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Name-drop moment: +Mark Zuckerberg texted me and said "Why are people so surprised that I'd have a Google account?" I guess that confirms he is really here checking things out.
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I wish I was cool enough to have a contact like that..
spying and stealing ideas would probably be more like it
Seems he has thousands of contacts here also.
Of course, he's checking it out :) duh! Glad to see he's here actually.
I guess it only makes sense that he would want to check it out. He's a techie like the rest of us.
Of course, why wouldn't have have an account with the best email and social network?
I'd be surprised if he didn't.
He's had one from the beginning. :) Why not? Competitive intelligence.
If he doesn't understand people well enough to understand why they might be surprised, then I'm not sure running a big social network was really his best choice for careers, anyway.
It's rather amazing to see how replies pop-up to this thread in real time...
How about the Steve Jobs profile? any confirmation on that?
I'd be really surprised if he didn't have one. I'm sure G+ has him shaking in his boots.
This live commentary is pretty cool, it looks like a chat room
+Robert Scoble have you ever measured the velocity of comments made on your posts? Amazing how fast the comments raced to the bottom of my stream.
It does sound likely that it is the real deal. Especially since your msg and he has many FB employees in his circle.
i bet he only wants to know if Google+ sports a "dislike" function :p
He's doing a competitive analysis and the best way to do that is to experiment with the application.
All these SV tycoons are always watching what the others are doing. It's business. Evan Williams also has an account.
One cool thing here is that u can send private message to anyone in your circle.. even a celeb.. unlike twitter where u must be followed to do so.
The real time responses are rather cool.
not that surprising. if he was over 55, he'd have an AOL account.
he has probably a conflict of interest. He likes G+, but he doesn't want
I hadn't noticed this real time update until now. Was wondering when Google+ will have it.
Ask him how you delete your FB account; properly. Cheers. ;o)
And so one of the real benefits of googleplus kicks in. Competition.
wouldn't you people check it out if you were him? Sure he's here :-)
Why? Because the internet breeds paranoia and distrust. For good reason. And here I am left with taking his word for it or yours and that's all it is, someone's word. No proof. Color me still skeptical.
The irony of it all is that he has had the most people add him to Circles out of anyone.
This is crazy -- ~30 comments in a few minutes. I was so skeptical of Google+ but it really is awesome so far.
+Robert Scoble Tell Zuckerberg that seeing his mug on Google Plus is akin to seeing Bill Gates talking on an iPhone or Steve Jobs playing Xbox
People will benefit from fb and g+'s competition after all.
Do not forget. Mark is human like us. It is not too complicated.
Wonder why he didn't use a fake name...
I guess Zuck would have texted me too however I haven't given him my number. Cant give it out to just anyone you know!!
Apple and Facebook should get married, and Steve should buy Mark 1 million servers to play with as a wedding gift.
did you see that Skype is coming to Facebook? Is Microsoft probably buying facebook?
Facebook needs a true social platform rival. Hope he is spending a lot of time on G+
Compition is what will truly move social to the next level. 
There are many Googlers on Facebook and Twitter. It's no surprise and of course he would check it out. It makes sense. He's had the Gmail and Buzz account since it's inception as well.
come on ... g+ is open to all ... ;-)
not all high profile people are normal human beings
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....
"People with high profiles can actually be normal human beings for a few days. Seems like a good opportunity."

Oh, yes, we "little people" should be very, very grateful. =D
Are you sure it was MZ? Don't you publish your cell # on your website? LOL!
Yea, I totally texted +Mark Zuckerberg as well. I was like, Sup Z-man, and he was all,'how the hell did you get this number. Classic Z-man.
Wait, you mean its really him?
... or you're in on the joke.
He needs an account so he can find the cool User Interface elements he needs to bring to FB. Circles UI needs to be the way to mange lists on FB. All my friends in FB are on lists. This gives me control of every post and picture and who gets to see what. But dragging people into lists is cool. I argue that lists in FB is the same thing and Google+ has not really created anything new. I does seem most people don't use FB lists so they seem excited about this "new" circles thing.
David ... um ... not the point I was making. I don't think that having a massively high profile is a blessing. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's stressful. If there's a small opportunity to be a normal human being, I'd imagine that would be a relief for them. I pity people who lack any kind of anonymity - except Scoble, who loves it. :)
The reason no one uses lists on Facebook is that they're awkwardly designed, implemented in an essentially unfriendly fashion, and well-hidden from view. Not to mention poorly-documented.

