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Samsung really screwed up with its Galaxy S4 presentation. Whoever planned it should be fired.

So, here's some rules.

1. Your presentation should NEVER take away from the product.
2. Your presentation should NEVER alienate some of your customers (the presentation was extremely sexist and tone deaf and that's not me saying that, it was Leo Laporte. I agree, BTW).
3. You should make it easy to understand the next features. Samsung made it hard to really get what's new here.

That said, the Galaxy S4 has a bigger screen, better specs, and does stuff like picture-in-picture cameras.

Man, and I happy I didn't travel to see this. A total disaster in my view. Look at the tweet reactions!

Totally took away from an otherwise nice product that has some interesting gesture controls and new features.
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This just in. It's still 1959 in East Asia. Maybe 1953.
I agree wholeheartedly, the presentation annoyed the crap out of me. As far as the phone goes it self, they barely announced anything about Android or Google itself. Samsung is becoming a huge threat to Google, and they need to be put in their place.
It was horrible... I don't think any geeks or non geeks would enjoy it for a minute

I can understand Samsung trying to market to non tech geeks... but are there any non technology enthusiasts that watch these events? They did not talk about the processors at there seem to be likely false rumors post-event that it is using the Exynos 5 Octa.
It really was hard to sit through...
I'm using a GS3 and have no reason to upgrade
That had to be the most corny & obnoxious unveiling of an electronic product I have ever seen in my life. 
Definition of train wreck. I shut it off when those women with annoying voices came on stage. Brutal is an understatement.
Agreed. I have no idea what they were trying to do other than make a spectacle that everyone would talk about. They succeeded in that respect.
Presentation was not for intellects. I know that much. Focus on hardware specifications was very minimal; however, it appeared that they attempted to show the phone's practical features using enactments so that any John Doe can understand how to use it. 
You have never seen Samsung's event before, have you +Robert Scoble? To be honest this one is better than the Galaxy SIII event.
The only explanation: "Any publicity is good publicity"
I'm not so sure I really would want to invest so much in the Samsung ecosystem and all it's UI mods. I'll be happy to stick with a clean Android 4.x phone.
Wow, awesome device and all people have to talk about is the presentation... I can forgive Samsung for showmanship for this phone totally rocks!
two features i think i took away from the presentation:
1. i can wave my hand over the s4 by accident and have it do something unexpected.
2. eye detection: i can look away from my phone. it will then make fun of me; and, when i look back, the screen returns to what i was looking at.
Agreed all around. Offensive. Corny. Makes me feel very good about giving my money to Google for a Nexus 4. 
I couldn't even watch it for very long; I tapped out 15 minutes in.
Is there a recording somewhere of this presentation? 
+Robert Scoble You knew it wouldn't be a ground breaking upgrade, design, or announcement by the simple fact they did it in the US. They save the good stuff for overseas, always.
The presentation was a mad hotch-potch of stuff. Jumping from one topic onto another in a very weird fashion. 

Whilst I liked the tongue-in-cheek style, I didn't enjoy the the content of the presentation. As, you say +Robert Scoble , I still don't know what is new on the bloody thing. 

Certain mundane specs have been highlighted (wifi, BT), others not even mentioned.. 8 cores. I'm also not sure what the hell Airpoint is after all of that.

I'm also not keen how they are trying to take Google apps (e.g. Translate, maps, voice recognition) and internalise it.

