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How Google+ is really f***ing up marketing

It used to be so easy to be a marketer. Have a story. Spend money in the most efficient place to get that story out to the most people possible.

For instance, I was talking with a marketer from General Motors. She told me why they are going to SXSW: that's where the geeks are and where it's efficient to hit a ton of them quickly with their messages.

But Google+ screwed that all up last week with its new video hangout features.

Here's why.

See, it used to be that you actually had to go where the people are, like General Motors is doing with SXSW. Or you had to spend money on advertising, to hit them where they are, like a Super Bowl commercial.

But now you can reach hundreds of thousands of people (more than will attend SXSW) by making media.

Now, what makes better media? 1,000 people getting drunk at your SXSW party? Or having 15 people on a bus who you like?

Having 1,000 listening to a band in a noisy bar? Or 100 listening to a band in a well designed studio? (Ask Austin City Limits' audio engineer about that one: <<-- one of my most fun interviews, because I got a good look at REM while doing it).

Last week Google+ started testing a new feature that's gonna change marketing forever: video streaming from hangouts.

What does that do?

It lets you get eight people together to do something fun.
It lets you stream that eight-person hangout LIVE to everyone in the world.
It lets you record that hangout and put it up on YouTube for everyone else to watch later.

Now it has bugs (yesterday we did one and it didn't record) but Google will fix that. That's why it's not available to everyone yet (only 200 early testers have this feature).

I'll be using this feature a lot. Tonight we're going to try it again as gadget freak +Sam Levin comes over my house and we'll talk about what's coming at CES (we're driving down there) and what's coming from Teens in Tech (he's helping +Daniel Brusilovsky run that event and company).

At +Rackspace Hosting internally we're seeing just the strain that this new view of the world is having: we're trying to decide whether to spend $100,000 on an event in Austin at SXSW or whether to have a smaller, more intimate, event at our headquarters in San Antonio (an hour drive away).

You know which way I'm arguing, right? If we do it at headquarters we can have dozens of Google Hangouts with all of you and include you in some really deep tech talks and other events. Why? Because we have conference rooms here with projectors, wifi, and tech support to make it happen. If we do the event at a bar on Sixth street we'll get a lot more people drunk, but that isn't a good place to do a Hackathon or do Google+ hangouts.

So, which one will win the marketing battle? That's up to you. The "experts" like PR maven +Brooke Hammerling (her events at CES get the world's top press, like Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, to show up) are saying to "stay in town." You can see the fight in a thread over on Facebook that I started:

But I know it will work. Why? Last year I took 15 people away from Austin. We headed to Lockhart, Texas, to have BBQ. We used +Tony Hsieh's "Delivering Happiness" bus (he's Zappos' CEO). It was -- by far -- the favorite thing I did last year at SXSW. The rest of it was pretty lame, except for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches folks were making in the lobby of our hotel at 2 a.m. Either way, I'm gonna do the bus ride again, which left from +Foodspotting's outdoor food truck event. Hey +Alexa Andrzejewski we gotta get you to Lockhart this time, there's no better BBQ in Texas!

So, here's the question. Want to hang out with me in San Antonio at SXSW?

Want to show the world how Google+ has f***ed up marketing?
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Excellent post Robert. I've got to say I am very interested to see how some of these new tools are creatively leveraged (I have a few of my own in fact). Interesting times.
I will most definitely hang with you +Robert Scoble! This is an excited time to be building or using technology
+Robert Scoble very interesting take... have to agree with you that the ability to stream a live hangout and record and post on YouTube has far reaching marketing opps... you'd be limited only by your own creativity.

