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Wow, this is my first time using this and it's freaking awesome for Twitter users.

By the way, I asked +Nova Spivack for an invite code for Google+'ers and here's one: getsonar
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Yes, much more visual here. Wait till you see pinterest!
any idea when it does Google+?
I wouldn't say that this is a Timesaver like they are claiming, but the Sonar feature is fascinating. Already very easy to find related topics and people within those topics. That's the value I see.
It doesn't do G+ yet because G+ does not yet provide an API that lets us get at home timelines for people, or circles. But the minute such an API is available we'll be supporting it.
Aww... sad face. 'getsonar' does not work for me. I was all sorts of excited too. Hopefully the wait isn't too long.
If you have a Klout score > 30 you don't need an invite code. If you don't you can give invited in by a user or get an invite code.
Not bad, done in HTML5 too :) If only the canvas was bigger
If anyone has trouble getting in with the invite code: getsonar .... which SHOULD work ... please let me know.
Any how,..good luck to share the experiance...
+Nova Spivack Uhm, so I guess that's why it didn't ask me for the invite code. Although I wonder how you figured out my Klout, just from my email?
It doesn't allow you to choose a Facebook business page, it wants your personal profile info along with a bunch of privacy issues - including posting to your page for you.

That's unfortunate because it looks interesting.
Carole - that is just standard OAUTH ... we don't post without your permission - only when you actually post something. We just login to your account for you as you, when you want to.
I love that I don't have to go to Twitlonger anymore.
+Carole Wozny It does explicitly state that it won't post without your permission. I took this to mean it will ask again in the future before it does do a post, and that the signups wizard's permission request is to scan for your interests.
+Nova Spivack I am still having issues creating an account with getsonar. I can also guarantee you that I do not have a Klout score of over 30, as I am new to Twitter, and keep my privacy settings in FB fairly closed.
LOL - I know what it means - I don't allow apps on my personal page.
This is pretty cool stuff. Can't wait to use it as I meet folks at #sxswi next month. thx Robert
Congrats to Nova and Andy Jenks - I saw the early version and the new version is even better.
That's pretty cool. Not really sure what I'd use it for but
I only hooked up my Twitter account because that's already public anyway. I might add Facebook down HHS line, when I have a better idea of whether I will keep using it and if there's true value in the things it can learn from me there vs on Twitter, since I only hollow friends on FB.

Would love to link Google+ in though. 
Checking this out, and I gotta say I really like it. Thanks for the tip!
Just signed on. Can't wait until they add G+ then I can have the 3 accounts all in one. I love idea and hope it pans out to be a great success.
So far looks nice! just need invite...
Here's a tip... Click the + button on bottom left corner to "Add Streams" and then from there "Add people" and use the search tab to find names of news sources, feeds, people that you are interested in. Add them and you can now track them as streams. It's like RSS but it's twitter... and we're adding RSS soon too... Once you set up the streams/feeds you read every day you can just quickly check Bottlenose to see all your news in one place.
Is it just me who keeps parsing the logo as "Bottlenoise"?
Once again Scoble scoops the story. He beat TechCrunch by about half an hour. LOL.
Beautiful looking app. +Nova Spivack - Is there a way to import feeds from Google Reader into it?
my hobby is basic information of world
Checking it out now, but honestly, like every other third party site it just does Facebook & twitter. I'm not sure what the API limitations are but I'll bet in 2 weeks I'll just stop using it because I still need to jump around to G+, Flickr, Youtube, pinterest and so on.
+Vincent Johnson We will be adding all that stuff eventually. Google+ does not provide an API that gives access to user timelines and circles yet. It's really too bad they have been so late on getting that API built. Still no word even on when it will be available. Meanwhile the other APIs you mention are easy to do, but not super high priorities yet -- there are many other more important features on the list. But we'll get to them.
Thanks for the invite +Robert Scoble.. I explored and found it really interesting...It automatically shortens the link I post.. shows preview of links etc. Would really like to see an Android app though..
Too sad that I'm running into problems with Bottlenose when trying to update the data. It's still reflecting tweets from the end of last year instead of the actual ones. Hopefully these glitches will be soon gone - it's a really interesting visualization.
+Susanne Plaumann That doesn't sound too good. Can you send us a quick e-mail explaining your problem together with your Twitter username? If you send it to we will look into that asap!
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