I'm studying people's reactions to Glass

I've been on three flights so far, about to get on the fourth, to Berlin. So far no crew has asked me to turn off my Google Glass. Why not? They don't realize it's on. It usually is off, no lights, no indicators. But it's always ready to take a photo.

Which means I got a neat photo that would have otherwise got me in trouble.

Other reactions?

Everyone wants to try it on. Even those who are disgusted by it. 

It has not failed to recognize anyone's voice commands, even a guy with a deep Australian accent.

Everyone says that the popularity of Glass will totally depend on the price. Most say they will be interested if it's under $500. 

Most don't notice I have anything weird on my face. But the people who do have seen it on TV and are interested in what it's like. 

I'm giving some in-depth speeches tomorrow at NextConf in Berlin, about it, and will cover my first week's impressions.

I'll say this much. I will never live another day without wearing Google Glass or something like it. They have instantly become part of my life. 

And I don't care if you think I'm a douchebag for doing that, either. They help me live my life.

Oh, little Glass trivia. What was the code-name for the original idea?

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