I don't think I'll be rushing to buy one. I'm quite happy to wait for Google to pull their surprise out at I/O.
I was seeing Molly Wood curating some upset over the presentation too. Question for people who watched the presentation: better or worse than Qualcomm's CES Keynote?
It was actually a crapware promo show. Promoting the Samsung Apps most people never open.
it was... awkward. But to be fair, we all expect bigger better and faster, that doesn't woo anyone anymore. They should have spent more time showing features and less show production. Nobody gave a crap it was in radio city music hall.
There was nothing wrong with the presentation of the phone. They explained the features of the phone so that everyone can see how useful it is. The phone is also not a threat to Google. The Google translator which I have using to talk with people in other countries is awful at times. S Translator is something I really need during which Google can fix a few things. I have a list of problems I have with Google. Samsung is making strong reliable products and I am enjoying it.
+Pavlin Stoichev This. I've always wondered who the hell are the people who are using such apps. This is mainly why I'm only buying "Nexus" phones : for the stock Android version with zero crapware installed.
Eze Ude
Totally cringeworthy presentation, which is a shame because it looks like the phone is a decent upgrade, though not a mindblowing by any means.
I will probably upgrade from my S3 but agree with all of the above. It was a cheesy and uncomfortable presentation.
aww, you old tech guys feel marginalized by a fancy presentation, thats so sweet
When did the cast of Cats get into the mobile business. 
I do have to admit though, that the US American guy made for a good actor. He knew his script in and out. Must have rehearsed like hell.
it's a incrementally improved phone.. they have to give you something to talk about beside the lackluster features
I think Apple will consider this a very successful event FOR APPLE!
Disingenuous. So you went and searched out only negative tweets, favourited them and took a screenshot. When I search twitter for Galaxy S4 there are relatively few critical ones.
I wonder whether Apple will hint at this presentation during their next event.
my only complaint from the presentation was it was "a bit cheesy".  Otherwise packed with demos of lots of new features.  Not sure where the hatred is coming from, though if calling the event "the anti-Apple" is intended to be an insult rather than a compliment..... at least there were no whooping sycophants cheering every single word.

As for the phone itself, definitely still a contender for my next upgrade.  
After watching their cheesy teaser TV commercial we should have seen it coming :)
I think that Samsung is kinda loosing his sex appeal. Look at this presentation and tons of bloatware inside. The stage is even more open to the next generation of Google's Motorola devices. Do you agree +Robert Scoble ?
Sorry I missed since my parents were in town visiting. Should I try to find a replay so I can experience the train wreck for myself?
For those who watched, that was a terrible keynote. That said, I don't think the average consumer will care (or even know) when it's released.
I wholeheartedly agree. That was sexist, stupid and boring. What little interest I had in this phone vanished completely upon seeing that mess
New Cheese Scale!  Cheddar Cheese has magnitude  "a bit cheesy" on the Samsung scale.
A million kudos, Robert.  It was terrible.  The whole dramatic representation lost my interest in two seconds.  Horrible.
That horrible presentation...wasn't worth watching.
+Michael Dubnik Had Samsung not done a keynote at all, and instead announced specs and press photos, would you still be interested with the S4? (just curious to know if their marketing broke the decision for you)
Yeah, but you're a recovering Apple fanboi, with a feed full of Apple fanbois.

What I don't understand is how you could put up with Apple's complete 7x24 condesending attitude towards everyone for all those years given your incredible sensitivity?
+Jean-Louis Nguyen yes, and I was. I was awaiting the announcement with anticipation. My issues with the product itself aside, the way it was presented was... just bad. You could feel the tension. No one clapped, no one laughed. It was awkward and on some levels, insulting. Most people just wanted to see what it can do, some demos, some specs and thats it. No need for the cheesy theatrics.
They obviously wanted to do a product launch differently from a "Steve Jobs" style preso. They obviously didn't watch the Google I/O 2012 Glass presentation from Mr Brin.

I get that they want to the show the Use cases in real life examples - but that was a train wreck.
So, which Android phone do you plan to jump to? A Nexus, Xperia Z, HTC One, S4, or all of the above?!!
I have friends that have all the new phone . I think that the pricing on most , is just to expensive .
Just watched it and besides the awful cheesy acting there was a lot of features - my only 'complaint' is that for a phone, it seems to be more of a multimedia device. I skipped through the awful acting/ puns but don't remember seeing anything about actually using it as a phone.
The device itself looked nice but pretty much standard - as usual, like most other devices, it's the software that's the gorgeous element.

