, it's early days, so I'm happy to watch things evolve (and file feedback in the mean time).
All: Google keeps on promising and in doing so they just don't seem to get the inherent contradiction which goes something like this:

A company of our magnitude and smarts, failed to understand the importance of identifiers for a network oriented system that operates at InterWeb scale, during these exponential times :-(

As already stated, this is just #Nymwars version 2.0 i.e., not only have we failed to appreciate naming/handle issues, we've also carried this over to groups and threaded conversations.

The architecture of the Web and Internet both provide key foundation for identifiers via hyperlinks. These identifiers deliver the critical fidelity associated with data object equivalence that ultimately lays foundation for logic based reasoning. Names/Handles always matter, its been so since the beginning of time.

The issue of identity and verifiable identifiers == yet another critical point that ultimately distinguishes Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. G+ is very much a Web 2.0 play at the current time.

For more re. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 dichotomy see:
1. -- post from yesterday about how boxes (real and fake) delineate Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
2. -- old blog posts from the past re. different dimensions of the Web.
I haven't read all the comments, as I am leaving soon for a long journey, but I read Scoble's post. It is right on. I made a brand page, and the first thing I looked for was how to share it with a co-owner. I went in several loops before I finally decided it was impossible. And then, knowing which account you're on is ridiculously complicated. But if I go on, I'm just going to repeat Scoble's post.

I just don't understand how Google managed to miss these. The only advantage Pages have is Direct Connect, which is actually a disadvantage because of the current limitations of brand pages.
My brand page just started listing its followers in the left hand side bar. This appears to have just been rolled out for me in the last hour or so, because it didn't do that earlier this morning.
Wait - does this mean Scoble will leave Google+? How is this a bad thing ;)
It's beta. It's not the best beta, but Google has demonstrated they are listening to feedback and iterating changes / features / new releases very quickly. Submit the feedback! I think you'll see lots of changes to admin controls of brand pages, and very quickly.
+Google Developers are totally known to be using everyone as beta-testers.
So I am not surprised, nor disappointed.
Let the early adopters sort it out first. It's that simple. (I think) :)
+Timothy Heys You're the first one to do the math! Congratulations! But we're getting off topic, and Scoble wants his comments on-topic.
To be honest, I never shared the Brand Page I set up because they were lacking so much.
maybe i'm missing something but i can't even figure out how to have access to ALL of the circles i've been curating for the past months with anticipation for this feature.I've tried sharing with myself which doesnt seem to work.I can't even seem to invite my buisness partner to an inner circle.i throw him says it's working with the nice +1 animation and my circle is still empty.very disappointing.I had wanted to target the folks in my industry that ive found so far.

I've answered one of my own questions.I see there's an option to share to your various circles on the right hand side.still doesnt help me add people to the interspectacular circles besides doing it all by hand.
"They are working on it", "it's a beta", "This is Google not Apple", are you kidding me? this is probably the biggest company on internet and they released a very bad product!, deal with that. I love Google, but I am not a fanboy, and yes after 5 months I see this, and yes is not good enough... +Robert Scoble you nailed it.
I went ahead and created a Page for my organization despite these limitations because I was afraid that someone else might do it before me then I would be screwed. I am very, very disappointed in the lack of features for this brand page. I mean, aside from the 5 months of time to practice here, they have had years to watch Facebook and could have designed the best features into this product. What a hassle.
Come on, +Robert Scoble, you know Google: launch early, iterate often. I'm sure they'll be adding many of the features you're complaining about Pages lacking.
+Wes Walker C'mon Wes be honest, they are launching something to early adopters, technophiles and marketing gurus... you don't think they should have done a bit more with the launch?
It seems to me that in trying to stay agile, Google is throwing out half baked stuff and then leaving us users to tell them what the products should do. I can expect that out of a startup built during a startup weekend, but not of Google. I would expect them to have good product management practices and staff, but lately evidence shows otherwise.
+Robert Scoble as per usual once it was launched everyone jumped on the bandwagon and were abandoning Facebook ( or at least they said) before fully understanding what it was all about. I think for you and a lot of others in your position (like me ) where you post for different companies and for yourself there needs to me a admin ability where you can post representing the specific company on both the companies page and your personal page and that would cut down on what could be interpreted as spamming. Great post on pointing out the deficiencies. One thing that I enjoy about your work is that no matter how much of a fanboy you are if there is something wrong you call the companies out.
The biggest problem is just not knowing who you are posting as and knowing when you are signed out of Google. You can think you have signed out, go to Google later and discover you are still signed in. I have no idea who this comment is going to be attrbuted to until after I have posted it
I am also surprised that G+ is launching such an important extension of their SocialMedia presence without dealing with such vital features like the multi-administration feature ...
+Robert Scoble I asked someone on the Google+ team whether there was a single person (or team) responsible for vetting all technical decisions from a social aspect…someone whose sole job was to consider the social implications of technical changes, however minor. The answer was that considering social impact is "everyone's responsibility". If we were talking about QA, that answer would be laughed at. If we were talking about User Interface at any good-sized company that cares about UI, it would also be laughed at. I really don't understand how Google can produce a product like this and continue to make technical decisions without a dedicated process for considering all the social ramifications.
Agreed. Awful so far. What have they been doing the last 3 months?
Right on! Multiple admin feature is required. Seems they have skipped it for the initial launch.
I wise man once said 'Give it a second! It's going to space!'.
Didn't see this specifically addressed in comments here, but wanted to point out part of your post:

