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I've only made 13,782 +1s. How many have you done?
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greatt.. !!! me 1690 ... UNBELIEVABLE
One step closer to being able to view a list of the things we've +1'd on G+?
Only 13,782? My count 3,491. Not sure how to classify if 13k is only.
4136 (but i think thet don't inlcude +1 @posts or comments..)
Well, that's 31x more than me. Which sounds about right. I rate about 1/30th of a Metric Standard Scoble.
What does the +1's measure? Engagement? Participation? Laziness?
+Amit Morson as far as i understand it, it shows how many +1 you got here on g+ for all your posts together
2374, that sounds about right.
+Motavis Jones I`m not sure, but i think it`s how many you received. Would make more sense to me.
+Amit Morson That many people like your stuff ?! But even if, there are more important things in life. It`s just a number.
What a handy collection of data! (I'm only logging just under 7000 +es)
296. This number is so low because I've been locked up most of this year, and I also don't want to spam everyones feeds by going nuts with it. I also tend to post about things most people don't really seem to care about.
..oh surprise 640 only!
felt like much more though... but then so far i have only +1'd stuff i really like. will be more generous from now on i promise ;-)
would there be any disadvantages to use this feature excessively?
[ edit: oops, received +ones in that figure? really? that's ok then.. i was imagining +Robert Scoble clicking +1 every five minutes full time :-) ]
+Rznag Rmrod If it is how many we've received, then my comment above about it not being as many as it should sounds terrible. :) I need to +1 more... I need to keep up with my contacts more.
+Celine Chamberlin I really don`t know if it`s received or given. At first i thought it`s received, but the more i think about it, it could be given ones too. Or perhaps a combination of both.
I only have 00110100001100100011000100111000 +1's (looks better in binary!)
It would be interesting to see all theposts/comments I +1d in one extra stream (a special search operator would be good too).
obviously the dashboard should be more specific & clear if the +1's shown are given or received...
to-do: show BOTH numbers ;-)
I discovered the dashboard just an hour ago. Great tool. Google is doing its users a good service by integrating things into 1 interface, 1 privacy policy, etc.
I'm stingy with my +1's: just below 5000.
Still no way to see all of them or list any of the +1s you did within G+, though.
Just thinking about the sort of visualisation tools for presenting such information. How to best present 10k items? There are so many different attributes you could highlight, from the links to other people who also like or present the items, to timeframes (day/night, weekday/weekend), to of course the type of content itself and the style of presentation (plug for the book Visual Complexity).
+1 :-)

That being said, we ought to do something about all those (Like, Tweet, Pin, G +, ...) buttons!

I haven't given it a lot of thought on how that would work but it seems inevitable to me. Think 2.0 , an algorithm that knows where I want to share something, ..
Bruce O
Only ... ? That's a lot.
I have 2598. I was expecting it to be lower than that.
Bruce O
I have no idea how many I have.... Oh .. .just looked. 83.
Looks like I need to work harder ! 
Oh dear, I only have 45 +1s! Better get cracking!
New Concept: If you give it away that easy, or you are fishing for it = "+1" whoring.
Bruce O
+George Kozi I tend to only +1 things I really like ... I have no desire to just gain points (I mean ... what's the point ... LOL). Therefore, I guess, my count is really low.
+Robert Scoble, is this some sort of pissing contest? You do realize that the more +1s you have the less weight they have and the less anyone will care right? It seems like the only ones posting are the ones who proudly display how twitchy their index finger is. I think the wrong message is getting sent.
Now if only there were an API so you could do something with that data...
I only ever +1 something exceptional and thought provoking, or something that makes me smile constantly for about a minute. +1ing some infographic 8293 have already +1ed seems a bit pointless a bit "oo oo me too" rather than marking something as valuable content..... :)
Bruce O
Or real money. As it stands Google's the only none making money off of our recommendations. Think about that. 
2043... er... 2044, I just +1'd this. Neat feature. I'd really like to see how many times stuff I wrote has been +1'd though.
222...I guess I am a rookie. Either that or I am stringent with my +1's that I hand out.
I can see the fiverr gigs now .... I will +1 10,000 pages if you give me your login or get your content +1'd by my relentless army of bots.... sigh. It's the only thing about google+ I'm not overtly keen on.... that and friends' +1s swaying my search results... I wouldn't want my music results weighted wrongly because some of my google+ friends think Jay Z is the biz - until he does a duet with Motley Crue I am going to be disappointed... :) ooops ranting...
i've done 45,721. The most I've seen yet is +Mark Esguerra with 61,072. The photographers on G+ seem to do it alot! In part I wonder if it's just sort of learned habit from Flickr. On Flickr it's not unusual for photographers to rack up thousands pretty easily. At one point +Billy Wilson had so many faves over there that Flickr suspended his account, which always seemed dumb to me (they unsuspended him later).

I think with photographs I see so many amazing photos and I personally I just +1 everything I like. My stream is so photo centric which i think is part of why my number is so high. I don't think a high number is a good thing or a bad thing, it is just what it is. I think when you have more text and articles in your stream you are slowed down a bit because you have to read stuff and consider it and take it in and then decide that you like it. But with photos, they are so visual. I know if I like something or not in really a split second as soon as I see it.
Only 2,488. Apparently I am discriminating. :)
Based on a very unscientific test the number appears to be a combination of given and recieved. I +1'd a post and saw that someone else had +1'd one of mine and the number ticked up 2. Then I went and un-+1'd the post I had just done and it ticked down one.

Would be nice to have the dashboard tell you what it means, definitively, though.
+William Weber that would explain the large amount of +1's that Louis Gray and Robert Scoble have.
Google+ is available to ages 13+ now! Hello, everyone. :-)
+Ben Matthews it might also explain the difference in numbers based on relative popularity. A more "popular" person may have fewer pluses if someone else is a serial +1er and just wacks +1 on every site/post/comment that they read on the internet.
I'm at 51,602, the third highest I have heard of so far.
I would have a lot more +1 count if websites got their business in order and added the +1 function.
1576. Bearing in mind Google+ is only 6 months old, that's actually quite a lot. Just imagine how many 'like's Facebook has... If the average is 10000 likes per user (I'll include likes in comments and posts) then with 800 million users that means there are 8 trillion likes on the internet. Wow.
i am at 141 because internet marketing is a journey not a race
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