Worst product launch ever? Nah ... I've seen many much worse than this.
The presentation was extremely bad. I can't believe somebody involved didn't stand up and try to stop the train wreck a few weeks back as they were preparing. Hard to believe. 
+Robert Scoble Amen - a presentation that absolutely tarnished a very good product. General reaction at CNET, Engadget, theVerge, and Yahoo seconded your notion of a VERY BAD Presentation.[I was following your list of broadcast sites].

A hideosuly effective display of "How to ruin your Brand right at the Launch". None of the subtly and puckishness of their video/TV campaigns.
After reflecting more about it...that was a horrible choice to have all those female actresses on stage. They alienated the women that couldn't identify with them and they just plain gave me the creeps (not the type of women I'd want my wife to hang around with). One good, honest, passionate, slightly geeky woman wall all that was necessary and she could have stolen the show.
Not simply fired Robert, hung, drawn, and quartered... At a minimum. 
I enjoyed the product launch +Robert Scoble , because when the bile worked its way into my throat, I shut it off and tuned into Danny Sullivan's live blog which was informative and hilarious! :-) Skip the S4 and go with the HTC One or the upcoming Google phone. 
Kias H
I liked it. Wasn't amazing but not sure why some managed to conclude "train wreck" and "horrible". 
horrific.  I had to turn it off so that I didn't permanently ruin my perception of the phone
but i like the presentation 
Why is it that if a company tries to do something differently, that we reject it. It was an interesting way of doing things, instead of the regular old kind where engineers would talk on and on about the product! Unlike you, I think I found it quite good!
The impact of a fake leak can be a lot better than a planned one +Robert Scoble It was probably tailored 
You mean to tell me that there is an S4 already?
Presenting is becoming a lost art. They don't teach it much in schools and practitioners typically are boring, droning on and on with stupid PowerPoint slides that distract from the speaker. 
Lol.. Does anyone think the general public pays attention to these events. The technology writers are writing for all the other tech writers 
There was a grammatical error in the script which made me wonder if the whole thing was written by Koreans. Is this how they see us? Is this what they think we like? What does that say about what the non English speaking world thinks of us and our media?
I don't watch a lot of product launches, but I was excited to see this phone. Would have bought one this morning if it were available to me. Now I'm afraid I may gag whenever I see one.
I actually watched their presentation when I otherwise would not have. 

So, I'd say they accomplished exactly their intent. 
I started watching TWiT live with Leo providing commentary. That made it bearable until they introduced the Broadway performers. Once the little girl wanted the newest phone I said to myself that i don't hate myself enough to continue viewing. Love the phone but WTF, Samsung. That the internet is spending so much time on that train wreck is not good. 
at least they actually had the product to show at a product launch event! (take note Sony and your PS4 - and M$ when you have your XBox Infinity event)
Thanks +DeAno Jackson for the presentation link. So, my take is that it is a combination of culture misunderstanding and extremely poor marketing advice from whatever marketing agency they hired to setup this event.
+Robert Scoble couldn't agree more..i i'm waiting..think Google will shake up the market with the i just can't lock myself into another non-Nexus or non-Google phone and wait months for software upgrades
And still the only company that knows how to do presentations and launch a product is Apple
nexus 4 presentation was "rained" out and still hot stuff.
The Android Alliance had made some
incursions into Imperial Space. Unfortunately, young Sam Sung had an unfortunate encounter in the City of Clouds.

Coming up next? The Empire Strikes Back. 
Obviously it wasn't the best presentation ever...but I think you guys (+Robert Scoble ) are comparing it to an Apple product launch!  You expected to see all the details and phone specs on the presentation, but clearly Samsung decided to present and show the World (not only tech people) what there new phone could do.  If you really wan't to see ALL the specs and new stuff, you can easily read about it in any tech related blog (as we always do, even if the presentation is the best).  