Envious that you're in the first 200 -- that feature is just what I need for a video blog project I'm working on for 2012.
i do! plz include me in bbq get away.
Who's going to be the First "Graham Norton" of G+ hang out !?
I was wondering during the hangout yesterday if there's a delay in the video stream... couldn't it be a marketing disaster if someone says something "wrong" and it gets broadcast to millions? What are the editing options for a "Live Hangout" +Robert Scoble ?
I can only imagine the new forms of content that will happen BEYOND corporate once this is available to everyone. It's like providing anybody who wants one their own cable access channel; but this format provides more ways for people to engage one another beyond passively watching. I think this feature will be HUGE for content creation/engagement for media on the web.
I'd love to join you Robert
I wouldn't say Google f***ed up marketing at all. I call it evolution.
Definitely a great idea whose time has come.
+Robert Scoble, I think your point is valid. But you are starting to use bad marketing/journalism methods yourself. Look at your headline: "How Google+ is really f***ing up marketing" and tell me that you aren't looking for clicks via hyperbole.
Google must love having you as an arm of their PR department.
And if you're in Google+ marketing, is there a recursion error?
I can't wait to start making use of this feature. It will be a great tool for many types of businesses.
+Robert Scoble wouldn't you be reaching a totally different demographic of people through a live hangout than you would from people who go to an event? Introverts versus extroverts, etc. ... won't that give incentive to marketers to do it the "old fashioned way" too?
I agree with +Keith Blevins. I avoid most social situations like the plague. But a live hangout really appeals to me.
Great article, but there is better barbeque in Texas.
and it's a good thing
While I don't want to give up personal interaction, there's the simple truth that most people who go to events aren't really in the inner circle. I could go to SXSW and mingle around and NEVER see any of the great stuff happening, though I'd read about it when I got home. The masses get corralled into doing some lame stuff (which is occasionally entertaining) when the real meat happens at private events or limited entry events.

With streaming, most folks still aren't part of the event, but at least they can see what's happening. It adds another dimension to keep people engaged & informed. Maybe I can't taste the BBQ, but at least I can hear what's happening with a streaming event. There's something to be said for that.
Even my brother(who really doesn't care about social media or the latest technology) loves the idea of Hangouts when I explained it to him because him and a friend are building a company and it became immediately obvious to him that he could use Hangouts to do support for their software and(with the customer's permission) save them to YouTube for when others get confused.
I like your view +Robert Scoble but do you think startups can benefit really easily as well? We just won Startupbus Europe and want to release public beta at SXSW. We want to come all the way from the Netherlands just for that.

You are saying that we don't have to do that anymore. I personally believe to shake things up at SXSW and get our startup invoi going we have to be there in person. Crazy times :-).
Despite it's overuse, I think "Disrupt" is a better description of what Google is doing to marketing.
+Robert Scoble i don't think it's messing up marketing.. on the contrary, i think google+, facebook, twitter and other social services reinforces it through measurements like buzz, impressions, discussions, "listeners", "talkers", hashtags, and tweeting. they measure "true" ROI, though it's difficult to quantify its real value.. difficult, but not impossible as many companies are rising to the occasion.
This is also going to make broad scale marketing much more accessible. Marketing at an event, and using hangouts could probably be compared to the difference between the entertainment in going to a show and finding your entertainment on youtube
I think you're only talking about a very narrow age demographic when it's about Google anything.

Traditional marketing still exists but is adapting since most of us "tivo" shows and zap commercials; read our news online and skip ads; delete promotional e-mails instantly ... etc.

However, the "new media" is 100% shotgun marketing vs. traditional media's highly targeted marketing. What does that mean? Running an ad in Cigar magazine will get an entirely demographic than running an ad in Good Housekeeping, n'est-ce pas?

However, traditional media is on the operating table and the prognosis is not great. Newspapers and magazine are dying faster than the oldest folks in assisted living facilities. And TV is hardly the same as it was ten years ago. So we're in a state of flux.

Google is trying to figure it out, along with the rest of us.
+Robert Scoble take a look at the marketing research and find out who your target audience is... and, if you can bring them in, do so, if not, go to them. (I have a mkt research background, and the data should give you the answer, or you asked the wrong questions)

pretty sure you know this already though, haha.

good luck.
I'm the same as +Lil Peck in that regard. I don't really like social interactions and people in general, but I have Asperger's too, so I don't read people well or know how to process social cues.
That said, I love the idea of just being able to jump in and discuss something cool with video chat and then be gone when I'm no longer interested or have shared my 2 cents/pence.
+Lorin Olsen That's called writing an effective headline.... so kudos +Robert Scoble on doing so.

