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Yes, the secret is out. I'm giving up my Apple fanboy status. Thanks to +Project Glass, which will work best if on Android. Already been optimizing all my Google stuff, like (deleted almost all contacts, although I'm back up to 1,100 already in just a month, but now they are all current and clean).

More in the morning as the announcements continue from the Mobile World Congress (I'm not going). 

Hey, +Vic Gundotra when are those Google Glass arriving? Me wants in the worst way (he already has my credit card for $1,500 a piece, I'm #107 in line).
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Maybe the mayans undershot the date by a few months...
Well I gave up the iPhone, but I went to Windows Phone. :)
Yep, sad for Apple you are not the only one.  Considered myself a fan girl - needed a new phone and laptop this year, was not excited about either.  Canary in the coal mine.  
I wonder how many long term iPhone users have switched over the past few months. Every other week I'm hearing people are switching. Personally, I switched after having an iPhone since the original 2G. Same with my wife and another friend. Plus three co-workers. At no point over the past few years have I heard anything about this many people switching.
Um, do you wear contacts? You can't do project glass over your glasses. 
Dan O
No small announcement! +Robert Scoble say these things and the Google stock price breaks $800 a share!
I switched from iOS to Android about 18months ago. The first thing I noticed, since Android seems more cloud-centric than iOS, is that the data carrier is as important, if not more, than the actual hardware or OS.

Choose wisely. I made the unfortunate choice in +Sprint. When I shared my experience with poor data speed (.03mgbt down/ .07 up here in SF Bay Area) with them, they blocked me here on G+.

Congrats +Robert Scoble. The change in OS is easy and painless. 
I think this is the one huge key to Google's strategy to gain adoption! People are going to adopt Google more heavily as it integrates with new awesome experiences, gadgets and rich media. 
+Robert Scoble You're lucky to be able to get your hands on a Glass and to be able to afford it too ^^ 
Will you make some kind of videos for the normal people like me who want to know more about it? :P 
Have fun with Android! I own a Gnex and an iPad mini and like cats and dogs, when treated equally they play well together :) 
Awesome! Love your insights, I'll be really happy to see what productivity boosters you find and share for the mobile platform I use most frequently. 
+Robert Scoble I one foot in both camps too. I still love my iPad for a few specialized music-centric apps unavailable on Android for the time being.

Oddly, it's the +Google apps that I spend the most time in on iOS.
Its not a cult.. but welcome brother
Yep, I understand what you mean about Windows Phone, but it works for me and I love the hardware.

Whatever works for each person is the best. :)
I have an iPhone but I always use Google Services, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Chrome etc. That way I know I can easily switch between ecosystems. Though I don't intend to get a new phone of any kind for another year. I bought iPhone 4S at launch (didn't queue for it lol).

I can't see me wanting to switch away from Apple TV or iPad any time soon so my Apps and iTunes will be fine.

Don't write off Apple yet, still making money and we haven't seen Jonny Ives new tricks yet!

Also why has nobody mentioned Bkackberry!

