The Sydney camera shootout: Moto X vs. Samsung S4

Which one do you like better? Look at the images below, some were shot with the Samsung S4. Others were shot with the Moto X. 

Overall I like the Moto X's photos better and, the camera is a LOT nicer to use on the Moto X (you can get to the camera just by twisting the phone back and forth a few times, which turns on the phone and takes you right to the camera. You can then shoot simply by touching anywhere on the screen. So it's a lot easier to catch moments with the Moto X than with the Samsung S4. Overall I like the images the MotoX makes better than the Samsung S4.

How about you?

Tonight I'm seeing a bunch of startups here in Australia. More later.

Oh, and I have a few hours free on Thursday morning, we'll be meeting for a breakfast at 9 a.m. at the Mantra Hotel lobby in downtown Sydney. You're invited, just let me know you are coming.

Thanks to the new +Rackspace office for bringing me here.
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