Is it just me or does anyone else smell a huge opportunity for finding and curating the awesome new content that will be produced. Who will be the TV Guide of the new media!?
+L. C. Sterling - It would be great if google can find a way to expand their demographic. I suggested to a couple college age friends they try google+, but I don't think they will get very far since most of them use yahoo email or hotmail. I saw that it's really not likely to take off since they aren't getting their updates and aren't going to take the time to connect to friends in a new community.
I think this would work for bigger, well known brands, but not for newer ones. How would the newer ones get people to tune in?
If you like Google hangout, just imagine that experience within a full featured game. That's what we are doing with our first game -- Secret Celeb on Facebook = video chat broadcast gaming (shameless plug)
Some of us marketing types have been leveraging Gotowebinar and skype for a very long time.
i still believe that something before sxsw with a touch of barcamp and a topic around what rackspace does would rock. flying into sat, then have thursday to friday morning and then head over to sxsw . will "people" attend when you do it inside of sxsw? sure. will the people who tell you "stay in sxsw" show up for the event? maybe, and maybe they even say something about it. but to give meaning, help people connect with likeminded people. ;)
+Robert Scoble I understand. The problem is that people think you are a journalist - and you are not, you are a promoter. There is nothing wrong with being a promoter - my parents were promoters - it is a great profession, and you are good at it, but it is not the same as journalism. It is obvious why Google executives have instructed everyone here to follow you - almost all your posts here are about how wonderful Google is in every conceivable way. Oh, and I think you would get some arguments from PR people if you think all they do is write press releases.
+Robert Scoble From the title of your post I thought you were going to have another pop at Google+.

Great post, I'm really excited to see over the coming months how Google+ profiles & pages develop and of course Hangouts when it's rolled out to us mortals!
+Robert Scoble Black's, Smitty's, or Kreuz? All are very good. Franklin's in Austin is very good but there is a little dive in Round Rock I will take you to when you are in town for sxsw.
+Michael Hiles has a point. This really isn't anything new, just much easier and packaged much more nicely.
+Robert Scoble I would go with the bus any day. Talk to me if you want to cook up something cool between Austin and San Antonio with a bus. ;-)
+Michael Hiles +Shaun McMillan Sure, Skype is great. But it only does two way video chat before it charges and you can't easily broadcast it to others or save it right to YouTube. Hangouts evolves what Skype does and takes it to a whole new level.
Extremely interesting and valid points, +Robert Scoble. I think this will have huge implications for how people attend and market new opportunities, but there will of course be challenges along the way. I am someone that has been able to adopt and use social media to connect with people when I couldn't be right there with them ... and it's been one of my favorite things about the evolution of the digital environment.

At the same time, I think we're still at a point where there should be some kind of balance between the two ... at least until there are more active (yes, I'm going to say it) "engagers" and "influencers" using the platform. This certainly could be the thing that pushes the bar to get more active users involved ... and is likely something worthwhile that the Twitter folks should be following and exploring as well (full disclosure -- Twitter is still my platform of choice most days).

As Darwin said (and we now see highlighted frequently by +Brian Solis), we must be willing to adapt to change to grow and succeed. Glad to have you guiding us along the way!
+Justin Horn Justine Bieber was discovered via YouTube.... somebody found him, and now look at how many tune in. nuff said. (no... NOT an endorsement for the Bieb but a great example of how it can and WILL work).
+Paul Spoerry I understand what you are trying to say, but that's a one in a (less than) million chance. Also, that's different than what this article discusses. Being discovered via YouTube is complete different than G+. Yes, this new G+ feature will save to YouTube, but then you can just record it right to YouTube and skip G+.
Hangouts are just another nail in the coffin of traditional marketing where the media pays for content then in turn rents the audience to marketers.
Hey +Robert Scoble, we did our first Hangouts on Air last night, answering astronomy and physics questions with +Philip Plait, +Chris Pirillo and several other science luminaries. I'm absolutely convinced that this is going to change everything.

It was so easy to just get the Hangout started and everyone in place. And from what I can tell, the people watching were entertained.