2. If one Gmail account was used to build the public account, and it’s shared between multiple people, there’s no way to know who is posting to that account.

While yes, you can create a Gmail account and share it between people, you still have to create a Google+ personal page before creating a business page. The current rules of creating a personal page is that you must use your real name, so even if you are sharing the Gmail, the Google+ personal profile is still only ONE person. This is a huge problem for companies like mine.
Robert is right: Google should have had this features ready on launch.
But, then again, once they have multiple page administrators, property safeguards and analytics, gmail and search integration, it's gonna be powerful!
Well, isn't G+ still "beta"? People wanted this, Google rolled it out - so who had to say it had to be 100%? Granted, I would expect more (as you pointed out with the comparison to Facebook) - but there is just as much a drive for some people to just "get it" as there is to "make it 100%" - maybe it will be rolled out in the next few weeks, but if that's the case, Google needs to make a more public list of "improvements being worked on" - that would be nice, and would help sate people's issues.

And thanks for taking a moment and saying "should I post to my account or Rackspace, or look like a spammer and do both?" I wish more people would think about that and instead I've deluged with spam posts and retweets from people who "manage" other accounts and post it to their private account as well.

Of course, the irony being that you split the conversation up between here and your blog :)
I agree completely. It's also frustrating that we don't have the ability to schedule posts with Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. There's not any management forethought on how exactly these pages will be handled.

Or - what happens when I'm on a flight or out of pocket for a few hours? As a news source, we want to keep on top of the trends of the day with +Trenspot and without a team feature - that remains difficult.

Great points.
+Robert Scoble Another issue I see is that Google Pages seems to kill the most important aspect of Google+, a feature no other social network can claim to have. A reasonable assurance that if you post something, they will see it. The lack of artificial filtering by Google was something everyone praised and was a driving force behind the amazing engagement here. Google Pages seems to be undermining that mechanic.

How so? "Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar." (source In other words, "All comments, +1's and @mentions are subject to the page creators willingness to manually check all his or her pages for updates."

This point is only compounded by the the issues you mention Robert. I can not imagine forcing a single person to handle all the posting on high traffic Pages. That person will get over whelmed and the page will be perceived as neglected.

How dedicated are visitors going to be to pages that can not be managed? How dedicated are all of you to people you circle who post tons of content but never, ever get involved in the conversations that spring up?
No custom URLs
I can't seem to edit my page after I created it (buggy!)
No added functionality over a regular profile (ok maybe a few things)
No Custom Tabs
No multiple admins for a Page
Circles + Pages is nice and the major benefit over twitter.