Now, every non tech person, looking for GS4 on youtube, will clearly understand and know the new features (they don't really care or understand of processors and gpu...etc.)
I was 50/50 on it.  Phone looks great and the new features look amazing as well.  Some stuff was cheesy, but at least it wasn't another presentation with some dullard talking in front of a black and white power point reminding everyone how many apps they sold.
horrible! and they just talk about a few gimmick features.
I just watched it and its sooooo wireddddd like a broadway show. I equate it to apple's backstreet boys to smasungs 98 degrees. Looks the same but much more smug and fake. 
It was a freaking product launch. Who cares (other than journalists and enthusiasts).
may be thats a reply to apples Schiller's remarks on the eve of samsungs launching of the s4
Err I strongly disagree. I actually find it entertaining. Not the best presentation but not the worst also. I love how they made it easy to understand the new software features.

I prefer the way samsung handled it than some boring endless talks about technicalities and how their product is so much better.

It's far from being "horrible". 
based on the reactions here i had to check it.
i cannot believe i watched the same thing you all did.

this was a product presentation. it had cheesy jokes, and lines less than hit broadway play caliber, but "sexist"? "tone deaf"? "trainwreck"? "offensive"?

damn! hyperbolic much?

it showcased the features of what appears to be an amazing product in a lighthearted manner. y'all are being ridiculous. 
Who cares about a show, the mobile seems to be an amazing piece of technology. Looking forward to it
It is absolutely hilarious to me that people actually believe that at this stage of the game for Samsung, the average consumer gives a damn about what the product launch looked like.  I can count using no hands or feet how many AVERAGE consumers run out and buy a phone because of the style of the product launch -- in case you miss it.. that's a whopping 0.  No one gives a damn.
Us average types are gonna do the same thing we always do:
1) Do I need a new phone?
2) Can I afford a new phone?
3) Where can I find reviews of the newest phones?
4) Should I try it for myself before I buy?
5) Where can I buy my newly selected phone?

None of these steps include finding out how the company presented the phone on launch day.  Because that would be retarded. Save that crap for the media. 
The fact that you even discussing Samsung's product is the whole point of product launch.  Off course there more geared to die hard brand loyalist who always buy the latest greatest new products. Think about those people that wait in line for days to get the latest Iphone.

Those brand loyalist can influence many people, including the media. Thus converting the "Average" consumers into buyers
+Robert Scoble I was there in the FRONT ROW center. Horrible show and I cringed throughout. Nice phone, though!
I think Samsung may have got just what they want now: A lot of talk, and a lot of publicity about the S4. By the way, it looks awesome. Looking forward to try it out. 
That little asian guy should not be talking in English, I couldn't understand a thing he was saying.

Anyway. The presentation was annoying, indeed. 
Now I know why I use an iPhone. Not a Samsung hater, the phones are not too bad, but I'm not about to jump ship on the strength of that presentation. It was awful.
+Mark Keen That's a joke right? Or are you really saying you'd buy something because of the presentation not the product? funny.
Samsung is never known for being good at putting a show. Look at GS3 last year, it was just as bad. But the phone sold so well. The conclusion is more than 90 % of the people who bought the phone doesn't watch the show. We who watch it probably just wanna compare it to our current phones and see if it make our phones look like crap or not. 
saw a bit of the launch event on YouTube. utter crap! who do they think they're taking to? 6 year olds?? 
But they now have the benefit of Robert Scoble talking about it. So that should start the debate.
Give me a break. They were trying to make it humorous but the script was terrible. It wasn't sexiest. It's called reality. Get over yourself. It will not effect sales one bit. Most don't give a shit. At least people are talking abt it - godaddy. 
Freakiest product release ever.  Just... all over the place.
Was Samsung afraid that if they did a clear, concise product demo without much on the screen then they would be sued by Apple because the "amazing product demonstration" was somehow patented by Apple? 
Maybe it is time to return to the good old days of releasing a new technology product with a spiffy website showing all the specs.
I think some people just haven't handed in the 'cult of Jobs' cards yet.
You call that 'sexist'? Please, you don't have a freaken clue as to what is sexist then.