This turns everyone into a television station.
+Justin Horn Sure, but why would you? By skipping Hangouts and sending it right to YouTube, you're losing free marketing because someone might watch the broadcast and then tell their friends about it, increasing the live views and, ultimately increasing the YouTube views if people really love the content.
+Fraser Cain Do you have a YouTube link for the video? That sounds interesting and I'd like to watch it.
+Shaun McMillan -- can't change demographics. We are what we are and who we are. The job of true marketing is to figure out how to reach your true target audience.
Great insights, +Robert Scoble. On a somewhat related note, I've worked with (consulted for) a number of startups who for some reason want to burn some of their precious runway by flying in people from around the country. I can understand the virtues and benefits of F2F meetings for some issue, but when services like group Skype and now G+ hangouts exists, there are fewer excuses for using hard-earned funds to gather people together to talk. Of course you need RW F2F's here and there, but these technologies need to be better utilized to preserve working capital.
My hope for the internet has been all along that it would create a more interactive experience. This is definately a HUGE step in that direction.
+Fraser Cain +Robert Scoble Yup, it was pretty interesting. Some parts were easy, and some parts were more difficult. If we get the ability to embed pictures and video into the stream, then this will essentially turn the Hangouts into mini TV stations. Then we just need embedded ads like YouTube to help finance it, and we're off!
+Justin Horn See that YouTube button in the top right of your G+ screen? Notice how you can share to G+ from YouTube? Wonder what Google is doing by making the GoogleBar standard across all properties... integration. It won't matter if you discover it via YouTube or G+, in Google's mind it's all the same thing now.

Also... it's significantly higher than 1 in a million. Look how much information is being created and shared now ( That also means there are that many more people tuning in and consuming that content. Bieb was just an extreme example... not everyone will become super stars, but how many more people will have a voice now?
A thought-provoking post, Robert. You may know that +Neville Hobson and I have recorded a few Hangouts for our podcast, "For Immediate Release," using Camtasia and have embedded the resulting YouTube video on the FIR site -- and here on Google+. The enhancements will just make it that much easier. I can easily envision doing our FIR Live panel discussions with panelists participating and anybody else who's interested watching live, and the fact that it'll go straight to YouTube will save me a considerable amount of time.

Of course, some organizations were making use of Hangouts before these enhancements, just as Neville and I were. Did you see the Muppets Hangout in advance of the movie release? It's just one example. The enhancements should be enticing to even more organizations.

And, contrary to some views here, your audience doesn't need to already be on Google+. Scheduling a Hangout should include promotion to bring people in, and of course the YouTube recording can reach far more people who, for whatever reasons, opted to skip the live event.

That said, I want to offer one key observation. This is not an either-or proposition. The enhanced Hangouts are now an option that should absolutely be considered if it will help achieve the goals you've set for your marketing effort. The biggest mistake marketers, communicators -- well, pretty much everyone -- makes with new tools is getting excited about the tool without consideration of strategy. I would absolutely advise a client to use a Hangout if it helped achieve an objective. I would counsel other channels if they were more aligned with what the organization needed to achieve. The enhanced Hangouts are a fantastic tools, but still a tool. If someone invented an enhanced hammer, no matter how brilliant it was I still wouldn't use it if my objective were to cut a piece of wood in two.
Too bad gtalk plugin crashes for me when I try to do on air hangout from Chrome :) In Firefox (which I downloaded only for that) works fine ... :)
Hey +Robert Scoble, I ask about it to +Mike Downes few days ago in a hangout session, so now I ask you the same thing: in your opinion, why facebook/skype does not have this hangout feature yet? I see it like a real killer feature but not so hard to copy!
Good points. I guess I was just trying to point out a live broadcast isn't that useful if no one is watching. But I get the feeling the point most are making is, you might as well do it as live even if you have 0 people watching the stream, since it will then go to YouTube and possibly be discovered later.
+Robert Scoble I had G+ Hangouts with all my student teams at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University this past semester to discuss their team teaching projects and it worked flawlessly.