This is still way off to be considered as a branding page... this is just similar to a branded Twitter account.
Sorry, I have not read all 190 comments before me but I just realized how annoying that all comments are chronological. I cannot reply to +Robert Scoble on comment #2 on this post. I am sure there's been more than dozen of his name on this thread and +Robert Scoble commented several times himself. It's no problem for me on my posts because I usually get less than 5 comments but problematic if one gets more than 20 comments consistantly.
I am getting sick of the large company "get it out fast and issue mea culpas along the way" method of new product introduction. Just when I thought Reed Hastings has beaten that meme to death here comes Google.... again.
Thank you for this, +Robert Scoble I am putting together a document for a client as to the positives & negatives of being on G+ and your post has helped me quite a bit. I'm now leaning towards "not yet"
I've read the complete thread of comments and liberally placed throughout are comments that say "it's beta" or "Google will add these functions soon" or "Google is gauging our responses to what they have given us before proceeding".
OK, accepted on all those points.
To each of you who made those points I will ask a question.
How many of the initial tranche of companies that Google started the rollout with are what are called "one man bands"?
My answer is none but I could be wrong. You tell me.
IMO, whichever way you cut it the business accounts/pages should have had multiple person admin functionality replete with audit trail of login/post/comment/logout as standard in this initial rollout.
Between Google + brand pages and the Gmail iPhone app fail I'm wondering where a lot of that awesome energy I'm used to seeing from Google went. They had time to think about Twitter and Facebook's mistakes (and victories) and still didn't make adjustments. If the big difference is using circles, (which I still don't think many people want to think about) then what's the hook to bring it up to critical mass?
Really glad that I saw this +Robert Scoble. I've been at conferences for the past week straight and was really excited that today I would be able to get Sysomos a page on Google+. Luckily I read your post first, because I almost did what you did. Now I'm going to have to sit down with some of my team and really look at how the best way to approach these new pages is going to be.
Thanks for the heads up.
If Google takes time to prebuild every feature everyone wants, people will whine they are too slow, and their product is "too complicated" or "complex". Worse, if they have a bug, people will scream. If they release incrementally and iterate, then people whine it doesn't have as much features. Other companies nor startups get this kind of criticism. If a startup's code is broken or buggy, or missing features, the tech press overlook it.

You could say, "yeah, but Google has a lot more resources than a startup!", but that's a mythical man-month style of thinking. Subdividing and adding tons of people to work on a bunch of independent tiny features does not necessarily yield a coherent whole, and without continuous feedback from the community, you don't even necessarily work on the right features. Google could have interviewed Scoble 5 months ago and got a list of his preferences, and built a product to that exacting specification, but then pissed off 90% of the other users who wanted different things in Brand pages.

My HMO is that the proper way to deal with this is to just introduce a brand-page API and let outsiders build workflow systems for signing off and managing ACLs and teams and stuff for Brand pages. Expecting Google to build a solution for this that fits every company's internal structure is too much.

My other HMO is that patience is a virtue. Whether Brand pages are perfected now, or 4 months from now, won't change whether or not most brands will support G+.
+Robert Scoble It is surprising that a behemoth company like Google does not have business strategists and marketing managers working alongside the G+ engineers. I can only assume that this is the case because I, too, had many of the same thoughts (issues) with Google+ Brand Pages as you enumerated in your post.

When I created a G+ Page for my #startup, I imagined that our team would be able to share and manage the account and, at the very least, that the ownership and control could be transferred to another person. This is the danger of engineers with little to zero business acumen having carte blanche in designing a business-focused system.
It's not terribly difficult to tell which account you are posting from. Just start from the homepage and using the dropdown (that defaults to your personal profile) select the rackspace page. Bam! You are now posting as rackspace... Not sure where the confusion is...
+Robert Scoble +Louis Gray +Dennis Troper I've been a huge supporter and regular user of Google+ Signed up my company LuxQ yesterday and today I can't get admin access to complete the profile page or post. I have 0 admin access. I'm tempted to just delete the account. So much for early adoption. Update: I just figured out how to re-access the brand page, but it was not obvious. I'll remain a fan and hope that the Google+ team is promptly responsive to comments, as they have been in the past.
I fell into the same trap. Thought I would help out the team and create our company G+ page and now I can't pass it off.