What Google "created" was a way to make them both usable and central to the use of the site's operation. Facebook never came close to bothering.
My misunderstanding, then. That said, if one is seeking some sort of anonymity, a "social network" seems to be a sort of odd place to go looking for it.
+Robert Scoble I expect him to be here but am surprised he let it be known- what's the benefit?
David, a social network is anywhere people chat. We had social networks before online social networks. The guy can't meet people in the local bar and chat, can he? Too well known. Seems this would be the perfect place.
i am not surprised. i would be if he was not looking what the others are doing.
It is because G+ is where all the cool people are right now ;)
Bet he's reading this. right. now. Hey Mark. Don't worry, Google+ is cool with some neat features but a new product needs to be 5 times better to kill the competition & G+ ain't that. So rest easy and go grab a nap while we continue flirting w the new girl. We'll be back home soon :)
He sent me a text too.... oh, wait that was a different Mark Zuckerberg.... ;)
so i basically just dissed him.......oh snap!
+Robert Scoble I see a potential future for you as an advisor to Zuck.
I'm amazed that you still have a 425 area code, Robert :)
It's not the account that is suprising, but the popularity and openness of it. I find it a little refreshing. Most major corporations have "spies" that are hired by the competition. If everyone worked together, perhaps an ever better social network would emerge. But then who gets the profits...
I think the surprise could be because Mark Zuckerberg declared email dead last year. And, thus, if he's on Google+, then we can assume he has a gmail account. I guess email is alive and well.
He'd be stooopid not to. Duh.
G+ just happens to be better, so why wouldn't he want to be on something like this? Google is putting the nail in the coffin! ;)
he must be shocked to see what Google built.
Mark is a smart guy. He'd be foolish not to check out the competition. I know people who disagree with some of his choices but I don't know any that don't respect what he has accomplished. 
always good to monitor the competition .. maybe get a few new ideas for the next big awesome thing ;)
This made the homepage of a large Israeli newspaper's website. people are bored here, I tell ya, nothing to report.
Wait, why didn't he just send you a Facebok message?
tell him that it would be like someone catching Bill Gates using an iPhone
I don't see why people are so surprised. It is a well known fact FB and G are keeping an eye on what the other side is doing. By joining G+ Mark Zuckerberg makes a statement that he is a down-to-earth guy willing to get into trenches and it's a great example for all FB employees (not saying all of them should joing G+, but from leadership perspective, this is epic win). I would like to see other CEOs doing something similar instead of, well, showing off they are CEOs all the time.
G+ needs a "verified by Google" feature. Searching for Mark Zuckerberg yields too many results. You can't tell which is the real one.
I had to read "Mark Zuckerberg texted me" about three times before I believed I was seeing it right, haha.
I am sure the head of Toyota has slipped down to a Mazda dealer for a test drive. :)
Why wouldn't he? I would be disappointed if he didn't.
really...didn't he know that Robert's text messages are set to public. 
It's also a reflection of the fact that G+ strongly pushes people toward using their real names. You can create a phony account, of course, but it's a whole lot easier just to use your main Google account.

Maybe there will be more handles once invites are widely available.
It is a spy mission. FB soon to have circles, sparks and hangouts.
How many Googlers have FB pages? It doesn't seem like it should be that big of a surprise.
One of the things that surprised me from reading "In the Plex" was that Larry Page did not have a Facebook account. How can you understand new and competing products if you don't use them? I have an account on every major how-to site on the web. So of course Zuckerberg should have a Google+ account.
Mark Z is in St. Helena!!! [[just kidding]]
keep your friends close and your enemies closer, am i right?
I think we all agree that G+ is something to respect as being a "Facebook killer", not that i could careless. I do see that it will eventually cut into Facebook's bottom line probably sometime after its IPO. What I see in the future is a really close Microsoft/Facebook partnership or worse case senario is a buyout. Microsoft is already closing in on this opportunity with FB as far as owning stock and being on the board. I think for FB to thrive, long term, it will eventually have to work closer with MS, that's if G+ is a huge sucess, which i do see. Why you ask? Because I think for FB to take it to the next step it will need to be integrated into a browser, can you say Explorer! This is a huge potiental weakness for FB. The fact that G+ is deeply integrated into the chrome browser. This is something that I think FB will try to fight but will eventually cave in and have to give to Microsoft, to stay competitive with G+. I can definitely see this already with the bing integration into FB and MS, more recently, owning a part of FB. What do you think +Robert Scoble?
Nice to meet you here, Robert......envy you for these contacts you have....
Yeah no one contacts me... All I do is add more and more people to my following circle in hopes that one day I too will be important... :)
I'm surprised he has a "public" google account. I would be surprised if he didn't have one at all.
I would have surprised if he did not have a Google account. Keep your friends close etc. If he wasn't looking at what the competition was doing he wouldn't be a very good business man.
Yeah, if "checking out" just actually means "appropriating ideas".
Did you tell him you were going to post his response? :)
Mark sure plays the part of naive CEO really well. Either he mistaknely beleives that Google isn't trying to eat his lunch or he puts up a nice front but is scared sh*tless behind the scenes.
He was one of the first right? Also search for +Tom Anderson on FB and it used to re-direct to his G+ page

Edit it used to: When G+ first launched if you searched +Tom Anderson , his face would come up, upon clicking this it used to send me to G+ now you're not even there
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