Here is a video montage from the semester that includes some of our digital & social experiences including G+ & Hangouts

Next semester we will be doing more with G+ Hangouts for guest speakers, student team meetings, and I will be holding all my face-to-face office hours with a G+ Hangout option.

I'm speaking at SXSW Interactive on Digital and Social Learning: Transforming Education and I am looking forward to connecting with people face-to-face and digitally.

Best wishes with your experiment.
+Marcus Sant'Anna It's obviously because one of the few revenue streams Skype has is multi-person video chat. They charge for that, outgoing calls to landlines and mobile phones that don't have Skype on them and for an incoming number which people outside of Skype can dial.

Hangouts does multi-person video chat and free calls within the US and to Canada. Despite being part of Microsoft now, Skype needs to make some money and given that few people(as a percentage of total users) pay right now, why would they want to encourage more people to use it without paying? Also, I seriously doubt that Microsoft want to give Facebook free access to premium tools they own just because they invested in them.
That great headline shows you know your marketing Robert. It made me read the whole thing. :-) I agree that G+ hangouts are going to change the face of marketing and of other businesses too, like the tutorial biz I'm in. Finally, there's a way to do a show, present a product, or teach something without all the hassle of post-production. btw, Thomas Hawk asked me to be on his hot G+ show +Photo Talk Plus this Wednesday. How cool is that!
Something about "live" just pulls me in.
+Khalid Boutin you're right at this point. So, maybe a deal with skype was not means a great business to facebook. I think it become a little bit tied...
Thank you +Robert Scoble for sharing your insights on a specific product/service (here, G+ Hangouts/plus) as well as it's big picture applications and implications.

Your clear, concise explanations were the main driver for me to really dive into Google+ this past week to see what I can do with it and how it can be used.

Working in career services and professional development in higher ed, I see several very cool, very amazing ways we can use G+ to be...well, better!

And reading through the comments, looks like +William Ward is already doing just that! (And there's another great feature of G+ I'm liking...seems a little easier--even encouraged--to connect with new people since the discussions tend to be more focused/concentric).

Thanks again Robert!
I think more importantly they're going to do major damage to conference/webinar companies. You can have 9 speakers and unlimited viewers. You can call out to people who aren't on a computer/Google+. Hangouts with extras allow screen sharing and shared documents. We've already started using it for meetings with one of the companies I work with.
as a Gen-X Austinite, i would like to see less of you out-of-towner millenialists, hipsters, pseudo-geeks and -nerds so i'm rooting for G+ Hangouts: "Get off my lawn!"
Robert would that be the week before sxsw or the first friday? and thanks for doing it in january, that is when we will need start booking our flights. ;)
+David Kim complain to your town about it. sxswi is the one time a year i can find lots of people i know and want to meet in one place; not an easy task otherwise if you come from another continent.
Even from a non marketing standpoint that tool is hugely valuable. Imagine the power of the corporate conference call that can be recorded and made available to investors- or on the fly tech meetings that can be made available to the rest of the team (that say, couldn't make the firts meeting) - assuming you can choose who to share with....
+Robert Scoble I wouldn't call it "fucking things up", all web innovations are an evolution. This is just another fragmentation of the channel. Yes there are brands that would benefit from just organizing a stream on Google+ and hit a very targeted audience and this can be done any time during the year. The world tech community is still very much paying attention on what's happening at SXSW. I'm all for technology bringing people together but nothing will ever beat talking/meeting someone face to face. SXSW still has a lot of hype, maybe its over hyped I wouldn't know but one thing you can't create with a Google Group is the FOMO because once that live event is over, you can't go on YouTube to watch it.
The 8 people in a room is a big concern Robert. Think of it like Go to Webinar. What if you could only have 8 people in a webinar? Not very useful.
hahaha! i was waiting for the rant ON google, but not. nice flip, i'm looking forward to seeing this feature in action.
+Robert Scoble Okay, you got me. I was about to beat you about the head and shoulders over the title, but you nailed me with the delayed reveal. Nice work. Nice post.
+Robert Scoble What are your thoughts on streaming Hangouts vs a Facebook Livestream event (ex. Facebook Live)? The Livestream seems like it would work better with a non-Google+ audience where the stream is showcasing 1 camera and Q&A from the audience is important.
OH dammit +Robert Scoble I was just working on getting a virtual FoswikiCamp using g+ hangouts - we're a small-ish open source team and are geographically all over - Australia, Africa, Europe, UK, US, South America..