I am also at a loss to answer the "where do I post stuff" question. I am so used to G+ as a place where real people with real names talk to each other, it will feel weird to start participating as a brand name. But if I want to continue to talk as myself, why did I create a brand page?
Good points +Robert Scoble I agree with you. I setup two pages lastnight +ZoomFactor and my own +Pam Marketing Nut I am holding off on setting up client accounts for the reasons you mention.

This is where Facebook has struggled and it's a pain in the behind. It's a missed opp G+ didn't leverage the FB gap and better solve the problem.

Even with only 2 pages I am already confusing myself. I am not sure what happens when I have multiple windows open. It seems to stay logged in as that page in that window. I am a woman of many Google Chrome tabs so I can see this being a major issue.

Would LOVE to see Google clearly address exactly how agencies and consultants managing pages on behalf of client should set them up, manage them and enable cross collaboration, multi team members to work on page etc.

I'm excited about the pages but am also questioning as to why. I agree with others in that i see it more as a broadcast vs engaging biz page at this point.
Great points. I have a feeling some of the ownership issues will get fixed for exactly the reasons you state but I really hope they keep these limited to the core functionality and not the iFrame nightmare that FB brand pages are.
And oddly, products like Blogger and Sites have multiple-access already. Maybe what they ought to do is just add something to Blogger to allow posts there to be shared directly to a Google brand or G+ page. Then any publishing tool that works with Blogger will do just fine.
+Robert Scoble Once again proving that every platform has its pros and cons. Robert - I trust your judgement on a lot of things, but your quick crowning of Google+ as the end-all be-all social media tool was premature and quantified by a very unique experience that most of us will never be able to replicate on here. You create content, people trust your voice... Google+ rewards you for that in immeasurable ways... yet, the service has been severely lacking for many of us - and only now you're getting a taste of the disappointment we've felt since its launch. I think Google really lucked out in hitting the right target in you early on, but their lack of vision is truly shining through with the brand pages. This is a major content company, yet seems so out of touch with how to connect people to it. The usage habits are well-documented... how did they fall so far from the mark?
Now I have a problem, i have my personal G+ Account, I also opened a different G+ account for more work oriented conversatios with different kind of circles, I also administer the google apps and web sites for 3 organizations and yesterday I wanted to create a brand G+ page for one of this organizations so I had to create another personal account with my name on it and put it in the "Team Members" circle. Its getting messy to do that. I think we should have the option to link those many accounts into one profile with different "HATS" and be able to switch between them from G+ main page. I think Circles are not enough. I dont want public posts made with one hat to appear in the stream that has to do with another HAT, aspect or identity.
Is this when +Robert Scoble starts declaring Google Plus dead? (Joke for us Friendfeed users).
that is so --- of interest - it was my son, Nathan that got me onto G+ and he also said you must follow this guy 'Scoble' he is so interesting - and so I did - thanks all round!
Robert Scoble you have pointed out 7 errors in the new G+ page design - this is why I think your wrong, or at least exaggerates the problems a tiny bit.

"1. Only one person can “own” or “post to” an account."

The G+ team have announced that this i going to change soon

2. "there’s no way to know who is posting to that account."

Good idea, it's the same problem in facebook pages - until then end your posting best regards Scoble

3. "no process for signoffs"

Good idea, it's same problem in facebook pages - until then come up with an system internally.

4. There is no way to add Team members to this account without getting them to follow the account first.

I don't get it, whats the problem? Not sure it's a good idea that you can force colleagues to follow a page?

5. There’s no way to see who is following such an account if you are the owner.

This is just plain wrong

6. "It is extremely easy to post something by accident to your company account if you are the owner"

It's (more or less) the same problem in facebook pages

7. "If I, as owner of the Rackspace Hosting account, were to die tonight for some reason, how would ownership get transfered over to someone else at Rackspace?"

leave a testament with username and password, and It's the same problem in facebook pages

Now let's get to the things you can do, that you can't do on a facebook page. You can put your followers in segments, this is a huge plus :) for me.

