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122 more geeks (Part III). This circle contains a bunch more geeks/developers techie types that I found today. Keep the suggestions coming! More circles coming up!

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It seems that the geek circles are the most crowded :)
Here we go. Thanks, Robert. No pressure Joost… no pressure. Actually, going back to geeky Rails coding now ;)
Hey Robert, I would appreciate being added to this one for the next go around. While I focus more on my photography, I would like to participate in all things development/geek here.
Thanks for the circle shares today +Robert Scoble, feel free to add me to one of the geek/developer circles as well.
great to have so many fellow geeks here +Robert Scoble ... if only, I'd love to be shared among those :)
Nice to know someone else has a geek circle
Lots of international peeps are adding me. Must be partly due to the time of day. Nice to see a little global flavor in my circles (seeing as I'm Dutch/German myself).
You could probably count me in here, I'm quite a techy guy =P
only plus below 1000 people in single day?????error
Thanks for sharing, this added lots of interesting people and posts to read.
you can add me to the geeks/developers circle
how do I qualify as a geek for the next circle? :)
Thank you for the circles you shared today, the photography one is simply a great way to start a day. You can add me to the Developer/Start-up circles you have. Thanks again!
+Robert Scoble Thanks for sharing all these awesome circles full of photographers, geeks, and the like. All these people with similar interests collaborating together just makes Google+ so much better.
This is what I call Social networking :D
Robert. Would love to be part of your hand cured circles. Thanks!
Hmmm, I need to get on one of these lists. Maybe I need to post more about enterprise storage and security :-/
Are you also part of the circles then? :)
That got me 233 followers. Fortunately, I don't make too much noise, but I'm not going to bother going through that many to see if any of them are worth following.
+Robert Scoble thanks! although I am not into your circles, but adding them to my circles is having a similiar effect.
+Robert Scoble thanks for the circle share! Geeks/developers techie types? Hey, that's me, would love to be added to your circle. Thanks!
Thank you very much for the circles ! I'm a web developer at a big health/chemistry company in germany. Would love to be added, too.
Home theater, iOS, and Android geek here, as well as some occasional freelance web/graphic design.
If I add the shared circle, then +Robert Scoble adds more geeks, will my circle be updated with those new folks?
+Robert Scoble I suppose I can be a part of this Circle as well.

Am a Software Developer for the past 4 years
A Comics, Games, Sci-Fi Books, TV-Series, Movies Geek..

And I think Star Wars > Star Trek (I hope that's not held against me)
Now I see where so many people found me this morning.... now all I have to do is deliver interesting content to them. Simple, right?
+Robert Scoble Hard enough to find geeks? Here? This is our natural habitat where we run wild! :)
I've just added your Geek circle. It is fun and interesting, but I wish there was an option to hide that circle from my main timeline, just for checking it from time to time. Wouldn't that be great?
+Robert Scoble Without knowing what criteria you use to include people in your geek circle, let me introduce myself. I've been in the Telecom industry since 78 and much of it has been on wireless and cellular and am now active in the Cable industry. I have 11 granted and 2 pending patents. One pieces of switching equipment I helped made was collected by Smithsonian museum. I am kind of new to G+ but do post regularly since I joint. Would you consider including me in your geek circle?
Hmm, I am a Sr. DBA\Programmer and I would be interested in joining your circle. Didn't see many of us girls in the group.
Care to add me? I'm in +Jason Calacanis' dev circle, that makes me at least partially legit, right? I'm a Microsoft MVP, former Red Hat employee, and enterprise, web, and mobile developer.
When will you issue the next ones? I am anticipating. Really great job, I think, Cheers! and well done! > +Robert Scoble
+Robert Scoble I am a Software Architect type geek but also a Filmmaker / Photographer geek. I feel like G+ makes me choose between the two. I really wish G+ would allow people to subscribe to a particular feed of a profile instead of the all-or-nothing way of following that currently exists.
Web Analytics, SEO, SEM are my passions. All are artfully scientific.
Ohh I'm a techie type! Applies for membership to the elite circle. I am really liking the direction that Google is taking with plus thus far. The group function in Twitter was well intentioned but i never got much use from it, but with a rich platform like plus its working wonders!
I would like to have myself added to the list if possible. I am the Executive Editor for
I'd love to be in one of your developer circles! Or mobile if you'll have one specifically for mobile developers =) Thanks!
Android (Java), C#, VB, C++, C, SQL, HTML/CSS, etc., etc., etc. for over 30 years
Hi +Robert Scoble, I would greatly appreciate an add. I'm a project manager at Qualcomm but a gadget geek! Was an early G+ adopter but INTERACTING with content and writing more and more! Thank you.
I am an indie iOS developer, math science & technology geek. Would be great if you could add me to this circle. thanks.
+Robert Scoble Feel free to add me to tech/geek circle. Thank you for sharing these circles, found lots of interesting people through here.
Thanks for this great list Mr. Scoble! Am loving how G+'s organization circles actually make following this many folks a reasonable proposition (unlike, say, Twitter). In the event that this is still being maintained, I'd love your consideration for inclusion; I keep a tech-leaning SEO blog (I'm also a programmer) that I update once a week on +Northcutt
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