I'm looking forward to this very sensible addition - Hope we get our hands on it Feburary-March! :)
Could not agree MORE that G+ hangouts will change marketing, PR and Communications immensely!
Aw, don't be too hard on him +Phyllis Khare, I know a lot of marketers that are pulling their hair out for 2012 trying to figure out what they will do to deal with what Google+ is bringing to us. Personally, I find it fun and exciting, but then, I find sleep to be optional most days.
I'm in the "do both" camp +Robert Scoble. The only way to cope with disruptive technologies is to keep a foot in both camps during the transition. It separates the men from the boys and the cool gals from the girls.
no body likes to be the third wheel. the real question, how is pintrest messing up publishing. screw marketing. marketing is marketing.
I wanted to agree about the BBQ in Lockhart especially the sausages! I have relatives that live down there, and I never thought Lockhart would be mentioned on Google+.
I'd much rather eat BBQ than spend more time hanging out on my computer!
Great points here +Robert Scoble--it's all about high-quality engagement. I'm too busy to stand around a noisy bar and barely hear the person I'm talking to. I'd rather spend my time doing something valuable like watching a stream on relevant content or interacting with people with similar interests.
I don't really understand whats holding people back from recording thier hangouts now and then posting them immediately to youtube . It's not hard at all . My expectation of doing a 'pro hangout ' is to stream it to at least 3 other video sites while also recording it and then posting it on youtube when done . The tools are out there , don't let teenagers be the only ones using them . I can't really go to Lockhart , two years ago I was kidnapped by Mapquest and ended up at the Salt Lick .. so ruined my planning for the day . but i did make some serious friends that i talk to daily at that party . But if your going to Smitty's I EXPECT a doggie bag !!! +Robert Scoble and I want the dry sausage . That place on a winter morning , eating dry sausage by the pit and talking to old farmers and ranchers is the Best barbque experiance in the world , sorry you Black's and Kreuz's fans . But Smitty's wins hands down .
Why would this be classified as f***ed up? Technology evolves over time. Sometimes, older ways of doing things need to be pushed aside for the newer and better technologies to succeed. There is no "right way" to do marketing. If you want someone to be interested in your product, what better way than to get face to face with them in real time? Think of it more as personalized marketing. This is where the PR people are going to have to be creative and knowledgeable about their wares they are trying to push.

A good example here would be Adobe wanting to dump off Flash for HTML5. This will eventually screw people who have paid good money to learn Flash over the years and use it as their way into web design, but in turn, the newer technologies of HTML5 will work seamlessly across all platforms without proprietary plugins and whatnot. This fits in perfectly with what's going on here. Out with the old. In with the new.
I had a great time at SXSW, not so much with the parties but with all the great people I met. I'd be totally open to a Hangout (made easier with new Nexus Prime) or actually attending in San Antonio. I like the direction you're going with this!

A couple of things -

1) While I'm not sure what the right equation is -

human-to-human>small google hangout interaction>viewing google hangout>hanging out with a crowd>stadium tour (because, let's be honest, nobody really loves a stadium tour unless it U2)

- there is an equation. And based on the audience, topic, experience, content, desired outcome...that equation could change. But still pretty cool to think about the possibilities...

2) If I may be simple for a moment, your bus ride wasn't the best thing at SXSW last year. it was my car ride. why? because i was on my car ride and not on your bus (i did not have the klout score to be on your bus). now, you may disagree (with the point, not my klout score, it's pretty bad if you care about klout). which i can appreciate. but until i'm on your bus ride, it wasn't the greatest thing. But once I'm on your bus ride, it's a bus of 10K because I'm just one of the thousands, here for the gathering.

3) Ok. have a thing in SA. But you're just having a mini-SXSW experience, right?. I mean, I don't mean to be hard on the idea, but let me get this straight... you want to have a big event, with lots of tech people, having tech talks around your event, and beer, and food, and hanging out with likeminded tech people. That sounds like an event I know that happens in Austin once a year.

