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I love visiting Parc: here they show me inkjet printed circuits

Today's trip to +PARC , a Xerox company was awesome. I will have a bunch of videos up over the next few days but here's the coolest thing I saw: they are printing electronic circuits in what amounts to a big inkjet printer.

This could be disruptive to the more common silicon-based circuitry we have today. Right now this technique doesn't let them compete with silicon (which can build structures much smaller) but these circuits could be eventually built into 3D printed items. So, you might be able to print a 3D cup, in the future, on your 3D printer and include inside some circuitry to sense the temperature or other things.

Thanks to Janos Veres for showing me around and explaining this really interesting new way to make electronics.

What did I take away from the visit to this very famous Palo Alto R&D lab (which, back in the early 1980s invented ethernet, laser printers, object oriented software, and pretty much what we got with the original Macintosh?) Easy:

Innovation hasn't stopped yet.

Read more about the printed circuits they are designing: (as you can see, they are flexible and low cost to make -- first uses will be little electronic ID tags that can be printed on shipping labels. Imagine wine shipments that will arrive and will say "this shipment never got too hot or cold on its trip here").

More to come in a few minutes. My Google Glass is uploading a monster video. :-)

I just uploaded another photo, which shows the research poster on the wall:

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Wow - flash back to mid nineties MediaLab. Joe Jacobson's circuit printing work led to eInk. 
Nerd :) looks like fun!
lucky you +Robert Scoble Lucky you!

I went ot PARC last year. on sunday evening, it was almost a pilgrimage and well worth the walk from stanford campus and then  back to paloalto super8 motel :) I just wish I could have gotten a glimpse inside...
cant wait for it +Robert Scoble and thank you for sharing this. I cant wait for IDF this september to get back to Sillicon Valley. Maybe I shloud contact PARC. Could you please point me to someone abl to let me in and show me some of th awesome stuff they are doing? 
wow what is next, the world is a true wonder with all the technology we have 
+Robert Scoble I am with media, you even gave me permission while back to use your glas photo in my article :)
Ahh The place ware the home computer revolution are started. 
I am so waiting for this to be affordable...draw up a circuit and send it to the printer then eventually get home printers!
This is a lot like Thinfilm, they make a Temp, NFC, etc sensor.  We've been looking at it cause we use a flexible PCB but if we can go PAPER THIN? Oh man.
Amazing stuff. Really shows a brief insight in to the (hopefully) future of computing. I can't wait. 
+Robert Scoble want to ping you to ask if it's been more no comment, no answer, or we'll get back to you?
David B
This is cool!
seems a new wat to produce printed circuit boards
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