I love Leo, but watch any TWiT where he has a young female guest and you'll find far 'worst' sexism' than anything I say in this product release.

Samsung's show was no more 'sexist' than any other average Broadway show, and certainly no more than your average American TV show ... which is faint praise indeed, but that's the point I suppose, when someone is swimming in sexism and the only time they notice it is when it comes from a specific sources that you don't happen to like.

But, I suppose you believe that Samsung should have done this product release in the old fashion 'non-sexist' manner, where you send out a white-male-executive to talk about the companies financials, then send out another white-male-executive to explain how innovative magical and revolutionary adding an extra row of icons to your phone is, then send out another white-male-executive to explain how innovative, magical and revolutionary upgrading your CPU is, then send out another white-male-executive to explain how innovative, magical and revolutionary skimming off half an mm in depth is, then send out another white-male-executive to introduce their innovative, magical, revolutionary and completely non-sexist Siri commercial Samsung Galaxy S4 Presentation UNPACKED 2013 [FULL SHOW]

Personally I don't find a young male infatuated with a young girl, or a group of women discussing wedding plans all that 'sexist'. At least not when done in a 'don't take yourself serious', Broadway spoof kind of way. Matter of fact I found it quite refreshing to see a product release that didn't just cater to the Silicon valley geeks and press and their cult members.
Looking at the stories that came out of this presser, it seems reporters ignored the sexism and just talked about the product. But how are the East Asians going to learn the lesson if no one teaches it. Scoble? Bueller?
Fired? A little harsh +Robert Scoble It's kind of sad when you care more about a phone launch than someones livelihood. 
Why the hate? Because it was a different way of unveiling a product compared to a boring keynote?
I would add one - after presentation you should go to online store and buy that new thing straight away, NOW.
Why is Apple the only one who gets such a simple concept?!?
I agree with you, this presentation should have been all about the phone without all the gimmicks and theatrics.
Kevin X
Apple slowed the innovation in iphone5, now its samsung who takes turn with their galaxy s4. Are they planning to bring down customer's expectation or are they concentrating something big behind? 
+Kevin X WOW~Your opinion is very novel, I could never see the presentation from this angle myself. 
+Anton Wahlman 

Why do you just want engineers to present finer details? Can't you just read a spec sheet, and log onto xda forums to get that kind of information?

personally I'm getting quite tired of a stream of engineers-come-executives trying to present the same old same old wrapped up in disingenuous declarations of 'innovation' and 'magic'.

It's true that the S4 is no great advance over existing smart phones, but how the hell is this presentation any different than what Apple does when it does it's presentation and shows some cheesy cringe inducing  pre-recorded Siri commercial?  Because it's live instead od pre-recorded, does that make it more acceptable?

Do you see the Zooey Deschanel Siri commercial any less cringe inducing than the Smasung Broadway presentation?

Do you see yourself sky-diving from a blimp as more 'realistic' a demo than having a lighthearted non-serious live play on some possible use cases for the phones new features?

Personally I'm more likely to find myself sending voice tagged pictures to my family and friends than I am to send them streaming videos of myself stunt driving a bike through a convention center.

