As I'm visiting each one of the 5,000 people I was following I'm noticing a trend: many women aren't posting publicly, but are rather posting to private circles. I pick the women out here, because it's happening at a far greater rate with the women I'm following than with the men.

I can see having conversations about this from a number of different angles.

But, honestly, it hurts the women because a lot of times they are sharing really great things but if you share items with me in a circle I can't easily reshare them with the public which does the following:

1. You don't get credit for bringing value to the world.
2. You lose networking opportunities. Which DO lead to job opportunities (and other opportunities, too, my family has hung out with many people we've met online and those experiences have been very valuable to all concerned).
3. We lose the value of the information you are sharing with your private circles.

I understand why women feel scared of being public, though. Guys are dogs. I remember talking with folks at Microsoft's Netmeeting team (the Google Hangout technology of 1996) and they used to test that product by using a female name. Guys would call off the hook.

Some might claim that letting women use non-real names would help.

Well, yes, that would. Except that women who hid behind fake names that didn't have female connotations wouldn't get credit and would lose the networking opportunities.

Anyway, just something I've noticed and thought it would be worth having a conversation about. By the way, I'm looking to follow great female geeks who DO participate here. Please post in comments the names of those you've found.
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