3.a. So, if I had a SXSW talk on the day you had your anti-Austin-sxsw party, should I feel pissed? (don't worry, i'm not having hosting a talk at SXSW...just making a point).

3.b. Yes, maybe SXSW has become a little...well...over-extended, a bit big. But why not focus your energy, talents and potential on making a part of the SXSW experience better instead of re-creating what you like a day away (yes, a day. nobody is going to go to SA for 30 minutes)

4) Anyway, yes, the idea of broadcasting hangouts and hangouts as content is extremely interesting/powerful/thanks for another thing we have to consider. but while that is great, sometimes people get together for people getting together and the serendipity of the experience. yes, i won't need to go to SXSW to view your google hangout and, let's be honest, actually be able to hear it and take notes because it will be on youtube and i can hit the back button. But, I will be able to hear a few speakers, see some old co-workers, have a pint with some new random friends and in those pints create the next face+space.
Sounds like things are gonna get real fun, or out of hand...either way, G+ wins.
Am I the only one that had to read the article to understand +Robert Scoble did not mean "Google has f*** up" as in done something stupid but rather "Google f*** the other guys up bad and they are now lying in a pool of blood" ? the near future, putting on a video podcast with remote guests of the sort that and Rev3 do all day long, will become almost trivial. Neat-o!

What if you had a topical panel-discussion show made this way, where the pre-show is run as a Blogger blog, the expert guests join in at the appointed time to do the show, presented as an embed into the blog...and the thing becomes a hangout so the public can get interactive with the discussion panel? The stuff that produce could all be done inside Google products. Travel optional.
Creating a message that resonates will always be the foundation of marketing the rest are communication widgets. An exceptional product is still the best marketing.
Marketers are adapting, and in some cases they're innovating.

At +Samsung USA we're going to go big + smart at CES 2012, as we typically do. We're also going back to SXSW Interactive for a second year in a row (and we're very excited about it).

Our ads are no longer simply traditional commercials. Our +Samsung Mobile USA GSII videos were first seen on social media blogs and Facebook. The ad ends with a link to our Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page, where you can find more videos from YouTube. +Cosmin Ghiurau and team are doing a great job ensuring that social is no longer an afterthought.

We've seen trends like gamification and social websites, so we created Samsung Nation, the first gamified social loyalty program on a corporate website. It's basically a layer on top of created in-house and powered by +Badgeville. We're only getting started by we know that our customers and fans get a unique experience on our site. You can check it out at

And even though we were not a launch partner on +Google+ we had 3 U.S. Pages only minutes after they went live. Our +Samsung USA page is getting/generating a lot of engagement, and a report by +Simply Measured confirms this.

And... of course we like Hangouts so Next Tuesday 12/27 at 2pm EST we will have our first Samsung Tech Google+ Hangout with our customers at +Samsung Support USA. +Jessica Kalbarczyk and +Carla Saavedra Kochalski are not marketers, but they understand the importance of meaningful online and offline engagement in a way that few marketers do.

Sorry for the essay. Just taking advantage of Google+'s unique commenting functionalities :)

See you at CES +Robert Scoble !
My vote is for the Salt Lick and stream the event via a Google Hangout.
+Robert Scoble Times are changing, we all have to find ways to adapt and keep up with the pace.. with our current worldwide economical status, we should be bringing down costs in anyway possible wherever possible.. bringing services and events to the home will do just that.

Using google+ hangouts will bring the events to the world.. not just America :)
We are doing best of both worlds and setting up a secret hackathon-friendly space w/ wifi, projectors, etc..... just steps from the convention center - then streaming our hangouts from there. Virtual but right in the thick of it. (That said we ARE taking a trip to Lockhart...)
Being there in person and being in a hangout is not the same thing and you will not reach the same markets. Everything has a fucking price tag on it to you people. What a waste of intelligence.
+Robert Scoble has hit the nail on the head. The world has changed and people buy in different ways. Advertising (old school) is dead!!!
really, pls can i be you friend pls
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