As for the play itself, after the first few minutes when I realized that Samsung wasn't taking itself over-serious, and the play was actually meant to be a bit 'cheesy', I found the presentation quite fun, and funny.
Agreed. Even a used S3 is better than any Apple offerings. It's all I see on the train any more (give or take the few squinting iPhone 5 users). If Samsung performed a human sacrifice and blood ritual via live streaming but their phone still rocked, I'd buy it in a Steve Jobs-second.
+Nichlas Hummelsberger you have to understand that some people can sit through an Apple presentation watching white male executive after white male executive after white male executive spout dry stats and mind numbing proclamations of "innovation and revolutionary" and not blink an eye at the real and actual sexism of not a single female representative .. but then let an Apple competitor put a woman on stage and not have her act exactly like a white male executive and they see 'sexism' at every turn.
When I read this I suddenly thought what the iPhone camp thinks. I can hear the collect inner monologue  "...and the Apple Fan Club watches and smiles." 
Yesterday's play starring some performers and a phone was fantastic! Now when will the actual S4 launch take place? :)
The big S knew what it was doing to get people to react to it.
+Robert Scoble  Nah.  Were you expecting a drab old-school presentation by a guy in a turtleneck showing you how to use the product?  It's refreshing to see a big company actually think outside the box with their presentation.  It gave it a real world demonstration as opposed to a guy who created it.  Not to mention, when was the last time Apple or MS used a woman in their presentations?  And why don't they?  Do they think women don't make good presenters? Or, they can't speak in public about tech?
Lol the that was a show and its themed to be presented that way.. This video would be watched soon by non techs and as part of their marketing strategies, they stressed out some scenes to make viewers remember them after watching
I gave up on the presentation -- I found it insulting. That's my usual complaint about Samsung advertising, that it insults potential customers who currently use products like Apple's or Blackberries. This time around they insulted their own customers' intelligence and taste. I'm beginning to think that Samsung just has a generally negative view of Americans and this translates into its PR and advertising content. Is the same negative messaging being promoted by Samsung outside the U.S.?
+Dennis D. McDonald seemed to me to be no more 'insuting to Americans' than your average Thursday evening Broadcast Network sit-com ... can you be more specific as to what you found insulting? 

To me it seemed a bit cheesy when it started, but it  quickly became apparent that that's the affect it was going for ... you're average American sit-com 'cheese' .... Apple does it, but of course theirs is all pre-recorded and presented as puke inducing commercials ... Google did it last year (or does the average American really sky-dive from blimps and stunt bike from building to building one the weekends?) Seems to me all they did was to use a variation on the 'cheese' theme.
+David Landry  I don't watch sit-coms because I find them insulting (and not funny). I'm a tech-savvy consumer who will be in the market for a new phone in December. I currently have an iPhone that I greatly enjoy but the message I get from Samsung and its past advertising  is that I'm old, out of touch, and unsophisticated.  Now I see some of that same attitude reflected in this major production targeting US consumers.

My question still stands: does Samsung advertise like this outside the US? (Saying "Apple does it too") does not answer my question.)
+Dennis D. McDonald 

The presentation was streamed on the Internet, which does indeed reach outside of of the US. 

If you don't like your average sit-com, and find them insulting, then I guess that's how you roll, and I'm not trying to convince you otherwise.

But if intelligence insulting presentations are your measure of what tech device you are going to buy, then I don't see how you can bring yourself to buy any tech device at all.

Were you not insulted by the Apple Genius ads? They did more to suggest that Apple users were old and out of touch than any Samsung commercial .. Actually Samsung commercials are more aimed at calling you a cloistered ironic hipster who thinks being different is owning a phone every other ironic hipster owns ...  it was Apple that suggested you were old, out of touch, and unsophisticated, and needed some minimum waged tech wannabe to hold your hand while you attempted to drag and drop a file, not Samsung.
I love the quote from William Shakespeare: "A good wine needs no bush" translation a good product does not need to be masked in over the top distractions, just let the product talk for itself, epic fail on Samsung.
Samsung does not yet understand that there is no such thing as an "average consumer."
I have been following the Asia-America tech competition for many years, and many commenters here, including Scoble, have hit upon an important point. They don't really know marketing. They talk down to people, rather than with them. They seek not to acknowledge people as individuals, and secretly harbor fantasies even Hugh Hefner dropped 30 years ago.
It was embarrassing watching it, but they did intro a small handful of nice features. I hated the presentation, but I'll likely be getting the S4 when my contact's up. I'm very happy with my S3. I've tried other ROMs, but I keep coming back to stock Samsung because I like the nice features they added.
Just wondering, did they announce when the new phone will be available and how much it will cost?
I'll be ordering mine in black, as most of my friends will do. This phone is the shiznit!
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