What else?
Confusing for small businesses since two more entities with the same name can be found when doing searches.
so who is the blessed single individual allow to post to the g+ page? Ask him/her how it works for them...
+Mads Gorm Larsen We know Google's going to add multiple-access to company/brand pages. Thing is, that's pretty much a basic required feature considering the type of page this is. Google Pages should never have gone live without it. As a developer myself it feels like all too many situations I've been in where Sales or Marketing wants the product out regardless of whether it's ready or not, just so they can advertise it as available. It rarely works as well as Sales and Marketing thought it would.
Has anyone had difficult creating a page using their company name? Google throws an error at me when I try to create a new G+ account (not using my personal Google account) and states that the company name isn't in line with its naming policies. What a cluster. Advice, anyone?
+Steve Eienberg I don't get it, what entities and searching where?
+Ryan Stanley Even though FB allows for more that one administrator, I think you will find that on most facebook pages all updates go through one person.
+Todd Knarr it is strange that this is just a basic profile called a page, but I think they what to put it out a little at a time, and incrementally make it better and better. I am looking forward to when ripples come to pages, and the things Scobles mentions it's already announced will be fixed shortly.
I have the same question... why did they wait so many months to release this? There is nothing special or innovative about it. I expected them to get this right-- there is SO much one can do in this space. I don't get it...
Google will not let you set up a page with a separate gmail account for your company. Your company/brand is not a first name/last name thing. You have to set up a business page in G+. They will figure things out soon. Google is good about that!
I set up a page for a friend, and it said "you will be posting as <page>". I signed out, then signed back in and it was in the individual's personal name, and there seemed to be no way to get back to the page to add stuff or amend it. I may have missed this, we were in a hurry to get a lot of other things done, though.
It seems the only reason for the wait was to make sure users and not businesses were well established. (To draw the advertising and investment dollars...) I dislike Google only slightly less than I dislike Facebook but the world is here and there so being a people person here am I. I am also totally in love with social media and the potential there of. I had an account that should have been a page a while back. It was suspended until last night and now I guess things are "fixed" such as that can be with the features not provided.
Regarding your main points about multiple-ownership, clearly this is a future planned feature. If you examine carefully, you'll find this wording: "Shown below is the list of Google+ pages you have either created or have been given access to. " The 'given access' part hasn't been implemented yet, I think, but the hooks are there at least.
+Frann Leach When whoever set up the page is looking at their personal stream, look up in the top-left beside the photo/icon (just above the list of cicles). There'll be a pull-down arrow that'll let you switch between your profile and the pages you've created.
As things stand at the moment the best way I see of managing the posts of a Google+ page is that all the people who should be posting on the page are contained within a given circle for the page, they do individual posts under their own account, then someone with the admin role on the page can watch that circle and share the posts through the page.

This would then identify the original author, as well as put the post out through the official channel, i.e. the page. An example would be +Robert Scoble posting his video's under his own account, then sharing the post through the Rackspace page. People following Robert will still see the post, and people following the page will see it too (along with the fact that it was authored by Robert).

Not ideal, but I think it might be best right now.
I thought that Google would do the smart thing and introduce G+ Pages for companies through Google Apps
Of course, a lot of +Robert Scoble's issues could be resolved by the 3rd party developers chomping at the bit waiting for a meaningful API, from noise filters to Page posting workflow. But we're still twiddling our thumbs waiting on that one.
"So, let me get this straight, only one person, working on one team, can post to a social networking account? " hmm, simple and minimum set of features as in twitter? For other purposes: use wordpress or blogger
Pages, as currently implemented, seem better suited to one person who wants to create opt-in circles or maybe write under a pen name, than to corporate businesses where multiple admins need to produce and monitor content. Since the Page is the child of an individual Profile (even though the link is not publicly viewable, no individual should create a business Page under his individual account if he is merely a company employee.

