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What are your favorite Google+ Google Chrome extensions?

Mine is this one: (HoverZoom for zooming photos on web) What does it do? It makes photos larger when you mouse over them. A MUST HAVE if you love +Lisa Bettany and +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk amongst other photo gods.

Here's a good list to choose from:
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Matt R
SALR. If you don't know what it is then you don't need it. -- allows Facebook and Twitter streams to be included in G+ stream. Allows posting/replies to FB and Twitter from G+. Imports Facebook albums into Picasa.
+Comment Toggle, Surplus, Golden View for Google+
+Comment Toggle - I wish Google+ would integrate collapsible comments, I can expand but I cannot collapse.
comment toggler. Great for collapsing the comments. especially when it comes to checking your posts :-) LOL
Just downloaded the photo zoom--LOVE it! Thanks so much for that, Robert.
I like the photo function of G+ for the same reason you're using Photozoom +Robert Scoble so I don't miss out to much on those great photo's! Thanks for the heads up, installed it immediately
Google+ Apps & Icons

+Robert Scoble I hope people will not regard this as spam, but I have been working on a compilation Tumblr of all Google+ Apps, extensions and icons. It's pretty up-to-date so maybe some of you will find it of use?

In terms of what I use I love Usability Boost seems to have just the right amount of functionality, but what I love most are the subtle aesthetic changes. Much cleaner and clearer stream and layout.
+Robert Scoble My favorite so far is +everything. It ads the Google bar to each website. It is, unfortunately a little slow on a Chromebook (CR-48).
Good ones! Imagine when they publish an api...
G+me is great to collapse posts and let you take a general look of your stream
Matt R
this hoverzoom, how big is the performance impact? none?
Hover Zoom for sure!! Not only does it work in Google+, it works in almost every website!
I'm a happy Helper for Google+ user! :) Especially love its desktop notifications, once-click hashtag search and translate functionality.
only one I have so far is G+me but will have to check out the Tumblir blog
what happened to the Wall Street Journal extension that allowed you to read articles without a sub? was called: Read WSJ Extension
Anyone have an easy way to email pages from a chrome page?
HoverZoom is one of my favorites, as well... I've been using it for a few months, and it bugs the heck out of me when I have to use Firefox for something and it's not there.
Love it, only wish it kept the caption
1. AdBlock, the name pretty much gives it away. Works perfectly and blocks all adds.

2. Mouse Stroke. Extension for mouse gestures using rightclick and drag for all kind of shortcuts like close tab, open link in new tab, search word in google, etc.
+Robert Scoble Some kind of rating system / extension list would be more helpful. But thanks for bringing the topic up.
Stationary Columns for Google+ - Version: 0.6
Keeps the Google Nav bar and side columns stationary.

Golden View for Google+ - Version: 1.1
Google+ (Google Plus) enhancements: (optional) modules: User Mute, Default Circle, Hide Images, Hide comments, & Search w/ Google.

GTools+ - Version: 2.0.1
GTools+ add many useful features for Google+ services. You can : stick the google bar, translate posts, customize notification color, change the google chat place, add notification for Gmail and Reader and more...(I had to disable the "keep google bar on top" option in this one to make it work with the first one.)
I use both HoverZoom and Google+ Ultimate. They're both absolutely essential, in my mind. I haven't tried GTools+ yet, but I might give it a shot.
I don't know about you guys but I don't care to have Facebook and Twitter streams anywhere near my G+
the Usability Boost extension is a damn nice addition, makes G+ look so much better, especially coupled with the "+Comment" extension.
Thanks +Robert Scoble for the zoom-extension, I've been using FB Photo Zoom before on Facebook and it's great!
My favourite is Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate
I've (mostly) given up on browser plugins. Just not prepared to sacrifice that much privacy and security to get functionality that is largely "nice to have".
can someone talk to the Chrome team about the too small font issues?????
Wow, 100 more comments, not sure I want to click that link to read the replies.
A must-have list!!
I can not use Chrome because it reeks havoc on Dragon Naturally Speaking, and I use it to type everything.
yeah, chrome really showed me how a browser can be your operating system. Google is slowly stringing things together. like an internet ninja.
+Comment Toggle - not sure why a toggle feature isn't default in G+.
This is great ~ loving HoverZoom! :) Thanks Robert for info :)
Hi Robert, Quick Question: Do you have an easy way to share content into your G+ stream? Like a bookmarket? Seems time consuming to drag and drop links from one browser window to another. I browse in many tabs and am wondering what method you use to share content swiftly into G+.
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