I love my +Android Tablet +Robert Scoble and my Chromebook is getting to be my goto device. You are so lucky to get the glasses right away.
I look forward to your thoughts on +Project Glass!
+Robert Scoble Wow, I'm very envious, I really want a pair as well.  Unfortunately, for the time being they are only sold in the US.  I may have to move to California for this. :)
Hope this will work out for you! Can't wait to get google glasses. Although we mortals will have to wait quiet a bit I guess.
Here is my issue, I have apple tv and buy movies for my son.  Had Nexus Q been for real maybe I could switch but it's hard to now.
I should correct you though. While I imagine people using the Google lifestyle will find it more familiar, and more unified (much as someone with an iPhone would choose to use an iPad), Glass is a standalone device. It's not compatible or not compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. So says the +Project Glass team. I believe +Stephen Lau was the one who said it was as compatible with an iPhone as it is with his potted plant or his beagle.
I thought $1500 was the developers version?
btw, would developers version be cheaper or more expensive than the consumer version? (feels like more expensive but one shouldn't always trust ones instincts i hear)
+Erik Norén The Explorer Edition is $1,500. The retail version will surely be much cheaper, but you have to wait another year.
+Jake Weisz 
Ok. Thanks. Sad to hear that it's that far away but for myself i probably wouldn't be buying a new device before then anyway since i bought my current one 3 months ago.
I probably come across an "If I had my Glass..." moment every day or two.
Robert dont want to preannounce anything :-)
Someone would be happy even with their Blackberries and Symbians. Does not say anything.
I just left BlackBerry & Android for iPhone, I like to go against the crowd lol that said I know what it's all about in Android coming from a Note 2, mine was just a personal preference after hoping about for years.
Mmm +Robert Scoble denounces Apple Fanboy status,
+Vic Gundotra announces he doesn't want to "pre-announce" anything, and Google shares hit $800 for the first time.....
Methinks something is afoot!
Why switch and not have both?  I have an iPhone and a Nexus 7 tablet, etc.  I have a Macbook Air and a Windows computer.  Who says you need to be in one camp?
Good on you. I'm hanging onto my iPhone for a while longer. Will see what the next iPhone offers before deciding if I will switch or not
I agree with you +Robert Scoble that it's easier to learn one or fewer platforms.  I guess that as a content producer like me, I need to make my stuff work on everything and that's why I split my "consumer" time on multiple platforms.  But you're right, in the end a user need to focus or buy one system and there might only be one platform winner in the long run...
+Robert Scoble the keyboards alone keep me on Android! With swiftkey flow typing this post is a matter of seconds. On an iPad I would be tapping one key at a time. Then there are all the widgets that I love having on my N7 screen. So welcome to Android. I hope having some high profile users will also push developers to not forget Android. Eg., Nike. As much as I love Androids customizability, there is still a difference in quality apps. It has improved tremendously in the past year but there is still a difference. This seems especially true in music and educational apps. Which is why I have an iPad for the kids but an N7 for me. Hopefully the next time I'm in the market for a tablet for my kids I can pick one based on which hardware/software I like best. 
+Robert Scoble  Very true. When I started I was switching between iOS and Android I found little quirks that I thought iOS is better, but after few months of being mostly on Android, I now find many little iOS things to be very annoying: text selection, settings that are hidden many levels down, notifications, lack of sharing, talking like a robot during dictation and still getting errors, not able to launch apps of your choice for default actions.... all little things, yes, but adding them all up, they make a big difference.
And you are right, you will only notice these once the muscle memory kicks in.
Might this prove to be the worm that turns the apple bad?
As someone who made the switch 2 years ago, I can attest that it's only getting better on the android platform. Keyboards, notifications, customizations, maps and real utility from the Google ecosystem... I don't miss iPhone at all 
Congrats! #107 sounds achievable! Most of my friends are switching over to Android and I will be crossing over as well. Of all the phones I ever owned the iPhone has been the most frustrating, difficult to learn and made the most unwanted error calls... let us know when you are #1 ;)
107 is actually even lower than you all might think, because I'm fairly certain 1-100 is Googlers who likely already have them. I know one Googler posted their sub-100 GRID brick.
Will this upcoming video be the official coronation of the switch? If Robert is indeed switching to Android as his primary device, he would be among the higher profile geeks to have done so (Mark Cuban, Guy Kawasaki come to ming off the top of my head.). Looking forward to Android related vids and posts!
Made the switch myself 6 months ago, have not looked back!
Everyone I know has converted to iOS and moving off Windows to Macs. I have only one Windows computer left :-)

All my native mobile development is for iOS. That is where both public stats and my private analytics show where the money is and by far the most user activity. Android users can use the mobile Website :-) 
+Jim Preston Sounds like you have no desire for a long-term successful business model, lol. Have you paid any attention to where all your customers are going? iOS shrinks every quarter.
+Robert Scoble But at the same time, iOS had its highest market share of smartphones ever in the US last quarter with just over 50 percent. 
+Robert Scoble Even if Apple has a few remaining statistics in their favor, as you point out... That's changing. Why would you invest new development effort into a platform that may not survive long enough for you to recoup your investment? 
+Robert Scoble smart. Refrain from saying any disparaging remarks that will bring attention to the deprogramming exit protocol. In fact, it's perfectly OK to be seen with an iOS device once in a while as a symbol of good will.
Not a fan of pledging allegiances to our emerging corporate feudal lords (attr. Bruce Schneier). But since practically speaking we're forced to choose to remain relevant, Google is probably the pick of the bunch.

