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Spotsetter uses big data to help you see things from your social graphs

Techcrunch just wrote about the new +AngelPad companies but here's one that interests me the most, because it's studying my social behavior in a new way.

Meet the team right in the middle of AngelPad, which is one of the world's top startup incubators, and see how they are using big data techniques to see new things in the social and interest graphs you are collecting across the new social web.


It pulls in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social databases. For me alone that means 60 million objects. Using these social graphs for search means you can see new things that other search engines don't show you (not even the new Bing). Interesting new company from AngelPad, one of the top startup incubators in the world (here we visit them at their desks). Hear what you'll be able to learn by using Spotsetter and sign up for it at
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I was blown away by this. +Robert Scoble I wish that you had asked if they were planning in including Google plus data in their data set. 
Just gave it access but I see nothing. Where does it do its magic?
Interesting to see the power that this type of tools brings
Hmm.. This will be very powerful..
this is an amazing product. congrats guy on a great interview.
thanks for sharing this! definitely going to give it a try.
thank you for sharing this
Wow, this is crazy powerful and totally useful.
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