Are business now allowed to set up Google+ profiles so that they can create a Page?
it is such a simple thing(multi admin), that i almost think they did it on purpose. Google wants this new feature to be the main topic of conversation, so what better way to get it noticed then have it slightly broken, so that big companies are complaining, meanwhile your everyday bloke, or small time buisness or artist looks at this, and says to themselves, "this is an easy way to get noticed" so while these mostly 1 person pages are going up google is rolling out the changes so people like +Robert Scoble dont get too annoyed lol
+Robert Scoble So because I considered Chrome and not i devices it's bad? I think you are being too picky with this. If you want Google to listen to your feedback you have to show a large response otherwise like me, they will look at it and shake their head.
one other thing i noticed in your post, which may help if you want everyone in your team to get the notifications +Robert Scoble sent to the one email, just set up a filter and have it auto forward those emails to the rest of your team(you may already know about this but thought it may help)
A lot of the problems talked about in that post are an issue of content and how it is displayed, and very real company brand vs personal brand things.... it's not so much about G+ as much as we are in the first 1/2% of the first 1% of this revolution of data, content, and information. This will all work out in time.

It doesn't lessen the overall plan or importance of these pages vs Facebook's garbage. These matter. Facebook don't. Both are flawed. I will go with the one that is flawed and matters.
+Robert Scoble

I've posted on this before but what Google needs to do is have set operations for circles. This would allow us to really manage circles and our messaging strategy. It would also be great to give us filters. This would give us the noise control that you've been asking for. 
oh my - that's a lotta product feedback!
I trust the +Google+ team are working on some of the issues outlined here... Especially the multiple team-members for a page issue. (Aside: Hey - that's cool - you can mention the Google Plus page by surrounding the word Google with plusses!)
+Sarah Sheppard

Of course, +Robert Scoble is right on that point.

You don't design a social network so broken that it could only be made usable by Chrome.

Why on earth would you want to shut out mobile users ? The future is mobile and the overwhelming majority of mobile web traffic is with iOS devices.

I'm glad +Robert Scoble stepped up and publicly told the Google+ team what's lacking in Pages.

I just ran into another issue, perhaps a bug, perhaps intentional. I created a page for my company, thinking that this would reserve the company name on Google+ pages (I used a shared company google account to do this, getting around the issue of who owns a page). Then I decided to test this idea of reserving a company name. I used another google+ account to create a page with exactly the same company name. Interestingly, both pages were successfully created. Am I alone in thinking that something isn't right here?

It almost seems as if the Google+ team thought they could get away with doing things as Facebook did back in the day. Facebook pages used to be barebones, but then, as Robert mentioned, FB was aimed at college kids back then, not businesses. Companies are now on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Expectations have changed.
+Kamaljit Singh I wouldn't expect creating a Page to "reserve" a company name, just like I wouldn't expect creating a Profile to "reserve" a person's name. They are not unique. Apart from anything else, Google is worldwide, so a company name trademarked in one country may not be in another. Trademarking is a separate issue from naming of "Pages", and not a can of worms I would expect any social network to get involved in. I do however expect trademark and copyright lawyers to be eagerly awaiting a rash of new business, as companies start fighting for their trademarks as Pages.
+Kamaljit Singh +Hugh Messenger
G+ should include a way to embed a website's link into the page information rather than just being able to give a link which might lead to duplication. Secondly they can adopt some verification process for thiese pages.
I personally wouldn't like posts from a lot of companies in my stream. I prefer to use a reader for that. Let's see how my preferences change. I am already having a tough time following the people I am following.
Yeah, problems, problems. I'd hate to work at Google (apart from the slide; that would be awesome.) First they get 3 months of whining because there are no business pages. Then they introduce them and get whining because there are things missing. These things will come, no doubt, so let's chill out and relax, huh?

Also, ever tried to run personal and business twitter accounts. Ever accidentally posted to the wrong one, or wished there was an easy way that didn't cost money to a third party to share the business account with multiple staffers? ... Yeah, thought so.

Time for another cup of tea. :)
Jen H
I'm actually pretty wary of the timeline for multiple administrator support for Google Pages based on other Google product roadmaps - the Android developer dashboard (used for tracking metrics, tracking and managing payments, releasing applications, updating application metadata) still doesn't support multiple account access and publishing to Android Market's been available for how long? They did recently provide the ability to transfer your Developer account to a different email address, so there's some progress, but they recently switched up AdMob to require the same "one Gmail account to bind them all" paradigm. Google Analytics allows multiple users to access, why not Google+ pages, the Android developer dashboard/publishing tools, and AdMob?

