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Behind the mind of one of the hottest iPad apps at Techcrunch Disrupt: MindMeld +Tim Tuttle of Expect Labs came and visited the Rackspace studio at Techcrunch Disrupt. +Om Malik of GigaOm called its app, Mind Meld, out, when I met him as the coolest thing he'd seen in a while. So I wanted to find out more about this app, which is being designed for iPads first. What does it do? It listens to your voice in a meeting and then brings you information about what you are talking about. This contextual app is like a new kind of search, or, really, an assistant that listens to you and tries to serve you with information that you need just now.

We get a demo at about 6 minutes into the video. 

I have a ton of videos (more than 20) coming from Techcrunch Disrupt, but this one was worth its own post (the rest will come in a while in a single post).
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This one sounds like one I'd like to try. But so many apps promise they will do thing for you that they really can't do, or can only do half-assed
I like the space this company is exploring, but this video is WAY too much talk, need to edit it so the app is actually demonstrated within the first minute, the guy only asks it something 6minutes in and its only one question (and not even clear if that was a mock demonstration).  As always, its about execution and people are weary from the crappiness of Siri. From this video its not clear at all if we should care about this product.
I like this idea, but I don't want to be restricted to using their communication app.  When it plugs-in, or works along side, the app I want to use - even my phone...that's some value.
Yes, App Must Work Fine Or People Just Don't Buy Them or Try it.
Less talk and More About The Job real Thing
How this pulls the social graph...kind of salesforce-like. I signed up to be notified of the release. Might be handy at MediaOne during client brainstorm meetings. Thanks for the post, Robert. 
This is really cool--like he says we're still in the early days of this, but it's awesome to see glimpses of the future. I'm 100% sold on context being the next frontier of innovation.
Nice video Robert.  Thanks for the interview.  We hope our MindMeld app is useful.  It is our first experiment at trying to blend passive conversation analysis with touch-driven feedback.  This is a first step, and we will no doubt need to iterate many times over the next few years in order to figure out exactly how these technologies can be most helpful.
Robert, can disseminate my profile GooglePlus to your followers? Thanks in advance
Yahoo did this for TV. Same concept. Not into it. Sounds good ex when it messes up and then your now looking at porn in a conversation bc someone said corn.
You're right. MindMeld is one for the book.
Matt V
So that's where Michael Scott went. 
Nerdgasm! It almost reminds me of qwiki except now the audiovisual experience is automated even further based on the context of real time conversations. Maybe there can be some synergy between those two companies
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