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The great Should-We-Be-Public" debate at +LeWeb with Andrew Keen and Milo Yiannopoulos and me.

Lots of people came up to me afterward and said this was the best panel at LeWeb. I think they are exaggerating but it was fun.
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I love it how +Robert Scoble is playing on his iPad whilst he's on the talk program. It's great! I too listen whilst talking to people looking at my Samsung G2. :)
"We" should be able to be as public as we wish. So I think both Robert and Andrew are right.

We need control -- for Robert that means exposing himself. For others  not so much -- that is the way it should be.
Oban is an amazing whisky and I don't like champagne. We have to be related and I'd totally be saying that if we didn't have the same family name. Really interesting and great talk. I hope you had a great time in London and visit to Britain.
trolls like andrew should be ignored
Wonderful discussion!  Enjoyed it immensely!
+Robert Scoble  It was just so funny when the presenter/host was a little taken aback that you were using your iPad like you weren't being involved with what was going on and ironically you are probably most in tune. Ironic too considering what the topic was. I think most conferences and talks and debates should have a live twitter feed, at the very least to the participants of the talk.
+Jojo Scoble I think perhaps its the moderator / interviewers job to have the feed there. For speakers - I think it could distract or put you off if negative comments come through. - The show of hands that we were all white willing to openly share our info MUST have had an effect on Keen. 
+Nick Allen OK. I agree to a certain extent with what your saying, yes, should be moderated, that's why the audience shouldn't really have much view otherwise they woult concentrate as much on the talk. Filtering pertinent messages to moderators and have a filtered feed of the feed would be ideal. Anyone want to develop that?
I still think that Robert using his iPad was honouring the whole point of the talk and riled Andrew Keen a little bit who's a bit dour on all this social stuff. I have regular discussions with my friends about what to share and what not to but then I'm not some dodgy person that needs to hide anything or on the run or need to hide. In fact, I want people to know who I am because I love to network and get the most out of my career, but then am I limiting myself to only meet those who are channelling themselves in the same way?
Aghh, Highlight is not on Android yet. Booo
Agreed +Jojo Scoble  - we could really do with a sentiment based quick fire filter for moderators. And I was in full agreement with +Robert Scoble monitoring the feed. There was a famous LeWeb presentation (female presenter, at a France event,can't remember who) where the presenter had the twitter wall behind her, and everyone started to complain, it was VERY embarrasing as she had no chance to react.   

I have the same philosophy, I share online what I would openly discuss with someone I have recently met IRL, not much to hide so why bother.  
I purposely live outside in.  I think we need to prepare for what is already in front of us.  We are digital by nature.  There is not a ghost in the machine as much as their is a machine in the ghost.  I just bought Keen's book and tweeted that I bought it.
I bet he doesn't mind that.
+Robert Scoble   I  agree. Seeing those comments come in and being agile enough to ad lib and reinforce your point if needed is the mark of a good speaker. Finding that balance of enough feedback to assist vs. noise might be hard though. I'm still a terrible public speaker so really not sure there. Watching the experts to learn. :-)
+Robert Scoble 'Bleeding edge' - LOL. I am patient, I can wait. I love my android platform, they have names like 'Icecream sandwich' and 'Gingerbread', it's like being in a Brother's Grimm fairytale of technology. But It's also the aspect of having a lot of free aps too that I like. I like Apple, it's is a great company, I have a MacPro. Just saying.
I wish these social networks would get serious about filters.  Being able to pick just some parts of people's feeds would go a long way in improving the social experience.
+Robert Scoble that's great news. Work out the glitches then come over to Android. :) Looking forward to Highlight on Android, just like I did for Instagram. Good things come to those who are patient enough to know that they are coming. The cutting edge of the bleeding edge of technology. 
I'll check this out when I get home! Looks interesting!
I liked this panel, highlight seems like an app I would really use. Is there an app similar like that for Windows Phone/Android? Or is it just for iPhone?
I guess it is time for me to buy an iPhone 4S.
Don L
That was painful.  There were these glimmers of a real discussion or debate here and there that I was hoping would take off but that moderator (Milo) was terrible.  You can't have a debate between two people if you're the one talking all the time.
Good conversation. It would have been "great" if Scoble conceded that he has a private world outside of his public persona.... I mean in addition to his bedroom.
wow, that was awkward.. I may not agree with all of the points made by +Robert Scoble, but at least he approached the debate with an open mind and was into having some kind of discussion. All I heard from the 'man in black' was negativity. What a shame.
+Robert Scoble The filter bubble problem is not when users decide the filter. It's when users can't see what filter is being placed over the results. It's like if Google+ decided what circles you should have instead of you deciding what people to have in your circles. You can't get an accurate perception of what's going on because you can only see a biased viewpoint and it censors out the other side of the story completely. Since it decided for you.
+Robert Scoble  Good for you. Your adversary is a garden variety troll.

Andrew Keen hates the web revolution, blogs, and the common man. His book "Cult of the Amateur" is his defense of domination systems, corporations, and old fashioned traditions of secrecy and manipulation.

Keen does not want non-elites to assert themselves. He is not comfortable with the average person having a voice on a level playing field with the large powerful institutions.

He wants us to go back to trusting authority figures. Jerry Sandusky must be a huge embarrassment to this way of reactionary thinking.
Hahaha...I'm sitting here listening to this sipping Oban! Great show so far!
I thought this TED talk about information diets and filter bubbles was particularly relevant to this discussion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)
Enjoyed it... thanks for sharing.
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