I've stuck with Apple for years, but it's starting to feel clunky in an increasingly online world.
Gave up the iPhone for the samsung galaxy, no regrets... Glass would provide an incentive to move if i hadn't already– primary reason for the switch was recognizing that the majority of my life was wrapped up in Google. 
so right now i have an iphone 5, can't switch it until at least october so maybe the next nexus phone, but thinking of maybe picking the nexus 7 over the ipad, guess will have to go iphone + nexus tablet for a long while if i do this.
+Robert Scoble  I think we should leave monetization out, yes iOS users pay more for apps but the numbers are really pathetic. Apple announced it paid $7b to developers, you worked at Microsoft and you know well that software is a trillion dollar industry.
Top mobile apps hardly make $100K, only a handful of apps make north of that, so really building an app is like playing the lottery, sinking significant funding on building with small chance of making that money back.
The best ROI is for apps that are free to download with revenue coming from elsewhere, and I think if you build "good" free apps for both platforms Android is as good as iOS.
+Robert Scoble What does +Vic Gundotra use. I'm guessing the nexus 4. I'm personaly going to wait and see what the s4 will have to offer. I wasn't at all impressed with the new htc device.
In other news, Scoble gives up Facebook for G+
When I changed to android I liked it so much I think I'll never use anything else. I wonder how you adjust to the transition Robert.
+Robert Scoble The argument that iOS has users that pay more for apps, therefore its sensible for developers to continue making iOS only apps is now a circular argument. The android user base is there for the taking, but why should they pay more for inferior apps? Until the number of quality apps improve iOS users will continue to buy more, developers will argue that iOS is more profitable, and iOS users will continue to be seen as paying better and developers will continue to prefer iOS. Circular argument. I also acknowledge there are other issues such as "fragmentation" in OS as well as hardware but there are solutions to these as well. There is no law that says a new apps has to work on all Android devices. There are some very successful apps that work only on 4.0 and above (I'm thinking of both Apex and Nova prime launchers but there are others). I think a smart forward thinking developer would grasp the opportunity the publicity of these new high profile users has created and start developing for Android. I have spent a lot of money on apps on both ecosystems. The only deciding factor was the quality of the app. And it continues to frustrate when I can't find the app for my N7 when my husband is enjoying it on his iPad. That developer lost a sale, and I know many people like me. The user base is there now. It wasn't a year ago. It's here now and I think it's crucial that those high end apps come to the OS (Google, are you listening?). +Jim Preston your approach is the easier route, but I think truly enterprising developers will not relegate Android users to the Web app. It's knowing that it's time to make a change before everyone does that will leads to the most success. Once again Mr Scoble, welcome to Android, I think you will enjoy it. 
iPhone 5 is smaller, lighter, and thinner, has more accurate colours, a better API, and smoother animations. Google isn't there.... yet....
Which phone are you going to utilize on your Android switchover? I don't believe that your aren't going to utilize an iPhone 5 though. You'll still carry at least two devices :)
+Robert Scoble, I have a more important question for you, will this ridiculously silly "Android is better! No iOS is better!" fanboy threads ever end? Will these people ever realize how incredibly stupid it is to argue over that?

It's exactly like arguing about politics and religion. How many times have you seen someone arguing about politics and/or religion where one person says, "You know, you are completely right. I was completely wrong. I am converting over to [this] party or [that] religion because you made such a compelling argument."
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+Robert Scoble we'll welcome you back to the Apple club after you're bored with the toy. ;)

I ponder replacing my iPhone 4 with either a 5 or a Galaxy (neither's happening until I'm funded) but will probably stick to Apple. I'm not sold on Glass - maybe once Samsung makes a Glass-like device I'll consider, but I have zero confidence in Google's ability to do winning consumer devices.

In the meantime, I'm happily tied into osx/ios/icloud/itv/etc - would have to have a very, very good reason to switch.
for my next phone i'm thinking of going to an iphone from the galaxy nexus, why? well, my gnex rebooted itself 3 times just yesterday and froze on an incoming text message. that's not typical though. typical is a reboot once a week. meanwhile my iOS device (iPad 3) has been on for months. seeing people switch to android confuses me now if i assume all are having a similar experience. glass sounds cool, but if i have to use a phone/computer that reboots every week just to use glass, i'm not sure that's the best decision (for me). i'm sure mr. scoble will keep us posted of his glass+android experience.
+John Kinsella Nobody's seriously ever coming back. That ship has sailed.

+Adam Tal I really only restart my Android when I run it out of battery.
Yeah +Jake Weisz someone who is having that much trouble with a nexus probably has a bad app or something installed. I almost never restart mine... 
+Robert Scoble Of android devices, I would suggest that you go with Nexus 4. It will offer the latest and greatest that Google has to offer, and thus the best integration, even if Samsung announces an extremely well specced Galaxy SIV. Just imagine if Google announces a software in Key Lime Pie 5.0 that takes Google Glass integration to a new level, while you are stuck holding your new Galaxy waiting for Samsung to come out with the update.

You talked about consistency in interface in earlier comments and nothing would provide you the same consistency as the Nexus 4 would do with the Nexus 7.

If you want to wait for a phone it should be the rumored Google X Phone, but am sure we wont be seeing it before May
I know I'm a month late but I saw an image of a tweet about the switch today.  So just curious +Robert Scoble which phone are you using?