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It's pumpkin time in Half Moon Bay

The Pumpkins are out in Half Moon Bay. That means it's birthday season at the Scoble house. Milan had his sixth birthday today. Ryan is having his fourth birthday on the 19th. 

So, to reward them, we went to a ToysRUs toy store.

Little Ryan looked around, and we passed by a bunch of Barbie stuff. I asked him:

"Do you like Barbie?"


"Why not?"

"She lives in a purple house."

Later he was in a row with dinosaurs, he picked one up and you could tell he was much happier in this row. So I asked:

"Why do you like dinosaurs?"

"Because they are dinosaurs."

Meanwhile my other son, Milan, who is autistic, quickly took me on a tour of the entire store only to stop abruptly at one aisle. That aisle? Trains. 

We are creatures of common behaviors. Marketers could learn a lot by following kids around a store.
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Hajar A
happy their birth day
Dinosaurs? Cool. Trains? Cool.
Your kids have good taste :) 
Silken pumpkin pie with cool whip and toasted pecans!
My daughter reyah won't take a baby doll or a Barbie for the life of her but thomas the train shell be all over that start running the Barbie over with the train. 
I got no love for purple either. I'm on the fence about dinosaurs considering there is a purple one that I despise.
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