Requiring a single point of access is terrible from a continuity of ops perspective. Sure, you could share your password across the organization, but that's a security nightmare and, as you say, doesn't allow you to audit/track who's doing what, plus there's no access granularity--for app development in larger shops, this can be a pretty big deal: I might trust one team to track finances, one team to release new software, one team to track metrics, one team to upload graphics and edit marketing text. I might not want Accounting to be able to release a new software or the Ops team to have access to financial data or customer information.

Come on, Google, you can do it--enterprises are using your tools, make 'em enterprise-friendly (or even startup friendly--the hit-by-a-bus risk is very real for companies of all sizes).
Hey, damn . . . my horse doesn't run on gasoline !!

Nobody told me !!
I'm one of the developers of Bleeply ( and in your article I think you've identified many of the issues we're trying to solve with Brands engaging with social media (we're targeting Twitter to start with).

Here's an article that explains the concept of Bleeply in a bit more depth:

I'd be really interested to hear what you think of our approach and if you think it could solve some of the problems of Google+ Pages.

Cheers, Henare
Hi +Robert Scoble, I totally agree with you. These brand pages are yet very poor and have a serious lack of options for business. Since the first week of G+ I wait for these brand pages as the "great-killer-feature" that will bring the masses in, and now they launch it with no big hype, this is nice but funny... I think the purpose google launch it this way is only to add "new features" on the next week. This is the Google plan and they must show hard work. What you think about?
Putting Google+ Through The Milkshake Trend Test? (Why Google Pages is Key)

So will Google+ be the next big thing? The Facebook killer? The Twitter killer? Or is there something else tasty brewing here? Well its all revealed in the milkshake test, say Dan and Chip Heath in their book "The Myth of the Garage".

What made Second Life, with all its hype, fizzle while the iPod burst into success. It's the milkshake test - quite simply, what job does the new product do for you? It's like marketers realizing that more milkshakes are being sold in the morning than any other time of day - so what's up with that? Well, it turns out that people on their way to work grab a milkshake to do the job of breakfast. They don't want new super flavors, or to buy a milkshake and get a burger free - they are employing the milkshake to do the job of breakfast. This means that the marketers need to look at quick-milkshake-only drivethru's or specially designed to fit in cupholder milkshakes, or milkshakes with added fruit for breakfast. Quite simply, the milkshake must do the job.

We wanted on-the-go access to our music, and Presto...the iPod applied for the job, had all the right credentials and now we employ it every day. So, up stepped Second Life with its be-anything-you-desire avatars, immersive 3D worlds, and online shops but now it is starting to look like the abandoned towns of the old Wild West. However "it was like a job candidate with a fascinating résumé—fluent in Finnish, with stints in spelunking and trapeze—but no actual labor skills," say the Heaths.

So, what about Google+ will it pass the milkshake test? It has an amazing résumé - of that there is no doubt - best engineers in the world, can find things faster than a politician can find excuses, connected with lots of people through other Google products, great for dancing (or talking) in circles, and is king of hangouts. But what job are we meant to employ it for? Keeping us connected to our Friends? seems we already have Facebook doing that just fine - despite all its issues. Keeping us updated on the news as it happens? Twitter applied for that job and seems to be doing it pretty well. So what job is Google+ hoping to fill with this impressive résumé?

I think that Google+ is applying to...(read the rest here -
OK. My friend set up a page, but it doesn't seem to want to let him edit it. How do you get back into a page once you've signed out, to post or add pictures or whatever?
+Craig Blewett When you look at Google is an advertising company, it's easy to see what Google+ is all about. Don't let them fool you into thinking that any of their products exist for any other purpose than to funnel people toward their primary revenue stream. Brands (will) love Google+ (after the administrative hiccups are worked around) because they can communicate directly with customers and put them into circles. Most people use circles to categorize incoming posts NOT limit their published content -- but brands will use circles to target exclusive offers to their best customers.
What's the state of affairs on this? What updates have been made? Where is the best place to talk shop about this?
We'll address these issues by integrating Google+ as a collaborative connection in http://unifiedinbox within the next month or so. Keen to learn more requests along these lines before doing so.
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